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100K Scratchcard Jackpot won by Housewife who initially went to buy Charity Gifts

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Posted on 06 January 2016 by "T".

A seemingly ordinary shopping trip to find a charity gift for her kids' school led to this Irish housewife being £100,000 richer on a National Lottery scratchcard a week before Christmas.

Stephanie Harkin, 28, a housewife from Drumahoe, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland, purchased the life-changing scratchcard while shopping at a local Tesco store to find presents for her two young sons' school charity project.

Stephanie remarked that she "always dreamed of winning, but never thought it would happen to me."
When asked how she ended up with the winning scratchcard, she said, "My two young sons had to bring a present to school the next day to place under the Christmas tree for St Vincent de Paul, so we all went along with my mum to Tesco on Lisnagelvin Road to buy the presents. While we were there, I bought myself a Diamond Riches Scratchcard which I scratched in the foyer as we were waiting for my mum to finish up her shopping."

"Once I saw the three diamonds, I knew that I had won a large amount as I'd played this card before, but I didn't want to get too excited. I checked the amounts on the card and when my mum returned, I kept telling her quietly that I'd won a hundred grand. I kept my voice down as I didn't want to make a scene but I was completely shaking all over and couldn't even remember the pin number to unlock my phone and call my husband."

At first, her husband Kieran, 33, a mechanic running his own business, didn't believe Stephanie and even asked her to approach the checkout desk and ask the shop attendant to verify the scratchcard.

Stephanie stated, "The girl behind the counter looked at my card and got visibly excited before telling me that she couldn't pay me over the counter as I'd won £100k. I had to calm myself down before I was fit to drive, then drove home to Kieran and we called the National Lottery straight away, who confirmed that we had won!"

Fortunately for this housewife, all of her Christmas shopping had been already been taken care of when she won the jackpot prize, so she has plenty of time to enjoy and relax with her family and to think carefully about how to spend her winnings.

In the New Year, she will be able to fulfill her family's dream trip to Disneyland Paris, and they will also be having a sun holiday in Benidorm, Spain.

Stephanie said, "We had a truly lovely Christmas, made all the better with that warm fuzzy feeling that a hundred grand in the bank can give you. Now we can't wait to get away on holiday - especially our trip to Disney for the first time, as I know the boys will absolutely love it. Apart from that, our feet will remain firmly on the ground. We are a very close family, my family is my life and we will continue to love our lives together as we always have."

"It's still hard to take it all in. The most I've ever won before is £10 so this win really is a dream come true for me. You never think that it'll happen to you but I'm proof to everyone out there that it can," she added.
Stephanie's lucky scratchcard costs £2 and carries a 1 in 4.24 overall chance of winning a prize, ranging from the lowest prize of £2 to the jackpot prize of £100,000.




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8 comments on "100K Scratchcard Jackpot won by Housewife who initially went to buy Charity Gifts"

 pochui06/01/2016 09:42:15 GMT
100K is quite a sum, probably not life changing, but definitely sweet amount of paper to buy something extra. well actually back here in lithuania we could buy a newly built apartment and a new car on top, so it actually might be considered a life changing amount after all... if one moves to north korea, then he could consider himself/herself a millionaire for sure...
 bowie198407/01/2016 02:03:13 GMT
Posted by pochui:
100K is quite a sum, probably not life changing, but definitely sweet amount of paper to buy something extra...

Should be enough to get her and the family out of friggin' Northern Ireland. I mean if I was her then that is one of the aspects I would change immediatly tbh.
 Ingrind3307/01/2016 03:42:56 GMT
Hello there,

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 sammybeyo07/01/2016 06:00:37 GMT
wow that's a very cool thing to have happened to her it would be good if she used the money to make sure her and her kids have a good future ahead it's a descent sum of money to buy some nice things and improve the quality of their lives Smile
 tropical14/01/2016 13:55:42 GMT
I am pretty sure any mobsters on here would be overjoyed to bink 100k, i know i would. Stories like this is what keep me playing. Odds are stacked against me but one time for the kid is all i need. Just hoping to luck out on one such payout or get a small 1 million dollar loan from my father Tongue
 damosk14/01/2016 21:10:38 GMT
Northern Ireland is a beautiful place and many people would not even dream of leaving there. Yes it has had bad press in previous years but it is not as bad as it is portrayed on to and in the media. Good luck to the lucky women, let's hope she makes good of it unlike the lady who used her winnings to pay bail money for her partner.
 dee697726/01/2016 15:19:08 GMT
Wow!!!! now that is luck and i am happy she won. I guess it was her time and she was meant to win this massive life changing amount. We normally all experience this at some point in our lives. I indeed have....about 8 years ago. You feel you could never have a chance to win but its the times you least expect it and normally dont spend much lol Smile
 bowie198427/01/2016 01:36:42 GMT
Posted by damosk:
Northern Ireland is a beautiful place and many people would not even dream of leaving there.

Yes, they would - you just haven't met any of them.
The ones who do not want to leave are the exact reason that country had a bad rep throughout the whole twentieth century.

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