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Croupier Steals $85,000 at Crown Casino

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Posted on 16 March 2016 by "T".

When it comes to casinos it is always said that the house always wins in the end. However, this old gambling adage never stopped a croupier along with five friends from stealing more than $85,000 from Crown Casino.

Tony Che, 21, a croupier at Crown Casino, exploited his position as a dealer as he made sure that his friends win at the Sic Bo tables by concealing the actual result of the three dice rolled and recording the rolled total as 17.

In the game of Sic Bo (picture), three dices are rolled inside a tumbler. The odds of getting 17 with three dices are quite low that the house is willing to pay a rate of 60:1. This means that a bet of $100 would land them a winning of $6,000 each time.

Che started working for Crown when he was 18. In September and October of last year, he and his co-accused have won $85,848. Che took 65 percent of the winnings - around $55,000 - for his role in devising the scheme as well as in orchestrating the winning bet. The action was very simply as all he did was cover the dice with his hand and enter the preferred number on the board manually.

The scam developed by the young croupier was detected when Crown's security found some abnormalities in the Sic Bo results. The review of the CCTV footage shows Che's wrongdoings. Che currently pleads guilty to five counts of obtaining property by deception. Leonard Hartnett, defense counsel of Che, called the magistrate to spare his client from conviction given his youth and immaturity.

Magistrate Timothy Bourke considers Che's offenses as very serious but has spared him of jail time. Instead, he has given Che an 18-month community corrections order with community work of 300 hours.

Mr. Bourke said the Che's actions were motivated by greed and had dragged others to take part in it. He said that the wrongdoing was opportunistic, immature, and motivated by greed. The magistrate ordered Che to pay back the money the Casino lost.



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