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Fil-Canadian Couple Wins Lottery Twice in Less Than a Year

Tags: jackpot, lottery, Philippines
Posted on 06 May 2021 by "T".

A Filipino-Canadian couple has luckily won the lottery, not once but twice, in a span of seven months. The total amount they've won was over $1 million!

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Lottery Winner Arrested for using Stolen Credit Card to Buy Ticket

Tags: Canada, fraud, lottery, Newfoundland Island
Posted on 01 March 2019 by "T".

A Canadian woman accused of buying a lottery ticket using a stolen credit card was arrested while she was on her way to the lottery office.

When she attempted to claim her $50,000 prize for her ‘Super Crossword' scratch card at the Atlantic Lottery center in St. John's, Newfoundland Island, the 33-year-old lady was arrested by police waiting nearby.

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Canadian Wins $1M in 6/49 Lottery

Tags: Canada, lottery, LOTTO 6-49
Posted on 08 December 2016 by "T".

A man from Timmins, Ontario, Canada will be celebrating Christmas early with a million dollars more on his pocket after winning the Guaranteed $1 Million grand prize from the November 30 Lotto 6/49 draw. John Miller said while he picked up his winnings at the OLG Prize Center in Toronto, "I enjoy playing the lottery draw games. Clearly, now, LOTTO 6/49 is my favourite," he jokingly added.

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7 seconds away from €9.1 million

Tags: Joel Ifergan, lottery
Posted on 08 November 2010 by "T".

Joel Ifergan couldn't believe his eyes when he realized that he had 7 correct numbers on the 2 lottery tickets he had bought from a betting shop nearby his home in Montreal. A very happy and excited Joel Ifergan took the tickets and went to the betting shop to check how much he had won. Once he arrived and handed over the tickets to the person working at the betting shop, he got some good news followed by some really, really bad news. The good news was that he had won €9,147,140. The bad news was that both tickets had expired.

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113 million prize not yet claimed by UK winner

Tags: jackpot, lottery, record, uk
Posted on 12 October 2010 by "T".

Last Friday someone hit the jackpot and won £113 millions in one of UK's biggest lotteries. The prize is the biggest single lottery success in UK history and if the ticket is hold by one person, he/she will become the 589th wealthiest person in Britain. However, there's a "small problem" - no one has claimed the win yet! If no one has come forward in 2 weeks time, the company behind the lottery game will reveal where the lottery ticket was bought. 

About 2,400 lottery millionaires have been created in the UK since 1994. Two of these winners are Nigel Page and Justine Laycock, from Barnsley, who won £56 millions in February this year. This is what they told BBC News about their big win.

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