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Gunman dead after failed attempt to rob Resorts World Manila

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Posted on 02 June 2017 by "K".
It happened this early Friday morning that several gunshots were heard at the Resorts World Manila. Initial reports stated a masked man fired his gun within the resort-casino premises and set an area on fire. While the turmoil brews, the resort-casino area has been put on lockdown.

Now, Philippine police say that the gunman has killed himself.

The unnamed suspect began firing shots and set a few gaming tables ablaze of the Resorts World Manila in the wee hours of Friday, June 2.

Local media reports said that the local police, fire trucks and a SWAT team responded to the attack.

Dela Rosa said that the lone gunman walked into one of the gambling rooms, fired his assault rifle at a big TV screen, and then poured gasoline on a gaming table and set it on fire. The police chief said the gunman then fired again at a stock room which contained gambling chips and filled his backpack with them, worth 113 million pesos ($2.3m or £1.7m). He then left the room and went upstairs to the hotel area of the complex.

The police said that the incident was not related to terrorism and the likely motive was robbery. National police chief Ronald Dela Rosa stated, “The lone gunman is already neutralized. He is dead. He burned himself inside the hotel room. He lay down on the bed, covered himself with a thick blanket, apparently poured petrol on the blanket and burned himself.”

Police speculate that the suspect may have lost in the casino and wanted to get his money back, or he simply went “totally nuts”. Dela Rosa said that if it had been terrorism, then “he would have shot all the people gambling there, but he did not hurt anyone.”

The Islamic State group quickly claimed responsibility. According to the SITE Intelligence Group that monitors terrorist organizations, the IS said they have “lonewolf soldiers” from their group that carried out the attack.

Customers inside the casino recalled their horrible experience when the shooting occurred.

An employee of Reosrts World Maricel Navaro, said, “I was about to return to the second floor from my break when I saw people running. Some hotel guests said someone yelled 'ISIS'! Guests were screaming. We went to the basement locker room and hid there. People were screaming, guests and employees were in panic. When we smelled smoke, we decided to go for the exit in the carpark. That's where we got out. Before we exited, we heard two gunshots and there was thick smoke on the ground floor.”

About 75 people were hurt, some of them seriously, and 25 were taken to the hospital. Most of the patients suffered the effects of smoke inhalation, minor injuries such as bruising, while some sustained minor fractures as they stampeded to escape, but none had gunshot wounds. 

Resorts World Manila is a popular tourist attraction just adjacent to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3. It houses hotels, a shopping mall and a casino complex.


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14 comments on "Gunman dead after failed attempt to rob Resorts World Manila"

 dule-vu02/06/2017 12:07:17 GMT
I heard about this last night and read on internet and watched on news and on first it seems that this was ISIS act,but now we see that everything was because of money and it was serious fight!so is this reason is truth,that he lost money and want to back and hurt so many people,then hope that his death will be fast!
 Robbo199002/06/2017 12:46:34 GMT
definitely 'went nuts' in order to kill yourself via burning!

the one thing I hate is how the media always speculate a terrorist group which could have nothing to do with any anything yet the media just wants to help spread the terror!
 Odysseus10102/06/2017 14:08:54 GMT
Agreed, Robbo. Why not just say that this incident is a mystery? Why would an extremist suicidal attacker try to steal chips? Why would a robber create such chaos with starting fires before trying to rob the place, and why would a robber kill himself by self immolation, rather than by gunshot or suicide by cop?

This really doesn't add up at all. Yes, people were hurt and that's a shame. But nobody died other than the the attacker and until more is knows it's irresponsible to spread fear and speculation.

 pochui02/06/2017 19:44:09 GMT
well this sounds precise: "“The lone gunman is already neutralized. He is dead." cannot be more neutralized than this. quite a shocking attempt at robbery, especially the burning himself act... not the usual- kill whoever moves and then shoot himself...
 Mober02/06/2017 19:45:20 GMT
Another bad incident.
From the stories here, ii would go for the one that he lost money and he wanted to get back some or
even taking a revenge by setting the place on fire.
It must have been quite an incident with 75 injured.
Good think that none died.
 pajalnick03/06/2017 03:28:57 GMT
Of course, any human life is valuable, but if you do not have the intelligence to rob a casino, then maybe you deserve this death? This is of course only my opinion
 dule-vu03/06/2017 12:26:33 GMT
when I posted this news,didnt know that this man already killed himself and thats best for all!too bad that he didnt do it,before he injured so many peoples!its only important that everything is over and he cant do it anything more!
 Robbo199003/06/2017 12:47:41 GMT
wow judging by the news and social media this is getting far more complicated than it should be.
 Odysseus10103/06/2017 18:46:30 GMT
I was thinking about this story, since I thought there had to be way more going on that was first reported. It just doesn't add up. Whats the update now?

Let me guess, a long history of severe mental illness and gambling addiction?
 Robbo199004/06/2017 02:51:18 GMT
Posted by Odysseus101:
I was thinking about this story, since I thought there had to be way more going on that was first reported. It just doesn't add up. Whats the update now?

Let me guess, a long history of severe mental illness and gambling addiction?

still trying to beat it up as act of terrorism by going into his history, race etc
 Mober04/06/2017 20:27:34 GMT
Of they get more viewers by fabricating as a terrorist attack, you think they wont do it,
for as long as they can.
Not the same interest for just a maniac, compared to terrorists.
And speaking of that they hit again, this time in London.
 Calmplay05/06/2017 06:08:48 GMT
I read that several people were hurt and some a little bit more serious and that is no good but I would like to say I'm glad that nobody was killed during that robbery. Thanks god.

 Tony_MON7ANA05/06/2017 14:59:53 GMT
It seems that these days the violence is almost an everywhere, everyday occurrence in our lives. I wonder if there is any place in the world that is completely free from unwanted disturbance like the one described in the article.
 pajalnick05/06/2017 19:14:25 GMT
Then he really did kill himself ?? ... I at first did not quite understand the news and thought that he was killed but if he did it himself then it only remains to accept his choice and his crazy act ... he himself is guilty in one word

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