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Betsafe Launches Live Roulette App For Apple TV

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Posted on 23 May 2016 by "T".

Betsafe, a subsidiary of Betsson gambling group, is the first ever to launch a gambling app to Apple TV, and that Sweden is the first country to benefit from the launch. Officially launched on May 19, Swedish players can now log in and play the Betsafe Live Roulette game from their Apple TV. Betsson emphasized that the launch came as a part of their strategy to have their subsidiaries at the forefront in providing the best customer experience possible for all players.

Betsson CEO Ulrik Bengtsson stated that the company is again implementing a ground-breaking solution that "will most likely set the standard for the entire gaming industry" in the near future. Since the company is founded and based in Sweden, naturally it will be the first country to see the gambling app launch for local players, and then in the months to come, it will be introduced to a more extensive public as well as in other countries.

Chief Commercial Officer of subsidiary Betsson Malta Jesper Svensson said that they are always finding more opportunities to enhance the customer experience they offer and he believes it is only a natural move to find out where the customers are and to try to meet each and every customer's terms. He also said that the fact that their app has been the first ever to be launched on the Apple TV platform is solid indication of their gaming company's continuous efforts to enhance and improve player experience.

Betsson acquired the fast-growing competitor Betsafe back in 2011.



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4 comments on "Betsafe Launches Live Roulette App For Apple TV"

 STACIONAR23/05/2016 12:40:58 GMT
Abruptly, it is necessary to try as soon as I buy Apple TV. And in general, I consider that Betsafe is one of the best in network mikrogaming. They constantly have what innovations and a pleasant situation in games of a casino.
 pochui24/05/2016 17:17:53 GMT
what an amazing achievement from betsafe, who are part of betsson group, if someone told me that betsafe, who are part of betsson group would be the first to launch live roulette app for apple tv, i would just sh1t on his face, since betsafe, who are part of betsson group are not amongst the names you would be expecting to pioneer such initiatives.
 DaCapo7125/05/2016 08:11:59 GMT
Oh betsafe are a part of Betsson, i didn´t know that because i had accounts at both sites. I like the live roulette, but i don´t need a app to play roulette outsite my home Big Smile But i think thats the future for Casino games.
 Tony_MON7ANA26/05/2016 02:10:22 GMT
It seems that the Betsafe’s Apple TV app bypasses the need for users to have a computer or smartphone, but those with iPhones can pair them to invite as many as 6 players to play on the same Apple TV screen. Hopefully, Betsafe will soon roll out the app globally.

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