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Man Who Conspired With Casino Dealer To Scam Marina Bay Sands Jailed

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Posted on 25 October 2017 by "T".

Image Credit: October 11 Wednesday, a Chinese national was sentenced in jail for 25 weeks after he conspired with a casino dealer to cheat the Marina Bay Sands (MBS) casino in Singapore of over $24,000.

Wang Zhe, age 26, a Chinese native, had pleaded guilty to 22 charges of acquiring money by means of a fraudulent scheme or practice in a casino game. About 42 other similar charges were also taken into consideration.

Wang works at a factory in Singapore over the past three years, and he had a roommate/friend who works as a dealer at the MBS casino named Gao Fengfeng.

Sometime in March 2017, Gao shared a story with Wang that there were times while he was working at the casino, he had unintentionally overpaid patrons on a few occasions but he didn't get into trouble with the management.

Gao had then suggested to Wang that they work together to cheat the casino and then split the money equally. Of course, Wang agreed to the scam, since he regarded it to be an easy way to make money.

According to Deputy Public Prosecutor Thiam Jia Min, the duo carried out the scam via four methods: (1) Gao would make a winning payout to Wang even if he did not win, (2) he would forget to collect Wang's losing wager, (3) he would overpay Wang when he asked for a change of chips, or (4) he will make a winning payout even if Wang placed an invalid wager.

The duo would do any of the four methods on four different games that Gao was dealing at: Baccarat, Texas Hold'em, Three Card Poker, and Sic Bo. They did the dirty deed over eight days in July.

MBS suffered losses that varied anywhere from $25 to $1,000 each time. The biggest loss they discovered was on a single day on July 30, when Gao and Wang successfully managed to cheat MBS out of $11,225. Wang had spent part of his ill-gotten money, which reached $24,735, on personal luxuries, such as purchasing a Gucci brand wallet.

On July 31, 2017, Wang and Gao were arrested by the police at the casino area. Police were able to retrieve $2,050 worth of MBS casino chips, $13,812 in cash, and two Gucci wallets from them. Until now, no restitution has been made to the casino.

In mitigation, Wang expressed through his attorney that he is a first-time offender. He also stated he is willing to make restitution, but did not have the chance to do so because he was in remand and no one could bail him out.

District Judge Matthew Joseph, however, said that such claim should have been made known before the sentencing, and it is quite unbelievable he can make bail since the money seized by the police and the cash that Wang still has in his possession are believed to be proceeds of crime.

Wang was actually let off quite easily, as he could have been put behind bars for up to 7 years and fined up to $150,000, the maximum sentence for the crime they committed.

As for Gao, his case has not yet been heard.

Marina Bay Sands is one of the most popular casinos in the world. They opened their doors on April 27, 2010, featuring 2,561 rooms and they are the 6th biggest hotel in Asia, with an average estimate of 40 million people visiting the casino floor annually.




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11 comments on "Man Who Conspired With Casino Dealer To Scam Marina Bay Sands Jailed"

 doubletop77725/10/2017 08:15:23 GMT
It must be very tempting to do this when you work in a casino. Whenever there is lots of money at stake, i think that people get carried away and would do something that they thought they would never do.
 pochui25/10/2017 10:36:44 GMT
wow what a stupid couple of dudes- those kinda things are easily noticeable and there is little point in trying to pull of such a scam when your winnings in the end are just 24k of dollaros, jeez what 's the point ot risk jail time and ruined career for so little cash, if it was 24 millions then yeah- go ahead andd try.
 Gerimantas25/10/2017 18:43:10 GMT
Yes when people have chance to steal some money they sometimes make stupid things, this situation is like this, in casinos there are many cameras, so it is only time when if you do mistakes like pay more money casino security see you and you have big problems. This was same situation
 Mober25/10/2017 19:20:19 GMT
He had a job, now he doesnt have one and will go to jail too
And they got out of it with low sentences.
What if the judge had given them the maximum?
One thing i never understood and never will, is when they are saying they were first
time offenders...
 CALICUL25/10/2017 19:53:58 GMT
What's interesting about this stuff is the punishment he could have received one of the accused. 7 years in jail and 150.000 dollars fined. If the damage is $ 24 k in two mens fifty is 12 k and a fine of 150 k was aberrant. Man was lucky and escaped much easier. Those responsible for the casino have done the right job.
 shokaku26/10/2017 05:46:46 GMT
They knew it meant trouble, but the greed got in the way.
Making a mistake here and there, and pulling such a stunt on a regular basis are two different things. If they had made those cheats few and far between they may have gotten away unnoticed.
 pochui26/10/2017 11:57:04 GMT
another point of this story that I find fascinating is that those two dudes- player and croupier have managed to cheat casino for 8 days, wow what the fcuk were surveillance dudes doing- sleeping? in normal casino its hardly possible to get away with a single mistake if you are a croupier
 Tony_MON7ANA26/10/2017 23:07:30 GMT
My knowledge of the structure of the criminal justice system in Singapore is fairly limited, but I heard that offenders are subject to much more severe penalties in Singapore than in other developed countries? I guess the law works differently in each country and each country's legal system reflects its society's values.
 DaCapo7108/11/2017 08:29:35 GMT
It seems, it was not easy to check the hole staff in a Casino about their characters. We can read every week a new story about unserious dealers. This guys awaiting for a long time in prison. This wa s the best way to protect the Casinos in the future.
 damosk08/11/2017 11:45:02 GMT
Conspiracy to defraud is a ver y serious offence and one which countless people get caught up in on the basis they think it throughout so we’ll at the start that they honestly believe they can get away with it. My advice would be to steer clear from any criminal activity as it will end up affecting your life with a conviction and or jail time.

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