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Japan to Limit Number of Allowed Visits in upcoming Casino Resorts

Tags: Japan, pachinko.
Posted on 28 June 2017 by "T".

Late last year, casino gambling in Japan was finally legalized, after many years of discussions on whether it would be best move for the country's betterment. After the approval of the Integrated Resorts Promotion Bill, the Japanese government now must create and pass another type of legislative piece, one which would function to regulate the gambling industry.

The Integrated Resorts Implementation Bill is still being developed and further details on it are anticipated to be made public in August. One of the information in there is the number of allowed casino visits, weekly and monthly.

According to local media reports, one way to accurately limit the number of casino visits allowed for each individual is via the monitoring of Japan's citizen number ID system.

The possible usage of the "My Number Card" system, which assigns a unique numbers-based code to every Japanese native or foreign national who is a legal resident of Japan, seems to be one of the obvious indications so far that Japan may cease the outright ban on locals gambling at any Japanese-based casino resorts built eventually.

The use of the My Number Card can enable casino operators to know exactly which Japanese locals were using a gambling facility. In addition to this, a planned body (temporarily called the ‘casino control commission') will likely be established under the Cabinet Office, in which its main role is to maintain player-tracking records of the locals, based on their My Number Card. More info on this control commission will be discussed by a meeting of experts in July.

Prior to entering a casino, Japanese nationals shall be required to show their My Number ID cards, and as for foreigners, they will have to present their passports and other relevant documents.

The Japanese Diet declares that casinos must limit access to their gaming areas to all self-declared customers with gambling behaviour problems, to underage individuals, to ones whose families have declared them as problem gamblers, and to members of organised crime as well. This precautionary measure is part of the Japanese government's plan to address gambling-related issues while the development of the country's gambling industry is still ongoing.

For now, the only legal gambling options in Japan are pachinko (resembles slot machines), betting on horse, boat and bicycle races, football pools and lotteries. Adding casino gambling will significantly widen the scope of the gambling industry in the country and because of this, concerns have been voiced over a potential increase of gambling-related crime and the increase in number of gambling addicts.

Most people expect that the very first casino resorts would officially open in Japan around 2022.

Source: http://www.casinonewsdaily.com/2017/06/21/japan-restrict-number-casino-visits-allowed/


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30 comments for "Japan to Limit Number of Allowed Visits in upcoming Casino Resorts"

Displaying only the 25 latest comments. To view all comments, please visit the forum thread:
» Japan to Limit Number of Allowed Visits in upcoming Casino Resorts

 DaCapo7129/06/2017 07:51:06 GMT
It seems, that they allowed that you loose all your money in the Casino, but please not every day Big Smile And the government are happy about the taxes, but they will be political correct and allowing only restricted Casino visits...
 Tony_MON7ANA29/06/2017 08:52:25 GMT
I heard that residents in Japan are going to have to pay an entrance fee ($100 or so) per visit, which is a huge disincentive for most gamblers. On top of that, the government will restrict the number of times not only Japanese nationals but temporary visitors of the country can play at casinos? Really...
 dule-vu29/06/2017 16:22:43 GMT
well till 2022. we have 5 years and till then who know who will be live and who will be dead!so maybe rules will change till then!but to bring rules who can enter,who not,to pay fee to enter,instead to spend that money on gambling or drinks!so many stupid rules!
 pajalnick29/06/2017 20:09:12 GMT
I am very happy after many reports of the closure of games in the territory of different countries from some country there was an opposite point of view ... maybe this will affect a little bit other countries and there will also make some freedom for games
 Mober29/06/2017 20:14:48 GMT
I can see limiting the number of visits to citizens and locals, but
for the tourists also? That will limit all the ones, going in a casino vacation Smile
and there are quite many of them.
They are thinking for the good of all and not only their own Smile
 Tony_MON7ANA30/06/2017 06:47:51 GMT
That's a very good point, Mober.
Here is another article pertaining to the government's plan: Govt to limit maximum number of casino visits
It is not clearly stated in the article whether foreign tourists will be totally exempt from the restriction on the number of trips to casino(s)...

 Odysseus10101/07/2017 16:59:00 GMT
Seriously? When did "unlimited access to casino gambling" become part of basic human rights? Japan is a democracy, and if it wants to put limits on how much people use casinos, then fine. Good on them, it'll be an interesting experiment which we might be able to learn something from as well. Change comes slowly to that country and it's so easy to be ethnocentric about issues like this.
 Tony_MON7ANA01/07/2017 18:18:04 GMT
While it is understandable that legislators are considering limits on permanent residents' ability to patronize local casinos, imposing restrictions on temporary visitors from abroad would be overly strict and unpractical.
 pochui01/07/2017 19:04:52 GMT
patronize or not patronize but me ponders this is quite a silly thing to even think of, putting on limits on visits... wtf? what next- limits on how many times per year one can visit public toilets? i do hope that people of japan somehow will be able to live their lives with such laws in effect.
 pajalnick01/07/2017 20:15:52 GMT
Posted by Tony_MON7ANA:
While it is understandable that legislators are considering limits on permanent residents' ability to patronize local casinos, imposing restrictions on temporary visitors from abroad would be overly strict and unpractical.

