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LeoVegas to Debut in New Jersey in 2022

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Posted on 18 June 2021 by "T".

Sweden-based gaming company LeoVegas has struck a deal with Caesars Entertainment, which will provide market access, to introduce the LeoVegas brand in New Jersey, marking the company's entrance to the US market for the first time in their history.

To deliver top-of-the-line gaming experience as they enter the US market, the brand will launch their own proprietary technical platform called Rhino. This enables the company to have full control over the product and will "enable a unique and competitive gaming experience for American customers."

Caesars Entertainment, their partner in this endeavor, will provide LeoVegas market access in the regulated gambling market of New Jersey.

As part of the US launch process, the platform will be certified by the New Jersey's online gambling regulatory body. The Rhino platform is developed for multiple brands and is ported for scalability and stability on Google Cloud. It is licensed under seven jurisdictions and handles more than ten brands. It can handle over 60 game integrations from casino providers, sports books and more than 30 payment service providers.

The company expects to be able to accept its first US customers around the first half of 2022.

LeoVegas Group's CEO Gustaf Hagman said, "We are proud to finally be able to share our plans to establish ourselves in the USA. We think the time and partner are right to launch ‘The King of Casino' in the USA. The American market has immense growth potential, and players are just now discovering online gaming. In the USA, too, we will focus on what we are best at - offering an innovative, world-class gaming experience directly in mobile phones. Establishing ourselves with our proprietary platform is a strategic decision, and we know from other markets that having full control over our technology is a key competitive advantage."

New Jersey, a US state with around 9 million people, was one of the first to legalize online gambling in 2018. Today, it's the biggest online gambling market in America with revenue of over $1 billion in 2020 alone.



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13 comments on "LeoVegas to Debut in New Jersey in 2022"

 dule-vu18/06/2021 15:55:06 GMT
wow,this will be big deal for this company and something that is hard to make,to enter on us market,no matter in which state!I can imagine how proud they are with this move and this will bring big profit to them!we will see what kind of games they will offer to us player and can they have everything as for european market!hope that us players will enjoy in this site!
 CALICUL18/06/2021 17:44:12 GMT
A company called LeoVegas enters in the American market for the first time. This is a little funny because of the name, but Americans are great players, and this thing brings many benefits for this alliance. Both sides have experience and players can also make money.
 geseco1218/06/2021 18:39:12 GMT
It is a great challenge for the room to be able to enter the US market, it will not be easy, but with a lot of effort they will achieve the objectives and of course that the clients are satisfied.
 dule-vu19/06/2021 16:09:45 GMT
its strange for usa to see that lot of casino site sites will get their licence for some state in usa or few of them,new jersey,nevada and so on,when we know how strict are they about online gambling!now more and more european sites come on this market and we will see how they will work on different rules,but for sure its such a big market and people cant wait to play on new sites!
 CALICUL20/06/2021 08:39:22 GMT
Most Americans will be happy because many customers play with pleasure without thinking of profit. They do it for fun or when they go on vacation. Others will make money and these two companies as well. The important thing is for the US economy to be in order.
 dule-vu21/06/2021 19:44:37 GMT
its just question who is next to enter on usa market and in which state,does only at new jersey or in other one's that allow online gambling!we can imagine what will happen when all states will allow online gambling,no matter how long it will need,but to have chance to do with your money whatever you want and to be free,its great feeling!
hope that this time will come soon!
 CALICUL22/06/2021 11:07:00 GMT
America also has companies that offer slot games and now competition between providers will weaken the gains of some competitors from the USA, but will bring profit to the European company. The fight is not only between attracting customers, but also between them.
 CALICUL22/08/2021 12:41:50 GMT
it is normal for a successful company that can offer several types of casino games, sports betting or something else to enter in certain markets. Players will have now extra opportunities to win some money. New Jersey is a good market, but they will be happy if other states get a gaming license, because they will expand and that's good.
 CALICUL27/09/2021 20:13:41 GMT
they were able to get there because New Jersey is a state that has re-accepted poker and casino games. America is very strong in games and the fight is very fierce, and due to restrictions everyone is trying to occupy a market place. So many years have passed since those drastic rules were imposed and most states have not returned to what they were before. Leo Vegas is lucky with this thing.
 CALICUL23/10/2021 15:57:27 GMT
yes Geseco, but New Jersey is a state that has managed to break down many barriers to play certain games, including online poker. Some professional poker players have moved here to enjoy the pleasure of winning from what they play. Leo Vegas took advantage of this and caught a bigger or smaller fish, depending on their profits.
 CALICUL12/11/2021 20:10:16 GMT
for a population of 9 million of citizens, this city New Jersey play a lot. Over a billion dollars in 2020 is something very good and the gaming industry is quite prosperous, especially since here is not something of the Las Vegas level.
 CALICUL25/11/2021 00:07:20 GMT
I don't know what happens with this google translate but I knew that New Jersey is a state and it translates city. I read that it was the fourth state in all of America that managed to unlock online casino games and let the peoples to play. LeoVegas did well to take advantage and we will see results in one day.
 CALICUL14/12/2021 11:56:52 GMT
I like LeoVegas so that i can risk some money here more often, but for now there are slots that i would like to play and for that i have to insist more on everything, to have more substantial gains. When i win something for myself, from a part of that profit, i like to risk and to play more.

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