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F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton Slams New Zealand Casino on Twitter for Treating Him Like Dirt

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Posted on 18 March 2016 by "T".

The British Formula 1 driver was not happy with the treatment he received at Skycity Casino in Auckland, New Zealand after he got into a clash with the staff over his choice of clothing fashion.

In a tweet from the three-time champ that was deleted later, he said: "Don't ever go to the sky city casino in Auckland, they treated me like dirt. Can't believe how rude they were. Worst casino experience ever!"
The F1 champion is known for being fashion conscious and is often known to break rules based on his fashion sense. His experimenting in different styles is what led him to be turned away for wearing a floral shirt at Wimbledon wherein official rules state that men should wear jacket and ties.

The Skycity Casino has however made a statement in response to Hamilton's accusation. They said: "So sorry to hear @lewishamilton didn't have a good time with us last night. We pride ourselves on being good hosts - we're following up with him."

It appeared though that Hamilton did not realize that he had broken the dress code - one which requires all guests to remove their hats and sunglasses for security reasons. The clash occurred when the casino staff refused to bend the rules and preferred if Hamilton just stuck to protocol.

Hamilton later wrote on Instagram: "Thank you for having me Auckland even though it was way too short, I'll be back tho!"

The current F1 champ heads to Australia before the Sunday's Australian Grand Prix race which starts the 2016 F1 season.

If you had the same celebrity status as Lewis Hamilton, would you have acted the same?



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4 comments on "F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton Slams New Zealand Casino on Twitter for Treating Him Like Dirt"

 bowie198419/03/2016 01:34:47 GMT
The dress code is a dress code even if you are the Pope itself or just an arrogant prick. Getting respect anywhere in these places is related to giving respect to the rules and their employees as well.
 damosk19/03/2016 15:33:17 GMT
This is an all too common approach by people in society who believe that they should not be subject of potentially arbitrary rules that are imposed on them because of what they think of themselves. However, the way such rules are enforced should be consistent by the imposer and all individuals treated with respect.
 pochui19/03/2016 20:19:15 GMT
well maybe this sounds stupid from a degenerated gamblers mouth, but i support casino in this situation. they didn't treat hamilton as dirt, as raccoon, as guinea pig or anything in between. actually they treated him like every other customer and showed equal amount of respect, which sadly hamilton didn't return... probably word "respect" is something new to his dictionary.
 xxxpokerxxx120/03/2016 01:32:07 GMT
I want to be mistreated because i am rich and beatiful and my farts smell like fresh grapes picked,off the fine,and my braeth smells of vanilla and carmel,and my shit smells like cotton candy... Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
Oh wait,I just woke up,and my shit still stinks,but at least I am treated,with respect at the casino,thats all I can ask for.

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