It all depends on the number of visitors to foreigners in the casino of Japan .... if a large number of people will come to Japan solely for the purpose of playing then the casino can be crowded .... time will show all the nuances of this law
 Tony_MON7ANA02/07/2017 07:17:28 GMT
I thought this was a weird restriction found exclusively in Japan, but it turned out I was mistaken. In fact, a few casinos in South Korea limit the number of times a gamer can enter. The Philippines has followed suit. And in Singapore, casino patrons can be imposed on the number of times they can enter the casino each month. It seems that prospective integrated resorts or casinos in Japan will be modeled on those in Singapore, a middle ground between Asian nations like Cambodia that bar locals from their casinos and the open-door policy of Macau and a few other governments.

Refefence: Japan's entry to shake up Asia's casino market
 Robbo199002/07/2017 10:44:46 GMT
here such a thing wouldnt work due to the population, but they HAVE to 'give' back or be seen as to be a 'good' and not a bad thing so some have free events like bingo etc for free money although that goes straight into the slot machine - but its a work around the law maybe in this case it could be something similar so that the casino doesnt look as though it just 'take take take' or that its doing something to help stop 'problem gambling'
 Gerimantas02/07/2017 17:18:43 GMT
Yes i said it and still think that the restrictions of number of visits per year one customer can do in a casino is very bad thing, it is disrespectful from human rights, I think every people is free to do what he wants when he wants to lose his money or maybe even win some
 Mober02/07/2017 21:12:56 GMT
It is always good to know that some actually are thinking about the good of their citizens
and there are not other motives on their decisions and actions, after some point.

Here when they started the bans on most of the online sites, they said exactly the same thing, to protect us.
Now they are one step, before the launch of slots in every physical location, that offers
What a protection, huh?
 pochui03/07/2017 10:37:04 GMT
Now when i had a second or third thought about this strange limitation of visits law i kinda think that it actually doesnt help with the fact that people still want to gamble even though they are not allowed to do so legally therefore they can turn to illegal gambling
 Robbo199004/07/2017 03:39:24 GMT
Posted by Gerimantas:
Yes i said it and still think that the restrictions of number of visits per year one customer can do in a casino is very bad thing, it is disrespectful from human rights, I think every people is free to do what he wants when he wants to lose his money or maybe even win some

yeah its a human right until you are broke and then complain about it or others complain for you about how evil the casino is letting you go broke. then the govt or other people have to look after you...this way the casino/govt looks like and is doing something a bit proactive and in quite a few peoples best interests even if those said people dont think this is fair
 Tony_MON7ANA04/07/2017 08:03:38 GMT
I sincerely hope from the bottom of my heart that there will be no new law in the foreseeable future that will restrict the number of times patrons can frequent to the adult entertainment establishment (ex. massage parlor, soapland, delivery health, pink salon, host (hostess) club, etc.). That would have devastating consequences for millions of people.
 av196604/07/2017 13:13:44 GMT
Hello my fellow mobsters

Well this is a regulation so everybody knows that those are the rules from the start so no expectations are crushed

Everything in gambling is under serious rules and regulation that`s the law you may not like it but you got to obey Confused Confused

Don`t forget to be happy and enjoy life and fight for your right to gamble Cool Cool Cool
 Mober04/07/2017 17:08:28 GMT
Some kind of protection is needed for all the degenerates out there
And there are many of them, plus it is not that hard to get hooked, after a couple
of visits in a casino.
A good action from their government in my opinion.
 Gerimantas04/07/2017 19:55:00 GMT
Yes this is good thing that poochui is saying if there is something bamned then illegal things are winning. We have such results with illegal cigarettes in our country, too big price ilegal wins, too many restrictions illegal wins, too many law requires illegal wins.
 pajalnick04/07/2017 21:43:04 GMT
I heard today (I'm not really happy that this is true) that my country is tightening up the internet game ... and so I can not go to sites with poker and casinos and now they still want to block poker clients ... it's certainly awful and good That there are countries that are going the other way around
 3pokeronly20/07/2017 10:40:31 GMT
Limiting visits is somewhat archaic and counter-productive, say as a winning poker player going to the casino being told you cannot come in because you have exceeded your number of visits even though you have turned a profit on your previous four visits this year, come back next year honorable papa san
 CALICUL24/07/2017 21:03:49 GMT
Only in Japan you do not go to the casino. And now I'm thinking about that tsunami and his effects... very bad Shock

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