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Caesars introduces first skill-based games in Las Vegas

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Posted on 10 April 2017 by "T".

Caesars Entertainment Corp. in partnership with Gamblit Gaming has announced last Thursday, March 30, the introduction of the first ever skill-based gaming experience in Las Vegas, the gambling hub of the United States. The games are subject to an initial field trial phase at Caesars' Planet Hollywood property.

Caesars Entertainment President and CEO Mark Frissora said, "Our partnership with Gamblit brings a unique experience to our casino floors and is an important step toward modernizing our customers gaming experience."

ModelG, the name of Gamblit's social and interactive game tables, can accommodate two to four players for a head-to-head gaming experience.

Every gaming terminal features a unique multi-player: multi-game machine with access to a shared 42-inch touch screen, a purse hook with two cup holders, and even a USB charging port for each player.

At Planet Hollywood, the first skill-based games launch will feature three game tables offering two games initially: Gamblit Poker and Cannonbeard's Treasure.

Gamblit Poker tests speed and skill while it allows players to win up to 240x their bet in a single hand. Every player begins with two cards, followed by a deck of cards shown in quick succession in the middle of the table. Players must quickly grab the cards they need to complete the best possible poker hand.

Cannonbeard's Treasure entertains players via a fast-paced card game, skill and a twist of naval warfare. It's just similar to blackjack but with some unique features - the game challenges players to fill their hand without winning or busting, initiating a "burndown." During the burndown, another set of additional cards will be dealt. The player who gets nearest to the objective, without going over, wins a virtual chest of gold.

The games are placed in the center of the casino area, near the Heart Bar. Midday that Thursday, a few people were checking out the games, but none was curious enough to play them.

A brand ambassador will be assigned near the machines to help answer questions.

Jennifer Forkish from Caesars said, "Our goal is to educate people about our new exciting offering. It marries the video gaming experience with the excitement of a casino atmosphere."

If the trial launch goes according to plan, Caesars aims to install additional Gamblit games at their other Nevada properties, and also at its Harrah's Resort Southern California. In the near future, Caesars is hoping to have 200 skill-based machines available across its US properties.

Also, Caesars announced that they have appointed longtime employee Christian Stuart to the newly-created position of VP of Gaming and Interactive Entertainment. Stuart shall be overseeing gaming activity at Caesars' 47 casinos worldwide and he's also responsible for "the development of innovative and exciting offerings for the future of gaming."



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10 comments on "Caesars introduces first skill-based games in Las Vegas"

 Gerimantas10/04/2017 20:48:16 GMT
I dont know about it, I read the description of these skill games and I do not think they will be very easy to understand, and also a lot of luck in these games too, so maybe some players will yry them and like it, but not many i believe, but i can be wrong Smile
 Mober10/04/2017 22:11:10 GMT
Lets see if they will manage to draw the crowds with these machines.
I would still prefer the slots over these and if i had to choose i would go
for the second game, that is similar to blackjack Smile
 damosk11/04/2017 00:00:39 GMT
Sounds complicated to me..... maybe I should spend some time reading the rules properly and making an informed decision on it all.... but I agree...let's see how well these games draw the crowds and what the win ratio is and how profitable they will be before anyone gets too excited about it all. Interesting proposition though.
 bowie198411/04/2017 00:08:49 GMT
The real skill required in a brick and mortar casino is the knowledge when to get up from the table and walk the f_ck away into the air and sunshine before you getting broke completely.
 doubletop77711/04/2017 08:09:07 GMT
These games sound very interesting and i think that they will prove to be a very popular addition to the casino. They both sound too complicated for me so good luck to all playing.
 ihavepc11/04/2017 10:56:26 GMT
Skill based casino games sounds interesting, i am not sure this is a reality, since casino make their money by having an edge on the games, so in skill games where is their edge? or maybe i do not understand this new option correctly? Also a little bit confusing, if i had to put my money in these games, i better pick what i know- mostly roulette with a great company at the table and some wine Tongue
 pochui11/04/2017 11:45:34 GMT
hmmm skill slots... sounds interesting, i tend to think of myself as one of the most skilful players in the whole universe, so this sounds like a money printing device to me... bring them on! i want the skill slots in my local casino! pochui vs the skill slots, casino doesn't have a chance here.
 pajalnick11/04/2017 15:59:13 GMT
Another trick to lure the players ... smart slots .... seriously ... .... how can you generally believe in such nonsense? .. I'm certainly not a super expert in the game on slots but as it seems to me it's just new words and it's finite Will attract attention
 Mober11/04/2017 22:28:23 GMT
Well competing in a tournament in slots with other players, doesnt look appealing to me.
Unless you are all playing the same jackpot machines, which is not the same.
Combine the game play with a couple of drinks, and its money going to the sober ones Smile
 bowie198412/04/2017 00:34:44 GMT
Posted by pochui:
hmmm skill slots... sounds interesting, i tend to think of myself as one of the most skilful players in the whole universe, so this sounds like a money printing device to me... bring them on! i want the skill slots in my local casino! pochui vs the skill slots, casino doesn't have a chance here.

U mean skilled sluts?

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