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California Casinos Set to Re-open Next Week. Other US-based casinos soon to follow, with the "new normal" rules being enforced

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Posted on 11 May 2020 by "T".

Next week, May 18 Monday, there will be eight casinos in San Diego, California that are scheduled to re-open once more to the public, but will be observing the "new normal" rules - taking temperatures, social distancing, wearing of face masks and the constant usage of hand sanitizer.

As for the Win River casino near Redding in northern California, they will re-open a bit earlier, on May 15 Friday.

All over America, the gambling biz is restarting again in several states, including charity gaming in New Hampshire and native Indian casinos in North Carolina as well as horse events in Indiana and Kentucky.

North Dakota, Oklahoma and Washington DC also report venues opening either this week or next week.

In Washington, the reopening of the Angel of Winds Casino in Arlington will be next Monday. The casino will be smoke-free when it reopens to ensure a healthier venue due to COVID-19's effects on the respiratory system.

Pechanga Resort in California (pictured below) will reopen next week.

According to Fantini's Gaming Report, Red Rock Resorts-managed Graton Casino is planning to reopen in early June. The casino recently furloughed 1/3 of its employees.

Indiana casinos are eyeing June 14 as their tentative reopening date, the Indiana Gaming Commission told Casinos are required to submit reopening plans to the commission.

Maine casinos will still stay closed until July or August under Gov. Janet Mills' phased reopening plan.

US Gaming Revenues Chopped in Half
US gaming revenue dropped 49.27% to $2.2 billion in March as casinos and sports leagues were forced to shut down midway through the month.

Before the closing happened, average daily casino revenues were down 19% for the 17 days of operation this year versus the full month last year.
iGaming was one bright star, almost doubling last year's revenue to $77.686 million.


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16 comments on "California Casinos Set to Re-open Next Week. Other US-based casinos soon to follow, with the "new normal" rules being enforced"

 roeish311/05/2020 12:06:27 GMT
Like the famous Churchill quote it's not the beginning of the end but certainly the end of the beginning.
I hope that by the fourth quarter we will be back to normal or at least the new normal, whatever this will be
 Mober11/05/2020 16:46:47 GMT
Measures are easing in many countries like here.
And of course all types of businesses will go back running normal.
The ones of course that didnt get hit hard.
Cause things will not be the same and there will be a good number
of businesses having problems.
And of course casinos and gambling sites in general are ones expected to
open from many all over the planet.
Addiction is an addiction Smile
Today physical betting shops reopened here.
 ImRincewind11/05/2020 19:20:43 GMT
The best is to preoritize the health of the population, once you can assure it, you can do whatever you want... the USA is Having great issues about it.. they should take more care about this situation...
 CALICUL11/05/2020 22:57:10 GMT
It was also time for things to return to normal and now it will be a greater pleasure for gamblers. A few months without their hobby are over and some of them will have bigger or smaller emotions. I believe that this is over and in future they will not invent COVID 20 or other ugly disease
 roeish312/05/2020 04:43:57 GMT
We were supposed to go for a vacation abroad this summer, but since some of our family members are at risk with decided to skip this year.
 dule-vu12/05/2020 06:56:49 GMT
California didnt had much problems with corona,so thats we have news like this,they were in much better position then new york for example!other will wait for some time to opet,like las vegas!this bring lot of money to usa goverment,so they want to opet them fast!we will see how people will react on this!
 Mysik8612/05/2020 08:01:34 GMT
This covid is pain in the ass and it starts to be boring...

The economy fails, people losing their jobs, and govs concerns about virus, which cause a statistically few deaths.

I live in Poland, here death rate is about 1000 people normally, and covid death rate is only 15-20 daily! And gov is scary... it's nonsense!
 CALICUL13/05/2020 10:39:11 GMT
Mysik, those people did not die of COVID 19 aka Coronavirus. The truth will be brought to light and here is something else in the middle. Elon Musk's Starlink Satellites, 5G, mandatory vaccination and reducing number of people on planet. Many people does not realize this ugly sh.t.
 roeish316/05/2020 06:51:21 GMT
What makes you so certain? How can you say this without being an expert on the subject?
I read many many articles on the subject both by experts who save the corona is very dangerous and by people who say it's an exaggeration and after reading it all carefully, I came to a conclusion.
it seems like you decided that this whole thing is a lie and nothing people say or prove can influense you. I'm not sure that's the smartest choice for you.
 dule-vu16/05/2020 13:52:07 GMT
brasil and russia are in big problems in this days!russia every day have more then 10000 new people with corona and in brasil more then 15000 and more then 800 dead people just in last 24 hours!so in most of europe its better situation,on rest of world is worse!new york is still in problems,we will see what will happen with las vegas!california didnt had problems like other states,so they had luck!
 maragatero26/05/2020 01:06:59 GMT
Yes, the bug is being radicated in America continent now. And all of terriffic stories that we saw in television, with people dying on the street or in the hall of the hospital without any medical attention, like in Italy and Spain; are now succeeding in some countries of this continent. And the presidents who didn´t care of that are condemned to their people to an horrible death!
 CALICUL26/05/2020 07:54:23 GMT
The situation will get worse if the people who have suffered will insist and they will attack in court these politicians who did anything to lie to people. I am curious during this period how many people died heart attack, cancer, diabetes, concussions etc ... compared to previous years and how many were passed with COVID in a lying way. This has caused peoples of world to stagnate in their jobs and that all stores be closed except for food and other stores.
 maragatero27/05/2020 02:19:36 GMT
Yes you have the reason, many people continious dying af cancer, herth attackt, and all kink of diseas that the world known... And adding to that, until today near than 400.000 persons have died for the covid19. It maybe insignificant if you compare with the total population (6000Millions?). Is insignificant but if one of them are you, or your loved people, that had to die drowned, alone and without anyone being able to fire him, it is a detail that is beginning to be significant, don't you think?
 CALICUL27/05/2020 09:50:42 GMT
In Romania, doctors offered money to people whose relatives died to pass the cause of death COVID 19. In other countries they did not offer cash... but they still passed coronavirus. The manipulation is very great and we have been deprived of our normal lives. I can't go to California but i could have done a lot during this time & people around the world same.
 maragatero28/05/2020 02:05:41 GMT
Hahaha, you really lives in a paralell universe, all the last discovering about that is true. In your universe, all the covid19 diseas is a fantasy the was created for mysteries reasons (always devil) to lie to the people and make some kind of incredible corrupted measure to take advantage of all the people in the world. So, the doctors paying to the sons to may say that his father was died by covid is a super coherent situation!
 CALICUL29/05/2020 14:28:41 GMT
No man, I do not live in a parallel universe because over 5 million Romanians live and work in the United States of America or in several European countries. Your opinion is that: i am not documented , but the mistake is yours because you don't know many things. Wait a few months or more for truth

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