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APPT - Auckland: PokerStars Qualifier wins the Main Event

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Posted on 19 October 2009 by "T".

Simon Watt, the 26-year-old software developer from New Zealand came to be the last man standing after that he had defeated a field of 263 players in the Main Event of APPT Auckland. Simon Watt's final fight for the first prize of NZD$209,000 was against the fellow PokerStars qualifier Gerome Guitteau, and it didn't take long before the final hand was about to be played between these two.

Gerome decided to move all-in with KClub7Club pre-flop and Simon called with 5Heart5Club. Flop, turn and river didn't help Gerome's KClub7Club and Simon Watt took home the pot with his pair of 5's. Thanks to Simon Watt's win, the Main Event of APPT Auckland is once again won by someone from New Zealand.

1 Simon Watt (New Zealand) NZD $209,085
2 Gerome Guitteau (France) NZD $142,020
3 Jason Brown (New Zealand) NZD $82,845
4 Ke Sijia (China) NZD $55,230
5 Richard Lancaster (New Zealand) NZD $42,606
6 Jens Walther (Germany) NZD $31,560
7 Assadour Assadourian (Australia) NZD $23,670
8 Lance Climo (New Zealand) NZD $18,936
9 Michael Shinzaki (USA) NZD $14,202
10 Shilton Smith (New Zealand) NZD $11,046
11 Ben Butcher (Australia) NZD $11,046
12 Oleg Epp (Germany) NZD $11,046
13 Sam Hill (New Zealand) NZD $8679
14 Charlie Swan (USA) NZD $8679
15 Mike King (New Zealand) NZD $8679
16 Ray Cook (Australia) NZD $8679
17 Rob Toleafoa (New Zealand) NZD $7101
18 Kani Edwards (New Zealand) NZD $7101
19 Eric Assadourian (Australia) NZD $7101
20 Chris Tau (New Zealand) NZD $7101
21 Ronny Wijaya (New Zealand) NZD $7101
22 Jason Mui (USA) NZD $7101
23 Sal Fazzino (Australia) NZD $7101
24 Robert Browning (Philippines) NZD $7101
25 George Moussa NZD $5523
26 Anibal Lee (New Zealand) NZD $5523
27 Joe Quinton (United Kingdom) NZD $5523
28 Luke Edwards (Australia) NZD $5523
29 Daniel Craker (New Zealand) NZD $5523
30 Arnaud Bulle (France) NZD $5523
31 Tamas Lendvai (Hungary) NZD $5523
32 Mathieu Louisy-Gabriel (France) NZD $5523


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2 comments on "APPT - Auckland: PokerStars Qualifier wins the Main Event"

 SuperNoob20/10/2009 19:43:34 GMT
qualifiers from these satellite events at pokerstars are doing pretty good in live tourneys, just a few weeks ago Aaron Gustavson won EPT London after qualifying through a satellite.
 Fakiry21/10/2009 15:38:57 GMT
And only two europeans got to the final table... After all, looks like Tony Hachem didnt get to the payed places. I had my hopes on him to this but it went bad for him. Maybe next time.

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