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Become the 2021 Irish Open Main Event Champion for only €0.01!

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Posted on 16 March 2021 by "T".

The Irish Open Online is back! This time, more events have been added, including the €1M GTD Main Event and the iconic €250K GTD Grand Prix Ireland!

Irish Open Online

  • Date: March 26 to April 8, 2021
  • Overall Prize Pool: €3M GTD
  • 25 events with buy-ins ranging from €22 - €5,200
  • €1M GTD Main Event with €1,100 buy-in

2021 Irish Open Online - €1M GTD Main Event

The 2021 Irish Open Main Event starts on March 28 at partypoker, and you could be playing in the €1 million guaranteed tournament for the tiny investment of €0.01.

Day 1A of the Irish Open Main Event kicks off at 19:05 BST on March 28. The Main Event normally costs €1,100 to enter, but it is possible to qualify for this €1 million guaranteed event for only €0.01.

The folks at partypoker created an Irish Open Main Event satellite schedule that sees at least 100 partypoker players win their seat into Day 1A on March 28.

There is no direct buy-in into the Sunday finals; you must win your way in via an €11 buy-in Phase 2.

Irish Open Main Event Satellites
The Irish Open Main Event satellites play to their popular Phase format. You can enter the phases at any stage you want, meaning you can qualify for this €1,100 must-play event for a single cent!

€0.01 Centroll > €1.10 Phase 1 > €11 Phase 2 > Weekly 20x €1,100 Seat Gtd Final

You can play in as many phases as you want, but only your biggest stack is taken through to the next stage if you progress more than once; your other stacks are forfeited. Imagine turning €0.01 into a shot at a prize pool that will be at least €1 million - it was €2,945,000 when Pablo Briton Silva won last year.

You still have a last chance to bag yourself a cut-price €1,100 Irish Open Main Event Day 1A seat on Sunday, March 21.

This exciting edition of the Irish Open Online includes a mixture of Hold'em, Omaha, PKO formats and more. Will you be pulling up a chair?

Watch it Live!
Catch action from the Irish Open as it happens with partypokerTV.

Tune in to their live streams on Twitch or YouTube and watch players battle it out for huge cash prizes!



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24 comments on "Become the 2021 Irish Open Main Event Champion for only €0.01!"

