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Technical Issue at Swedish Casinos - Slots Paid Out Hundreds of Thousands of Euro!

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Posted on 25 April 2017 by "T".

A technical issue at Swedish state-owned casinos, Casino Cosmopol, led to several slot machines paying out way too much winnings than they should have., Sweden's biggest news site, reports that one player won more than 600,000 SEK (approx. 62,000 EURO) within a month.

Aftonbladet was in contact with the big winner, who wants to be anonymous.

"My partner and I were at Casino Cosmopol in Stockholm and played the game ‘Pharaoh's Ring'. We quickly won 40,000 SEK. I immediately understood that something was wrong. We went there two days later and won another 50,000 SEK. The most we won in a day was 80,000 SEK," the player told Aftonbladet.

Rumours about the very generous slot machines at Casino Cosmopol quickly spread and players started queuing to play them, which ultimately led to that the casinos found out about the issue and shut down the slot machines in question.

It's believed that the technical issue costed Casino Cosmopol hundreds of thousands of Euro, but the communications manager of Casino Cosmopol, Nina Ehnhage, did not want to confirm any numbers when contacted by Aftonbladet.

"I cannot tell you how much but it's pretty large sums. Thankfully it was winnings paid out in favour of our guests, " Nina Ehnhage told Aftonbladet.

Aftonbladet: "Will you demand that players return their winnings?"

Nina Ehnhage: "No, we have no way of doing that. We can only congratulate those who received too much winnings"


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20 comments on "Technical Issue at Swedish Casinos - Slots Paid Out Hundreds of Thousands of Euro!"

 doubletop77725/04/2017 08:05:30 GMT
Wow, where was i when all this was going on!!! These players must have though that Christmas had come early when these machines were paying out but all good things come to an end i suppose!!
 dule-vu25/04/2017 13:04:36 GMT
how lucky you have to be to go in right time at this casino,to choose this slot who have mistake and who will give so much money!congratulation to them on huge winning and hope that they will spend it well!
 Calmplay25/04/2017 14:19:40 GMT
Wow hahahah Big Smile I never play slot machines when I go to casinos as it is usually roulette I intend to chose and I hope one day something similar happen to the machine I would play at where I would for example earn 20 times my best amount instead of 2. But that's something that happen very very rarely and as said above you would need to be at the right spot at the right time...
 Gerimantas25/04/2017 18:20:35 GMT
I want this machine from Sweden shipped to mh local casino, i just don't understand if players say that they win a lot of money and understood that something is wrong why did they leave, I would play for as many hours as i can and then call my wife to change me until i sleep some time and then I go back.
 pajalnick25/04/2017 19:50:21 GMT
Against the background of reports that the next player was denied payment of winnings, this is certainly great news !! .... I congratulate all those visitors to the Swedish casino who could get to the right place at the right time and have increased their budget well
 Mober25/04/2017 20:38:06 GMT
Someone should seek for the one that did the maintenance in those machines and
changed the payout rate for them Smile
More than one slot started paying more than normal, doesnt seem like a coincidence.
They managed to get a profit till the management noticed.
And now they cant go after the winners demanding the money back Smile
 pothead201226/04/2017 01:41:53 GMT
That's definetely not right Slot machines paying out money that's outrageous the funny thing is that money is going to end up back in those Slot Machines anyway so you could say no harm no foul
 pochui26/04/2017 07:47:34 GMT
holy shaizen, now this is a dream come true to all of those dudes who are constantly shipping their hard earned dollaros to support poor gambling company owners and their desperate wives... a slot machine that has no house edge and even has a players edge! love to meet it and the to meat it.
 dule-vu26/04/2017 13:13:56 GMT
now this casino will pay more attention to machines and will test them before they bring new slots at casino!this mistake gave lot of money to players and I am glad that they won so much money!they should play more at this slot!
 Gerimantas26/04/2017 19:34:43 GMT
I like to read that in Sweden casino's are state owned, at keast this one the post is all about, don't know if all casino's in Sweden are state owned, but if so then this is a very good move, people lose a lot of money and instead of it going to greedy businessmen it goes back to government and back as public services
 pajalnick26/04/2017 20:03:49 GMT
In principle, this news could not be reported to the media because the technical failure is just a small miscalculation in the organization ... this happens in many organizations, but in this case the message is probably just advertising ??
 bowie198427/04/2017 00:16:14 GMT
Posted by pochui:
a slot machine that has no house edge and even has a players edge! love to meet it and the to meat it.

A slot machine has no house edge when... a storm running through the city and makes the electric grids unresponsive - causing power outages or whatnot.
 pochui27/04/2017 08:24:10 GMT
aye just like gerimantas dude pointed this out and i missed this when i read the news in the first time- a state owned casino's chain is deffo a good thing, same as state owned alcohol, tobacco and hookers monopoly, degens have tendency to overly spend on these "necessities" and then ask for government to bail them out when they have no money to buy bread.
 DaCapo7127/04/2017 09:51:08 GMT
Verry lucky for this guy, a winning over 62.000€ at Slot machines was more than a normal player can expected Big Smile It seems that the casinos in Sweden are verry interesting, i hope that other Casinos do the same in the next time Blink Or was this news only a smart promo from this Casino?
 Mober28/04/2017 18:27:57 GMT
When the key holders of the slot machines are paying the players and they open the slots,
to do the reset, they can easily change the payout percentage Smile
It was an inside job im telling you, No faulty machines there Smile
 pajalnick28/04/2017 20:36:54 GMT
The percentage of winnings can certainly be changed in the internal settings of the slot, but apparently someone installed a percentage higher and told his secret accomplice and if you follow the whole chain, it turns out that this is not a technical failure but the crime of the century
 Gerimantas29/04/2017 07:45:31 GMT
So yesterday imwas playing in the xasino with friends as usual we go with some guys to have fun on the weekends, so this time I decided to play some slots instead kf roulette and blackjack i always play, because I hoped this xlot machine from sweden is now imported in our casino Big Smile but no luck, need to try other machines maybe there is a goog one Big Smile
 pochui29/04/2017 12:44:59 GMT
don't know if it's just here back in the wilderness also known as Lithuania whenever a slot machine has technical issue it just swallows your money instead of paying out more or is Sweden a total slot machine heaven... lord save the Swedish slots from being exploited by immigrants and ruining Sweden's economy in the process
 bowie198430/04/2017 00:38:19 GMT
Posted by pochui:
... lord save the Swedish slots from being exploited by immigrants and ruining Sweden's economy in the process

I am gonna fix this sentence for you - lord save the Swedish sluts from being exploited by immigrants and ruining them for the others who wanted to knock them up first in the process...
 Gerimantas30/04/2017 10:06:37 GMT
Yes like pochii tells it is the same to me and i play in one lithuanian casino inly but believe it is the same everywhere when thete is something wrong eith the slot machine player always is losing his money, mot like in sweden this happened where players were winning money.

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