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Mom wins $10 Million, Lottery Ticket a Gift from Husband on Valentine's Day

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Posted on 25 February 2022 by "T".

Normally on Valentine's Day, some women receive flowers from their husbands, while some get chocolates, or getting treated to a fancy dinner. There was one woman, however, who received a super special gift from her husband - a winning lottery ticket worth a whopping $10 million!

Maria Chicas, a stay-at-home mom from Haymarket, Virginia, United States, claimed the fourth and final top prize in the Extreme Millions Scratcher game.

As she validated the winning ticket, she told Virginia Lottery officials, "I thought he was joking!"

How it happened
It was actually a few days before Valentine's Day when her husband purchased the scratchcard at In & Out Mart, located at 9103 Mathis Avenue in Manassas. He scratched the ticket and found it was a winner. He then called his wife, who reacted, "Aw, you're lying!"

Maria was given two choices on how to enjoy the prize: receive the entire $10 million paid in increments over a span of 30 years, or a one-time cash out of $ 6,570,302 before taxes. She chose the cash option.

For selling the winning ticket, the store received a $50,000 bonus from the Virginia Lottery.

Curtain closed
As this was the last available top prize in Extreme Millions, the game is being closed. Scratcher games are ended once the last top prize has been claimed, as per Virginia's Lottery policy.

The odds of winning the top prize in Extreme Millions were 1 in 2,937,600.




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47 comments on "Mom wins $10 Million, Lottery Ticket a Gift from Husband on Valentine''s Day"

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» Mom wins $10 Million, Lottery Ticket a Gift from Husband on Valentine''s Day

 CALICUL03/03/2022 13:27:42 GMT
the important thing is to sometimes risk some money and play if we like. Such lotteries can be quite profitable if we win. The large sums are too good, but of course it is quite difficult with very small chances. However, we have enough chances for the other good prizes.
 geseco1209/03/2022 23:47:36 GMT
Of course, my friend, we always have to risk to get what we want, and in these cases much more, the chances are very small, but you always have to have faith that you can achieve it.
 CALICUL09/03/2022 23:54:49 GMT
I think it's time to get over in this thread because here are a few that we write a little. There are enough empty ones and we already know this thread quite a bit. Gifts for husband are good, but let's write in other threads.
 Rogerio1010/03/2022 09:59:48 GMT
Haha ok open some other threat. I would like talk more about serious playing poker. Griding, analyze hands, and so on. Try some blog about games you play Calicul. What you play? I never heard from you what thype of games you play, limits and so on. Sorry for off topic.
And yes of course everyoen with this kinda money will buy gifts for their close ones.
 CALICUL10/03/2022 10:54:09 GMT
[QUOTE]Posted by Rogerio10:
Haha ok open some other threat.

Hi, Rogerio. I was not referring to you personally, but there are several threads in which not much is written. We need to write in threads with few comments. Have a nice day Big Smile
 geseco1212/03/2022 02:27:18 GMT
I think that so far it is the best gift that a woman received on valentine's day, a prize of 10 million euros is almost impossible to obtain, it is difficult to see it again, this woman will remember it all her life.
 CALICUL12/03/2022 02:31:53 GMT
Valentine's Day is their holiday where many gifts are made and in this case it was something inspired. A good idea that brought them a lot of money to have a period to spend on vacation, in their city and at home with the bills.
 geseco1213/03/2022 03:01:30 GMT
It is a great gift for valentine's day, I did not expect to win this tremendous prize, a millionaire prize, luck is like that, when it wants to surprise you it does, maybe someday we can have that luck.
 dule-vu13/03/2022 03:02:16 GMT
Dont think that lot of mans would do this!
 geseco1214/03/2022 20:53:24 GMT
But he gave her the winning ticket worth 10 million dollars, this is a great gift from her husband for valentine's day, I had never heard of this gift to a couple, what a good luck he had.
 dule-vu14/03/2022 20:53:35 GMT
Yeah,he must be in big love when he can do something like this!
 geseco1215/03/2022 22:10:59 GMT
The love for his wife is very strong in this man, and luck surprised this woman when she found out that the prize she received was more than 10 million dollars, an insane prize that she will surely enjoy for the rest of her life.
 CALICUL15/03/2022 22:37:09 GMT
I think it's good that people are giving more Valentine's Day gifts and we'll probably hear more stories. Love is beautiful, but when you offer a winning ticket then it becomes even stronger because many people are motivated by money.
 geseco1218/03/2022 05:03:13 GMT
This woman will always remember that great day where she was lucky enough to win 10 million dollars, a crazy prize, but always thanks to her husband because he gave her a lottery ticket.
 dule-vu18/03/2022 05:49:45 GMT
She can make big statue to husband because of this move!
 eloy219/03/2022 03:25:23 GMT
this news is old but it is interesting in that she received a tremendous prize of winning 10 million dollars that her husband gave her for valentine's day congratulations
 dule-vu19/03/2022 05:12:15 GMT
Yeah,this thread should be closed!
 geseco1220/03/2022 01:22:38 GMT
I think it will soon be closed, but news like this makes us feel happy to know that people like this mother are lucky enough to win millions of dollars with the lottery, congratulations to this woman and may she always smile.
 CALICUL20/03/2022 01:28:30 GMT
It's good news, but it's been about 5 weeks since Valentine's Day and i think this gift went great for this couple. There will be other people who will imitate them in the future and will earn nice sums of money, and that thing is excellent
 subsonic20/03/2022 10:12:15 GMT
$6.5 million is a nice prize! Dollar Dollar
Next Valentine's Day, the husband can use the money to buy flowers and sweets with the ticket and maybe even buy a celebratory dinner... Big Smile Cool
It's still new to me that I can choose to ask for the prize in instalments... Smile maybe it's not worth waiting 30 years for the full 10 million... Blink
I think 1:2 937 600 is a very good chance... too bad we don't have a lottery ticket with such a good chance of winning so much money! Evil Angry Confused
 CALICUL20/03/2022 10:37:06 GMT
is a lot of money. Very good money to spend...
 geseco1221/03/2022 17:21:11 GMT
of course, it is a very large amount that we can enjoy in different ways, but always with responsibility so that our money can grow over the years and we are not left with nothing in the coming years.
 CALICUL21/03/2022 17:23:20 GMT
this couple got rich quick from this gift which was at the right time just to earn many millions of dollars which is a great amount of money. Good luck to you mobsters if you play at the lottery.
 eloy222/03/2022 03:27:26 GMT
This news is past but I always remember that her husband gave her a good amount of money for Valentine's Day, what a surprise, congratulations to this beautiful couple
 dule-vu22/03/2022 05:51:21 GMT
So many other threads and we still talk what happend for valentines day!

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