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2 Bad Beat Jackpots Hit In Atlantic City!

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Posted on 16 August 2012 by "T".

On Monday, Atlantic City's biggest bad beat jackpot ever was paid across Caesars Entrainment's 4 casinos. More than 400 players received $958 each from the $787,320 jackpot at the Caesars Atlantic City, Harrah's Resort Atlantic City, Showboat Atlantic City and Bally's Atlantic City.

The bad beat was released after Narong Sa Whited (on the left) saw his quad 9's crushed by Nick Angelakopoulos (right) king-high straight flush. Atlantic City's Angelakopoulos collected $158,422 for having the winning hand, while Whited, from Washington, received $237,154.

The Bad Beat Jackpot, which is funded by taking $1 from each pot, had been building up since March 1st until Monday this week, so many thought it would take a while before someone won it again, including Eastern Division President for Caesars Entertainment Don Marrandino:

"Yesterday, Caesars Entertainment made Atlantic City history with our $787,320 Total Bad Beat Jackpot hit. Record setting jackpots were made to be won..With the Bad Beat being reset to $393,000, it might only be a few weeks before Caesars Entertainment sets a new record."

Well, believe it or not but the the very next day two very lucky players were involved in a hand where both held straight flushes. As a result, the losing players received $224,753 and the winner collected $112,753. But that's not all. An additional 6 players pocked $18,729 each just for sitting at the same table.


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8 comments on "2 Bad Beat Jackpots Hit In Atlantic City! "

 noonlion16/08/2012 10:41:59 GMT

It makes you wonder if it's worth it sometimes, being on said tables.

Pure luck however, but dammmmm.

Better than a machine jackpot cos you're winning money if you're a good player anyway while playing.

But $1 from each pot adds up.
 Fakiry16/08/2012 10:57:22 GMT
I don’t know much about these things but the difference between how things are processed online and on real casinos and real tables leave me very surprised. So, this means that, in a real casino, when playing poker, in a tourney, if it happens to be a bad beat jackpot in a table, everyone from the tourney will get rewarded for it and not only those who were directly involved in the hand in question? This is great! It could be that way online, why not?
 thefly13116/08/2012 16:13:54 GMT
interesting a bad beat jackpot but still it not makes you happy when loosing with a bad beat
 remco250416/08/2012 18:57:09 GMT
Fakiry i dont think this is a tourney...its a bad beat jackpot like online.
Most online bad beat jackpots pay the winner of the hand the loser and the rest of the table..
 Greenmohave16/08/2012 21:17:10 GMT
That's all pretty amzing, but last night oneperson living in Michigan collected 320 million dollars off of the Powerball Lottery so what Atlantyic City gave away is considered peanuts to that.
Not saying I wouldn't be happy to get a piece of any of it, but to think one person collected enough money to buy a casino is pretty amazing.
 teddybears7316/08/2012 22:04:14 GMT
so the losing players in each bad beat jackpot hand both got more than the winner,sometimes you're better off losing then eh. Smile
 pochui17/08/2012 08:52:38 GMT
not sure why more than 400 players shared the first jackpot (with both involved in the hand getting the lions share) and only those who were at the table shared the second jackpot (again players directly involved in the hand getting most)- what gives? maybe there were no more dudes in the casino on th second occasion Stupid
 remco250417/08/2012 09:33:36 GMT

yeah Pochui good point.

I dont understand that either..?

Maybe someone can explain why the first jackpot paid about 400K to 900 players in 4 Ceasers casino's and the rest of the 787K to the winner and loser of the hand.And then in the same casino's the same jackpot falls but then they only pay the table where the hand was played on ???

Is a bit strange realy ..?

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