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Man with Backpack at Crown Casino arrested for Erratic Behavior, causing Panic and Mass Evacuation

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Posted on 28 February 2018 by "T".

credit: Alex CoppelA man carrying a backpack has been arrested right after he was seen behaving erratically outside the premises of Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia. The incident caused a mass evacuation, with terrified employees and diners fleeing onto the street.

Police responded to a report and after having the complex evacuated, they arrested a 55-year-old man. However, they refuse to say if the man had made threats and they also did not reveal what was in his backpack.

David Clayton, acting commander of Victoria Police, said that police were called to the casino in response to multiple reports received that a man was acting ‘erratically'.

According to some eyewitnesses, it is believed that at 3:30pm a man on the first floor of the complex was declaring threatening comments regarding the contents of his backpack, which led to his arrest.

Members of the critical incident response team, bomb squad, and special ops group swooped down the area and immediately arrested the suspicious man, who is now in custody.

Apparently, nothing was found inside the backpack, but it is still pending clearance by safety officers.

The man's nationality was being confirmed by police, and security and safety checks were being carried out on his backpack. There were no injuries sustained by the suspect, the public or the police, and the man did not resist when he was arrested.

Clayton said, "It was the way he was acting and behaving ... he complied with the police request when we arrested him. We're asking the public to stay away from the Southbank end of Crown Casino if they can. There has been nothing found in the backpack as yet. It is yet to be cleared."

He continued, "We understand he may have made some statements, but at this stage we won't comment as the investigation is live and ongoing."

Civilians were told to evacuate the Southbank complex this Wednesday afternoon, with the Metropolitan Fire Brigade and police on the scene.

The casino patrons were evacuated and employees were told to stay in their ‘allocated area of work' while the casino was placed briefly under lockdown up until police determines that the area is indeed safe.

The casino management sent text messages to their staff, informing them to stay away from level one and the western side of the complex.

Earlier, a woman named Julie told the 3AW radio station that she was at the movie theater when staff suddenly informed her to evacuate the building, "We were at Crown in the movies and the lights came on. There would have to be at least 60 police running in and cop cars everywhere."

A spokeswoman for Victoria Police said the investigation was still ongoing and ‘it would be inappropriate to comment further at this stage.'

According to Herald Sun, the police would not yet rule out other arrests, and they would not confirm whether Counter Terrorism was involved in the investigation.

A spokesperson for Crown casino said, "An isolated incident occurred at Crown Melbourne involving one patron. The issue was resolved peacefully with the assistance of Victoria Police. As this is now a police matter Crown will not be making any further comments."




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11 comments on "Man with Backpack at Crown Casino arrested for Erratic Behavior, causing Panic and Mass Evacuation"

 doubletop77728/02/2018 08:46:25 GMT
In this day and age, it must have been terrifying for the people in the casino when news broke of this. The panic must have really set in and i am glad that it was just a false alarm
 pajalnick28/02/2018 10:02:23 GMT
it seems to me that all the same it is better to make mistakes several times with such assumptions and, in the end, to prevent a terrorist act ... Of course people in this casino were inconvenienced, but it seems to me that they should treat this with understanding ... off terrorism
 dule-vu28/02/2018 13:56:55 GMT
yeah,in todays world you cant know what can happen and when people see bag on place like this,epecially when is america,england or some country where we had things like this,you cant be sure!but its good that somebody reacted on this and that wasnt any problem!
 CALICUL28/02/2018 14:40:00 GMT
this man must be carefully examined, maybe he was drugged or drunk and someone made a bad joke and people entered in panic. We do not know what has happened exactly but these things have to be taken seriously. It's not a joke. We all know what happened last year... Angry
 godoy28/02/2018 18:38:48 GMT
and people with the world as a mem to have fun we have peace because there is always a FDP to strip the joy of people I hope that everything is already solved gl

 LIKEIT2728/02/2018 22:49:35 GMT
Yup a Backpack,..and some nervous erratic type,..
in front offsomething huge ore intresting,..will defintly set off some alarm clocks,..
Atleast for the audience walking there,.soo many sick things happening in the world,..
soo people are very aware for such a thing
 pajalnick01/03/2018 11:10:28 GMT
Posted by dule-vu:
yeah,in todays world you cant know what can happen and when people see bag on place like this,epecially when is america,england or some country where we had things like this,you cant be sure!but its good that somebody reacted on this and that wasnt any problem!

in Russia, too, security services are working ... if for example in the subway there is a bag that does not have a master, then this metro station is closed and the spies are studying this bag ..... I treat this with understanding ... not so long ago in my city was explosion in the subway and people were killed
 dule-vu01/03/2018 14:21:44 GMT
they want just that what you say pajalnick,that people are always in panic,especially in big cities and that they are scared when they see bag without owner and that police shut down everything!world isnt normal anymore and I am thankful that I live in smaller town,but still close to bigger cities!
 Mober01/03/2018 14:25:23 GMT
They should have mentioned if it was something or not.
All that running for nothing Smile
These days occurrences like that can trigger too many actions from people and the police.
A few years ago, it would have been just a nervous person, who happened to carry a backpack Smile
 godoy01/03/2018 15:26:34 GMT
Due to where from terrorist attacks this will be more and more frequent because the people are on alert against these monsters that in my opinion are meso and will never be the winners in life yet this leaves marge for more valid interpretations because all care and little
 pochui02/03/2018 11:39:25 GMT
quite a stupid situation really- so now what, police should arrest anyone carrying a backpack and acting "erratically"... I wonder what exactly is the definition of this, since it can vary from one dude to another and according to situation.

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