 dule-vu16/03/2021 11:17:47 GMT
another big event which need to played online because of whole situation and probably all of them this year will be played online!lot of different buy in-s,something for everybody,from 22 to 5200 e!who have money can pay direct buy in,who have less money can try to earn tickets with satellites and have enough days till first tournament!they will have even live on party poker tv!
 Cesar1416/03/2021 22:44:39 GMT
This great tournament that partypoker is offering is incredible, many will have the possibility of having their entry with just playing 0.01 euro satellites, this initiative is good for those who have little bank, but the dream is open and everything is possible, because not dreaming of entering the main event with a guaranteed 1 million.
 geseco1217/03/2021 04:29:55 GMT
Previous news has mentioned that there were people who with a satellite of pennies of dollars, had the opportunity to win great prizes, that means that there is a possibility to play it, if we do not have enough for the entrance, we will have the famous satellites, there is no excuse for don't try.
 CALICUL17/03/2021 10:13:15 GMT
it is very difficult to get the qualification in a guaranteed one million euro tournament with only 1 eurocent, but it's not impossible. I won a few days ago a qualification for a live tournament of 330 euros, even if two mobsters didn't believe it. You can get the same thing there in Party Poker, because where are many players qualifying places are more and your chances increase. Good luck, mobsters.
 DinGo!17/03/2021 18:40:21 GMT
It,s always good, when you can try to win a seat in the great tournament even from 0.01 Centroll. To be honest i always forget about that cheap tourneys but for sure need to try to play them sometimes, maybe it,s a good idea and an opportunity to get the ticket really cheap.
 geseco1218/03/2021 05:10:48 GMT
Of course, you do not lose anything when you try to play, many get bored of playing satellites that enter several for a few innings, but you have to be persevering and optimistic, things are going anyway, to keep playing always, you should not lose the faith.
 Cesar1418/03/2021 13:51:12 GMT
It is difficult to play it, I have tried sometimes to play it and I have not been able to win some tickets for big tournaments like this, the satellites are important and they benefit people who do not have for their main entrance, but it is too difficult, but some have done well, That's why you don't lose anything, keep trying, you could be the next winner, who knows? Good luck.
 dule-vu18/03/2021 14:08:36 GMT
for sure nobody should care much about this lowest satellites,because you know how hard is to pass so many stages when you start with 0,01 e!they are very fast,all players go all in and blinds go fast up!so better to inves few dollars,for example 1,10 $ or 2,20 $ and to start from there!but ofcourse every players choose from where to start and depend how much money they have!
 geseco1219/03/2021 05:32:44 GMT
The most logical thing is to start with tickets of 2 dollars up, I think that there is less stress to play it, since those of 0.01 input enter too much and it is frustrating to play it, they all go there, but you also have to think that they depend of their banks, some risk, others do not.
 Cesar1419/03/2021 14:07:54 GMT
becoming a millionaire with only 0.01 sounds a bit ridiculous, but poker is like that, it gives you the opportunity to achieve that feat if you try, you do not have to make excuses, but play it, you do not lose anything, I have known stories that have made it come true , the next can be you.
 dule-vu19/03/2021 14:31:53 GMT
nobody talk here that somebody will be millionaire with just 0,01 e,its about can you win ticket for big event with such a low satellite!just to come from lowest stake to some big tournament is great success and not to talk about money!we had winners who started from freeroll and that passed few stages and got big money,but ofcourse this stories are rare!
 CALICUL19/03/2021 14:51:28 GMT
you can't become a millionaire with just one cent. This tournament has guaranteed prizes of 1 million euros. 1st place will probably win 150,000. After that, this player can continue to play until he has the title of millionaire at some point. Irish open main event it is something impressive for small players and you can try to qualify.
 DinGo!19/03/2021 21:59:32 GMT
I think if you want to start from $1.1 or $2.2 you still need to have a pretty big bankroll, because anyway there is no sure, that you will go through from the 1st tryes. And when you start with 0.01 cent you just can play it without risk, i think it,s pretty easy to get some cents there, because they have some good promotions.
 geseco1220/03/2021 05:51:28 GMT
It is a matter of each one, some are more conservative, and do not risk their money, others go with everything, the important thing beyond the results is that they give their best version of themselves and feel satisfied with the best they give in each tournament, satellites are important, help to gain access to large tournaments and should not be underestimated.
 Cesar1420/03/2021 19:00:48 GMT
I hope I am lucky and I can enter that big tournament that they are doing, I am just starting to play poker and I am little by little accumulating money to play, and that for me is important to be able to one day play these great tournaments, the atellites are very good for me
 geseco1221/03/2021 13:28:33 GMT
Veterans will have money to play it quickly, but those who are starting it costs a lot to spend that money for a tournament, but we must always be responsible, because sometimes we get excited about the big prizes and we bet all our bankroll, and it goes badly for us and we get frustrated to the point that we forget about poker, we should carry out a banking management to avoid going through complicated moments with that issue.
 dule-vu21/03/2021 18:50:52 GMT
when you start to play from lowest stake of satellites,you will probably spend lot of money till you earn some ticket and they on end you will see that you could just buy ticket for that tournament right away!you will need to play lot of them,to spend your time,then maybe you will be on tilt and will take buy in on lot of them because you will lose on stupid cards and it will be same as you waited for that tournament!
just be careful when you start playing them!
 Cesar1421/03/2021 19:46:26 GMT
The goal of all poker players is one day to play these high levels, to enter big tournaments, but for now that is impossible for me, hopefully later it can be achieved, but satellites are not bad at all.
 CALICUL22/03/2021 15:38:58 GMT
Any player with little experience knows that satellites are the most tempting, when it comes to medium or large games. We must have time to play but also some dollars, in the hope of getting many qualifications. The point is, we must to play and to make some money.
 dule-vu22/03/2021 19:46:30 GMT
this irish open will show how much people will be on online poker this year (probably a lot) and we will see what party will offer trough year on their biggest tournaments,because everything will be stopped also this year and people will not travel just to play poker and countries will be locked,so more and more this kind of tournaments will not be played live!
so with this example party will try to offer something more then on regular online series of tournament!everything will start in 4 days and in first days everything will be clear!
 CALICUL23/03/2021 16:04:00 GMT
this is the chance for many players to participate in big tournaments, if they are lucky enough to qualify. The best thing is to play, because there is not much money and chances are for everyone. Who knows a little poker can get qualification because is possible.
 DinGo!23/03/2021 16:59:27 GMT
I just believe, that if you will start with this cheap cent tournaments you will have more chances, just because the players in this kind of tournaments will play not so good as players in another bigger tournaments. Also if everything goes wrong you will loose only 1 cent and can try to play another one, not loosing your nerves.
 dule-vu23/03/2021 20:40:06 GMT
but you can imagine how much time you will spend on this satellites,when you need to pass 5,6,7 stages to come till this big ticket with 55,210 or 530 $!its just too much time,even this lowest are fast and every few minutes are in lobby,but lot of player go all in in first minute and even on 2 4 cards,so its "crazy" game!
 CALICUL24/03/2021 16:32:03 GMT
depends on rebuy and add-ons of course, but we have the option to choose if you want to do or not. You can earn qualifications without any investment, with 1 cent or with tickets. It is important to try because sometimes you qualify. I played 5 satellites for a $ 215 qualification few years ago or others with cents... Try, because it's just little money.

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