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Poker player wins $2.9 million at Australian casino

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Posted on 07 June 2017 by "T".

A punter from Western Australia has proved this weekend that the house isn't always the winner as he walked out of Crown Casino Perth in the wee hours of Sunday $2.9 million richer.

To have the chance to win big, punters need to place a progressive jackpot wager during any poker game.

The jackpot prize is won when a player manages to bring up a Royal Flush - the best possible hand in a standard poker game, with a total of five cards (10, jack, queen, king, and ace) all having the same suit.

The massive win came at around 3 a.m. last Sunday, June 4, in the $15 Progressive Poker jackpot at Crown Casino located in Perth, Australia.

The unnamed lucky player went home with $2,936,311 in winnings.



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19 comments on "Poker player wins $2.9 million at Australian casino"

 pochui07/06/2017 08:04:03 GMT
wow that's sweet... 2.9 millions of dollaros is really astonishing win, of course as always this shows just one side of the picture. maybe this same dude is down lets say $5 millions already this year, so he can still be in red even after this win.
 DaCapo7107/06/2017 09:47:51 GMT
No he can do a lot of side bets with this winning or play some interesting live events. But this big cash winning was the dream of every player and 2.9 millions are amazing. I´m waiting since many years for a royal flush, but i´m sure that my opponent have only 10 big blinds in his stack...
 StheP07/06/2017 12:41:13 GMT
dont know how much he had to pay, but even if it was 10k$ it is worth it a lot IMO just play evry single suited broadway cards and your chances are bigger...even when they 3-bet or 4-bet you it was worth to see flop even with TJs
 dule-vu07/06/2017 16:05:29 GMT
wow,what a win and what a luck to get royal flush and to hit jackpot!in right moment he played and to be part of progressive jackpot!love to see when people take big amounts at casino and hope that he will enjoy in money!
 Gerimantas07/06/2017 17:00:04 GMT
Wow this is so much money to win in a casino, i play in my local casino every weekend with my friends and i only seen peope win just a bit more than 100,000 at most and this was duper big amount in our casino and everyone talked about such thing for a long time, and here guy win almost $3 million, wow just amazing
 pajalnick07/06/2017 19:27:33 GMT
The conditions for winning were certainly not very simple and this player managed to do it ... almost three million dollars a night a wonderful result ... my congratulations to a happy player and now the most important thing is not to try to win as much ... it will not work out
 Mober07/06/2017 21:33:54 GMT
These progressive jackpots in casino worth it some times.
I dont know if it happens in all of them, but they have also smallest fixed prizes for lower
than royal flush.
But imagine playing a low buy in game leaving with that cash Smile
 doubletop77708/06/2017 07:50:40 GMT
This is the stuff that dreams are made of and it is nice to see someone winning big for such a small outlay. This gives all us smaller gamblers hopes of winning a life changing sum
 Tony_MON7ANA10/06/2017 16:41:38 GMT
Huge congratulations go out to a lucky punter who scooped over $2.9 million in a game of poker at Crown Casino. A weekend of a lifetime! There are tons of things he can do with $2.9 million. If I had a few million dollars to spare, I would move to South Africa.
 pochui11/06/2017 09:36:27 GMT
yeah like some dudes said- playing progressive slots is a good idea, sure realistically playing slots is a terrible idea as a whole (for that matter playing any casino game is a terrible idea in the long run), but with those progressive slots if you manage to win big, it is usually very big...
 dule-vu11/06/2017 11:31:36 GMT
its good when this jackpot must be won and in some period somebody will get him,just is question how high he will be!but when you see this kind of jackpots,almost 3 million,thats something special!respect for this player!
 Gerimantas11/06/2017 20:14:54 GMT
This is so huge money really, I think no one of us in this forum have no idea what it feels to win so much money and what you can do with it. People can buy a new home, or maybe evn two or three, stop working and travel the world as much as they like, wow so amazing to win money like this.
 pochui12/06/2017 12:51:09 GMT
now come to think of it, if i would win 3 millions of dollaros one day for no reason at all, i would probably buy myself an epic amount of land and start growing weed there. you know every dude has to think of time when he is old and wrinkly and money is hard to come by, therefore a field of weed is a handy thing to have in this situation...
 Calmplay15/06/2017 16:46:00 GMT
yes yes yes!!! very nice, I prefer these kind of stories rather than won but not paid but the casino because of blah blah blah...

 Mober15/06/2017 19:04:42 GMT
They have to pay in order for the people keep going to casinos.
But of course that doesnt mean, that they wont try to find something to say no
in some cases Blink
What a better way for a casino to get the jackpot back to their own pockets.
 damosk16/06/2017 06:56:10 GMT
2.9 million, even in Australian dollars is a huge amount of money. Good on the player for taking part and good on the club for coming up with that idea that already exists in a number of poker sites..... keep trying your luck cos eventually it will come.... and it's nice cos you don't often win a load in a hand with a royal flush as the winning hand.
 pochui18/06/2017 10:37:15 GMT
Today i thought that it would be nice to buy myself a ferrari or maserati and a 2.9 millions of dollaros would be very helpful in this situation. Thetefore i bellieve that a big wn like this would be very beneficiary to me

 Nightkid18/06/2017 13:31:06 GMT
It's good to see that there are people who can win that good sum of money in a casino ... my congratulations to this Australian and I hope someday I can have the same luck as this guy haha but the casinos in my area are kind of hard to loose So much silver lol
Confused Confused Confused
 dule-vu18/06/2017 15:47:04 GMT
with this amount,you can live till rest of life,dont have to work anything,just to enjoy in life and make future for family!I would just invest in some house on carribean or something like that and that would be nice life!

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