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Casino Manager Bites Suspect In Robbery Incident

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Posted on 23 July 2016 by "T".

Rapid City, South Dakota - The authorities are investigating an armed robbery incident at a Rapid City casino. Uncle Sam's Casino located at Jackson Boulevard was robbed at around 1:30pm on Monday, July 4, the country's Independence Day.Witnesses told the cops that two men wearing all-black clothes entered the casino and demanded money while they held the female casino manager at gunpoint. The robbers left with an undisclosed amount of cash.

The police were able to catch one of them nearby on foot. He has been identified as Lester Oquendo-Cedeno, age 22, of Rapid City. He was charged with one count of First Degree Robbery.

The Rapid City Police Department is still looking for the second suspect, whose description is currently unknown.
The investigation is still ongoing, so anyone with useful info on the robbery is encouraged to send an anonymous tip by texting ‘RCPD' and the info to 847411, or to call 394-4134.

The exact same casino was last robbed on September 21, 2015.
When Lester Oquendo-Cedeno and the other suspect entered the casino, Lester threw the female casino manager to the ground. During the struggle, the brave woman bit him on the forearm, which later helped in his arrest after the incident.

As the two men opened the cash drawer, the manager was able to hit the silent alarm. Lester held her at gunpoint while the other suspect said he was getting the car.
Lester left the casino after the manager told him that the silent alarm had been activated. He was caught by a Pennington County Sheriff's Deputy while walking along Janet Street. Lester was positively identified as one of the suspects in the crime due to the prominent bite mark on his forearm.

Police now have released a description for the second suspect - he is described as skinny and tall, between the age of late teens to early 20's, and was wearing all black.



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6 comments on "Casino Manager Bites Suspect In Robbery Incident"

 bowie198425/07/2016 00:13:51 GMT
Hmmm. But if Lester was a simple sociopath then this article would be about the fact that he just shot a 'brave woman' who bit him, making her 'bravery' utterly stupid and completely unnecessary considering the silent alarm was already in the work.
Thank God Lester was just a regular low-life criminal.
 doubletop77725/07/2016 07:17:22 GMT
This woman was incredibly brave and her actions have led to the arrest of one of these guys and, hopefully, they will catch the other guy very soon and put them both in jail
 DaCapo7125/07/2016 16:39:19 GMT
Hahaha verry funny news and it was verry interesting to read that the two gunmen men are waring black clothes Big Smile Really? Why that? It seems, that these guys don´t came from the Fashion week before Big Smile But perhaps they thought they can crack the Jackpot on these way...
 Tony_MON7ANA26/07/2016 03:41:11 GMT
. . . Lester threw the female casino manager to the ground. During the struggle, the brave woman bit him on the forearm. . .

Wow... It was like a movie scene! What a fearless act! I believe it was one of the most courageous moments, acts, and decisions in her life which she is proud of having taken.
 Calmplay26/07/2016 06:30:29 GMT
is that female casino manager the sister of footballer Luis Suarez as it seems that she solves issues while using her teeth o bite people...
 JorAxe27/07/2016 15:02:04 GMT
This is because the truth mlo casinos are centers where so much money moves that thieves look for ways of how intruducirse it and try to steal them, I say that these places should have high security.

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