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Poker Player Shannon Soroka Attempts to Rob Home of Poker Pro Darren Elias

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Posted on 25 March 2019 by "T".

This poker player from Philadelphia broke in to a fellow poker pro's home in Medford, New Jersey, where at that time a teen babysitter was looking after a toddler. Holding a gun, he demanded she show him where the homeowners ‘kept the money'.

On March 21, Thursday afternoon, four-time WPT champ Darren Elias was out with his wife when a man, a poker player as well, decided to rob their home in Medford, New Jersey.

Shannon Soroka, age 24 from North Philadelphia, held a 19-year-old female babysitter at gunpoint. He forced his way inside the house as the babysitter watched over Elias' 2-year-old daughter.

Medford Township police said Soroka walked into Elias' house, forced his way in, and demanded the babysitter to tell him where the poker pro kept his money. He held a gun to the babysitter's back, walked her around the house, and then locked her inside a bathroom. She was able to slip out the window, seek a neighbor's help and called 911.

Elias said, "I would say he was familiar with what I do for a living and thought that I might have things of value in the house."

Soroka was seen leaving the premises in a car as shown via surveillance footage. The babysitter and Elias' daughter were unharmed. Police did not say whether he was able to take any cash or valuable item with him.

According to police, the armed robbery appears to be targeted and not random.

Darren Elias had just recently won 3rd place at the $10,000 buy-in WPT Championship Main Event at the 2019 LAPC, bringing home $473,280. The WPT record holder currently has over $7.1 million in total live tournament earnings.

On the other hand, Shannon Soroka, is just a poker player who plays part-time and has had a few wins to his name, with his most recent win at the October Monster Stacks in Atlantic City, finishing runner-up for $ 5,748. Soroka's total live earnings are at $37,745.

Elias said that it's actually the second time in about a week that his house was targeted. He said, "It's incredibly scary for me and my family. It was an awful feeling."

A tip from a concerned citizen helped in the arrest of the poker player. Soroka is being held at this time at the Burlington County Jail and has been charged with a laundry list of offenses such as armed robbery, aggravated assault, making terroristic threats, unlawful possession of a weapon, and criminal mischief.

Poker players are not exempted from being targeted in their own homes. Take for example Doyle Brunson who got beaten in front of his wife during a home invasion back in 1998. That incident was just one of the several times the octogenarian got robbed or got almost robbed thanks to his reputation of being a successful poker player.

In 2008, Hoyt Corkins' Las Vegas home was broken into and the group of thieves took two cars, a motorcycle and even two of his WSOP bracelets.

In January 2012, Jonathan Duhamel was brought to the hospital after he was attacked in his home, courtesy of his ex-girlfriend. Later that year, Theo Jorgenson was shot three times and the leg when his house was being robbed.



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10 comments on "Poker Player Shannon Soroka Attempts to Rob Home of Poker Pro Darren Elias"

 Mober25/03/2019 13:32:51 GMT
Well the comparison between then in poker results has no meaning Smile
Withe the winnings the robber had so far, you can say he was
just a recreational player Smile
He was hoping to find the winnings stashed in elias's house, probably Smile
 bowie198425/03/2019 17:36:18 GMT
My first reaction for this would be - how could the babysitter possibly know where is the safe situated in the house? The another one is why would you lock her inside the bathroom without tying her arms and legs together first? Amateur hour.
 rogan1100026/03/2019 08:53:42 GMT
Darren Elias probably bust him up several times, and he decides for revenge. To rob him. Dumb idiot.
And asking babysitter where is the money. It's even more dumber
 doubletop77726/03/2019 09:09:12 GMT
This guy sounds like a real piece of work and i hope that he gets severely punished for this crime. To break into someone's home is one of the worst crimes to do and a long jail sentence awaits
 CALICUL26/03/2019 11:20:25 GMT
This guy Shannon Soroka knew that this man made money from poker or he acted at the tip. These attacker do not realize one thing: if you won millions of dollars in poker, that does not mean that money is kept in the house. This aggressor with a strange name it deserves to be put in prison but also reeducated in the detention period.
 bowie198426/03/2019 19:21:47 GMT
Some pokerpro does keep a sizeable amount of money back in their homes, especially if it comes from private cashgames so then the IRS could not go after their winnings. Altough everything that comes from casinos and tourneys gets registered for this reason.
 dule-vu27/03/2019 10:00:16 GMT
yeah,probably he thought that he will have some nice amount in house if he play live poker or at some private tournament,but he was very wrong!its nice to see that babysitter could escape trough window and that now everything is solved!he will pay for this with few years in jail!
 Gerimantas27/03/2019 15:54:20 GMT
It is of course bad situation when people go into your house and with gun. Not safe to be in your home, very bad. Of course easy to understand why burglars go into famous poker players home, they see poker pros win so much money, they think they have millions in cash
 bowie198428/03/2019 23:03:12 GMT
Posted by Gerimantas:
It is of course bad situation when people go into your house and with gun. Not safe to be in your home, very bad. Of course easy to understand why burglars go into famous poker players home, they see poker pros win so much money, they think they have millions in cash

If you are not keeping Picassos or more than 10k in cash in your home then you should not be afraid to leave it behind IMO Big Smile
 damosk29/03/2019 09:31:42 GMT
I love these headlines.....does Shannon go fishing? Angler robs house of poker player. Or maybe he plays that silly game American Football.......... Footballer robs house of Poker player. Or maybe he is a car mechanic......Car Mechanic robs house of poker player..... or maybe he swims at the weekend.....swimmer robs house of poker player. How about Armed Robber robs house of poker player?

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