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113 million prize not yet claimed by UK winner

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Posted on 12 October 2010 by "T".

Last Friday someone hit the jackpot and won £113 millions in one of UK's biggest lotteries. The prize is the biggest single lottery success in UK history and if the ticket is hold by one person, he/she will become the 589th wealthiest person in Britain. However, there's a "small problem" - no one has claimed the win yet! If no one has come forward in 2 weeks time, the company behind the lottery game will reveal where the lottery ticket was bought. 

About 2,400 lottery millionaires have been created in the UK since 1994. Two of these winners are Nigel Page and Justine Laycock, from Barnsley, who won £56 millions in February this year. This is what they told BBC News about their big win.

"For us, so much has happened in the last seven months but we now feel very settled. We live in a beautiful home, have had some amazing holidays and have been able to thank our family and friends for their support."

They also gave the unknown £113 million winner(s) some advice.

"It is an amazing amount of money and we wish them all the very best with their prize. We would advise them to take their time and the advice on offer and stay grounded."


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18 comments on "113 million prize not yet claimed by UK winner"

 Kristan12/10/2010 14:22:53 GMT
Its not UK biggest lottery, but its Euro Millions loto where if i remember right, 8 countries are involved.
Huge amount of money anyways - could cover 5 generations with it atleast Thumbs Up
 awood8812/10/2010 14:39:51 GMT
This has already been in the news a fair bit, which makes me think, why hasn't this person checked their ticket yet. Maybe it's lost. Can you imagine if that was you? I'd be suicidal lol.

Otherwise the winning ticket is just sitting somewhere and the buyer hasn't got round to checking yet. I'd be checking my ticket twice. And again to make sure. If no one comes forward soon I might start thinking it is me. And I don't even play the lottery. And never will.
 Davoodoo12/10/2010 19:07:56 GMT
What if the winner is so satisfied with his present life he doesnt want to change it at all ... Blink looking at the ticket everyday and laughing about it all.
 Calmplay12/10/2010 19:13:06 GMT
Posted by Davoodoo:
What if the winner is so satisfied with his present life he doesnt want to change it at all ... Blink looking at the ticket everyday and laughing about it all.

Hahaha lol yeah maybe but I doubt it...

Anyway this is a mega huge amount of money that would kill you if you learn that this is yours, doesn't it? Blink
 IslandJack12/10/2010 19:37:54 GMT
At first I thought it was a Poker tournament prize. Shock
Then I quickly thought, NO.... Big Smile

Yep, it`s gotta be the euromillions Lottery, the only one with this kind of prize money. Crazy stuff really.
An old retired Belgian couple won it once. they only bought 1 ticket once. Worship
 astra412/10/2010 20:36:44 GMT
it is crazy with such amounts but i would kindly want to win that, a million is enough. well just wanna congratulate the winner and hopefullylive a descent life without crashing his fortune like others made with their jackpot wins.
 shokaku13/10/2010 06:09:34 GMT
If they have problems getting rid of the money, i would take a million or two. Big Smile
 dessie114/10/2010 15:30:45 GMT
could you imagine the begging letters you would receive when it got out that you had won it ??.

Anyway, what could you do with 113 that you couldn't do with 10, stupid amount of money, i reckon they should cap the win to say 50 mil or something.
 zemuogynas124/10/2010 13:13:46 GMT
good pot
 B1gfoot24/10/2010 13:15:26 GMT
FYI Money has been claimed.
 LSlaughter24/10/2010 18:33:18 GMT
fly to moon , build a concept car , buy 1000 elephants , house out of gold ? , ;D there 12121221 things u can do with 113 instead of 10 Tongue
 oliver08229824/10/2010 21:26:15 GMT
Posted by Davoodoo:
What if the winner is so satisfied with his present life he doesnt want to change it at all ... Blink looking at the ticket everyday and laughing about it all.

nice 1........ lol Big Smile
 dule-vu24/10/2010 23:59:22 GMT
how lucky you have to be to won this huge money!just cant bel how 1 person can win and guess numbers in lottery!now would be nice,when nobody claim this ticket Tongue
 mazas25/10/2010 08:24:47 GMT
big prise heer and the winner will be very lucky and he easy can no work any in hislife and spent all the money traveling across the world long time and visit all the countrys Smile
good luck all and hev fun maybe u ll one day win the same pot too Big Smile
 MANUEDO25/10/2010 13:55:42 GMT
It would be interesting to know how much time has to pass before winning prescribes ....
 SuperNoob27/10/2010 12:55:49 GMT
omg very nice prize for a lottery ticket, just wonder how many ppl participated in this.
the winner has claimed money and decided to remain anonymous for time being, very wise thing to do imo.
 EimsbushKing28/10/2010 00:35:54 GMT
113 million?

i would keep 13 and give the 100 million to unicef or the red cross.

or keep it all and start running my own pokersite Big Smile Big Smile
 Pjot28/10/2010 09:41:29 GMT
Posted by B1gfoot:
FYI Money has been claimed.

Well, there you go... I was quite sure the winner was rotting away in som lonely apartment with an open can of catfood in his/her hand and the TV on, after having been hit by a massive heartattack.

But, whoever it was, congrats and good luck! Feel like learning to play poker?

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