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Man who won in casino robbed, shot; suspects at large

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Posted on 13 June 2017 by "T".

It all seemed like it was this man's lucky day as he won at the casino, but it did not cross his mind that what would happen to him next would be a nightmare the moment he steps out.

It was early Wednesday morning, June 7, when a man who left with his winnings at Larry Flynt's Lucky Lady Casino in Gardena, California was shot four times during a robbery at a gas station.

Los Angeles police were the first responders to the shooting call at around 4:30am at the Rosecrans and Vermont avenues in the Harbor Gateway area. The Gardena Police Department eventually took over the investigation.

After the victim won a huge amount of money at the casino and was leaving the premises, another car rear-ended his (intentionally). Thinking that it was an accident, the victim pulled into a Chevron gas station a few hundred feet from the casino to talk to the occupants of the other car.

As he was out of his car, the two men tried to rob him, but he put up a fight. Unfortunately, the victim was shot four times as the two attackers fled. He was struck in the hand and grazed in the head.

Surveillance footage showed the victim trying to get inside the gas station's convenience store, but the doors were locked.

He was rushed to the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center and is in stable condition.

The two suspects fled eastbound from the gas station and drove a silver or light-colored gray four-door SUV. They were described as black men around age 25 and 30 years old, both between 5 feet 11 inches and 6 feet tall. One wore a gray-hooded sweatshirt and light pants, while the other who held a black automatic handgun had dreadlocks, a dark complexion and wore a white shirt and dark jeans.
They are still at large. Anyone with useful information can call Detective Mike Sargent at 310-217-9635 or Detective Carlos Fernandez at 310-217-9615.



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8 comments on "Man who won in casino robbed, shot; suspects at large"

 doubletop77713/06/2017 07:55:48 GMT
This is a terrible story and i hope that these guys are caught very quickly and go to jail for a long time. I really hope this guy recovers very soon and is not too traumatized by the whole thing.
 dule-vu13/06/2017 12:32:06 GMT
yeah its sick what happening to people in whole world!to win some amount in casino and then when he go home to be robbed and even shot four times!hope that this two men will be in prison for long time,if they catch them!
 Mober13/06/2017 18:08:09 GMT
What can you say. One incident after another.
The good thing of course is, that he managed to live after being shot four times.
Was he targeted because he won in the casino, or it was a random robbery.
 pajalnick13/06/2017 21:17:19 GMT
I think this man should have even before the exit from the casino to agree with the escorts ... but he seemed to me very excited and happy that he did not think about the possibility of attack and robbery .... sad story of course
 pochui14/06/2017 19:48:42 GMT
well that's the harsh reality i guess, no one is safe from such accidents. me ponders that the best situation is to have no money or a few dollaros and no one is really interested in you, or if you're in a casino do as all wise dudes do= lose.
 Tony_MON7ANA16/06/2017 07:56:14 GMT
The victim was a Navy veteran married with two kids. Here is his interview with KTLA5. I am so glad that he is ok.
 dule-vu18/06/2017 16:05:28 GMT
yeah,it was scary to watch this video that you posted!but as I see,he wanted to help them,but they ofcourse had plan to stop him and to try to take money!he was very lucky with this shots and that from three bullets he got only small injuries!
 pajalnick18/06/2017 22:01:10 GMT
I hope that these criminals will soon be arrested and imprisoned .... the fact that they were 2 black men I unfortunately do not cause surprise .... sad story and I hope that the criminals will soon be punished

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