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Las Vegas Casino Will Use Advanced Microwave Technology to Keep Guns Out of its Premises

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Posted on 29 December 2017 by "T".

Prohibited weapons are always a big issue, especially for casinos. Guns can be used for armed robbery, or for inflicting harm to others. After all, losing money can sometimes make a person lose momentary sanity.

In the State of Nevada, gun owners are allowed to conceal carry or open carry, even inside a casino. A casino does not have any authority to prevent guest from carrying their guns in their casino. They are, on the other hand, allowed to request the guest to leave. While it is not a crime to carry a firearm into a casino, if that person refuses to leave the premise after being told to do so, they may face charges of trespassing.

Gun control has always been strict in casinos. Casino owners and their security team always want to maintain and ensure a safe environment so guests do not need to bring weapons on site. However, there are still occasions wherein guests are able to sneak in weaponry through certain security lapses.

The Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino is aiming to prevent the entry of prohibited weapons by implementing and installing a new radar technology that can scans individuals for any firearms, knives, and other weapons that they may be trying to bring inside the premise.

The new technology is called Patscan and is developed by Patriot One Technologies. The tech implements microwaves to scan a person for any weapons. What makes this technology an ideal security measure for casinos is that it is covert as most people will not even realize it is there. Unlike whole body scanners found in airports, Patscan units are small enough to be installed inside existing structure.

The recent Las Vegas shooting incident that resulted in 58 deaths and more than 500 injuries has placed the security measures that casinos there implement in bad light. Implementing the Patscan CMR will enable a better security measure for the casino as well as peace of mind for many of its guest.

For now, Westgate's security personnel along with Patriot One engineers will be testing their gear at certain locations before placing them throughout the premise.



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12 comments on "Las Vegas Casino Will Use Advanced Microwave Technology to Keep Guns Out of its Premises"

 Gerimantas30/12/2017 19:18:04 GMT
I think it is good for all players that it is more aafe to play in casino, so you can just have drink and relax and place some bets, have good time with friends so no problems with some people who are mad exist, no guns no knife I think thos is very good technology and I like my casino to have something like this
 T3ddyKGB30/12/2017 19:59:29 GMT
im glad im not living in the US. if you think about how quickly some people get upset for meaningless things... some might shoot you for nothing lol.

regarding the technology: its still a "roentgen" technology which its causing cancer. the more often you get scanned the riskier - just like on airport. scanning suitcases.. fine. scanning human bodys should be prohibited. but no one really cares, the pharmacy and medicine will be happy for new customers. most people still die by a carcrash or breaking their neck while cleaning windows. being shot in a casino, which happens 1:billion times should be seen as a catastrophe and not as a daily risk :-/

 Mober30/12/2017 20:47:39 GMT
In was an interesting post. I didnt know all that about the "gun laws" and that you are
even allowed to carry the gun in a casino, or a private property if you have a license.
But asking them to leave is a good way, of solving the problem.
 CALICUL31/12/2017 15:36:10 GMT
If they continue so they will end up in the wild west. Players security is weaker every day. Before it was much better now things go wrong. The casinos have no profits anymore because online casinos have multiplied and stolen their clients and this costs people's safety. Sad
 Tony_MON7ANA01/01/2018 13:57:16 GMT
Microwave technology? I guess I know that is used for food preparation and processing, and wireless communication, but I had no idea that it could potentially play an crucial role in security efforts until I read this article.
 CALICUL01/01/2018 15:32:28 GMT
It is good that better action will be taken to protect these players. I have not heard of Patriot One engineers so far but i hope they will do a good job. I hope these tests are good for people's protection. People's lives must be protected from dangers. Crazy peoples should not be left free,
they must be kept in hospices.
 pochui01/01/2018 18:08:51 GMT
microwave technology to help detect guns, wtf? sure not fun to be shot in the left ball while spinnin roulette wheel and consuming excessive amounts of alcohol, but hey it's not that you are safe when you decide to exit the casino, just one step outside casino doors and your left ball is in danger again
 dule-vu02/01/2018 12:25:52 GMT
for me its even stupid that you are allowed to have gun in casino,if nobody ask you to leave casino!what to say about american laws!but it would be good for everybody that guns are out from every public place!
 Mober02/01/2018 21:18:19 GMT
You can be backing some snacks also during your visit there.
After the microwave scan they should be ready to eat.
Kinda a win win situation Smile
Technology gets weirder and weirder lately.
What else are we going to see.
 Tony_MON7ANA03/01/2018 09:04:52 GMT
Technological advancement can have both positive and negative impact on our lives. Nowadays, not only criminals but also ordinary people can make their own makeshift firearms by utilizing revolutionary 3D printing technology. Scary, isn't it?
 CALICUL03/01/2018 17:55:19 GMT
I have read about this technology now and it offers more services for commercial and military applications, management support for space/hi-rel and military/defense programs, custom product development and manufacturing per customer’s SCD for commercial and military applications etc... Now let's see how much success will have this technology.
 godoy14/02/2018 22:47:16 GMT
yes this is very good because I do not want to play with someone armed poker like in the western movies rsrsrs more security well above all else because when it involves money is lost the court very easy then the game and weapons do not combine

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