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FindFace Technology can help casinos Apprehend cheats and Reward high rollers

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Posted on 02 December 2016 by "T".

FindFace is a facial recognition technology from Russia that has great application for casino security according to industry experts. When the technology was launched this March 2016, it was notoriously accurate on social media sites. The 70 percent hit rate of the software enables users to scan a face and discover details such as age, hometown, and profession.

Any photo taken is compared to the database of over 200 million profiles on Russian social media site, Vkontakte. Once the application has managed to find the closest likelihood the photo belongs to, it will retrieve all publicly available information about that person.

FindFace has more than 500,000 registered users within 2 months of its release. A business version, FindFace Cloud API, is a more powerful version of the product. The technology connects to the company's preexisting database and pick out individuals that are considered dangerous.

Currently, over a hundred companies are testing the product and Russian casino operator Diamond Fortune is currently testing out its full capability.

Casinos do not like cheats and being able to identify them as soon as they enter the premises can help casino authorities in ejecting off from their gaming area. This is where FindFace Technology may prove to be useful.
Aside from identifying cheats, the facial recognition technology may also help in identifying their clienteles as well as high rollers so casinos may provide a more effective service as soon as they enter casino floors.



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8 comments on "FindFace Technology can help casinos Apprehend cheats and Reward high rollers"

 pochui02/12/2016 22:08:53 GMT
i heard of this new amazing piece of software called find face, and i wondered for many and many hours and two hours more what the hell this amazing piece of technology is all about, but thx to brm now i know: "FindFace is a facial recognition technology from Russia", great piece of tech- kinda a filter of pornhub videos, only shows facials.
 3pokeronly03/12/2016 06:01:14 GMT
Dear pochui, it would depend on what sort of "facial" you were looking for on pornhub (tm)

3p out
 TheMachineQC03/12/2016 07:10:46 GMT
hahahah Pochui It's always fun reading your comments on such amazing news articles Blink If it's from Russia and made by engineers a lot of vodka then what can possibly go wrong...?

So basically this technology is kind of like Interpol's facial recognition except it's a cheap russian version made for casinos so they can keep stealing their customer's cash in peace Big Smile

Have a good day mobsters
 doubletop77703/12/2016 10:58:24 GMT
The technology nowadays is just astounding and things like this would only have been seen in a James Bond film a few years ago. Casino security is of the highest standard and they really are on top of their game
 Tony_MON7ANA03/12/2016 14:20:16 GMT
I learned about the FindFace technology when I was watching bloomberg live stream the other day. Well, people might start wearing a custom-made mask or something to conceal their identities soon.

Inside Russia’s Creepy, Innovative Internet
Global News Coverage on Bloomberg TV
 Robbo199003/12/2016 22:48:36 GMT
all those movies like bourne etc and even on tv series like csi have had this kind of technology (although its not real) so was just a matter of time before it became real.

im just waiting for time warp from sci fi movies to become reality
 Rijckenborg08/12/2016 01:15:05 GMT
Smile while new technology spy you !!!
You are against Find Face ? It is surely because you have things to hide..
No place to private life anymore...
 Mober08/12/2016 22:31:37 GMT
Hometown and profession? Is that for real ? Smile More bull here Smile
And all the degenerate with the social media ran to sign up for it.
Cause the ones that are subscribed so far, are not enough.

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