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Government proposes US$19 Casino Admission Fee for Japan Nationals and Residents

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Posted on 23 February 2018 by "T".

The government of Japan has proposed to set a casino entry levy of JPY2,000 (approx. US$19) for 24-hour access for the country's nationals and residents, one element that is to be included in the Integrated Resorts (IR) Implementation Bill.

The government is hoping to attract more foreign tourists to Japan with casinos by giving them free admission; however, they want to apply cautionary measures on gambling addiction as well as trying to limit the presence of their Japan residents (regardless of nationality) in casinos by planning to charge each person a 2,000 yen admission fee.

On Wednesday morning, the proposal was discussed in a Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) team's meeting who is in charge of drafting and guiding through parliament the necessary legislation to launching a casino industry in Japan's soil. Before being submitted to the Japanese parliament, the proposal has to be approved first by the ruling coalition, which is comprised of the LDP and its partner Komeito.

That Wednesday was actually the second conference meeting of this year held by the LDP group responsible for pushing the casino legislation forward to modern standards. It mainly focused on issues related to taxation and the future casino regulatory body.

One of the items proposed by the Japanese government was a daily entry levy of JPY2,000 for each person, for the Japanese nationals and foreigners living in Japan. The government also plans to forbid the country's casino resorts from reimbursing the levy fees to its players.

The money to be collected from the entry levy policy shall then be divided between the central and the local government of the region that hosts a casino resort. A portion of the funds will be used to finance measures for the prevention of gambling addiction.

Also, the government proposed two options concerning taxes on casino gross gaming revenue (GGR). The first was the introduction of a fixed tax rate of 30% on casino GGR. Second would be to implement a "progressive tax" system, starting with 30% on GGR of up to JPY150 billion; 40% for gaming revenue between JPY150 billion and JPY300 billion; and 50% for GGR above JPY300 billion.

Next, the money collected from gaming taxes will be used to pay for various community good causes, including addressing gambling addiction and promoting the country's tourism industry. Same as the entry levy, the tax revenue would also be split between the central and local governments.

The government also plans to require operators that apply for a casino license in Japan to shoulder the costs of background checks.

In a note released this week, Banking group Morgan Stanley said that given the very long list of restrictions that are likely to be contained in the IR Implementation Bill, gaming operators could refrain from ‘investing too much' in future casino resorts in Japan.

Executive VP for global development at MGM Resorts International Ed Bowers said that too much focus on protecting players in Japan's nascent casino industry could have a negative effect on the country's economic growth objectives concerning gaming liberalization.



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11 comments on "Government proposes US$19 Casino Admission Fee for Japan Nationals and Residents"

 Tony_MON7ANA23/02/2018 12:27:34 GMT
A cover charge of JPY2,000 is a bit steep for recreational gamblers, but it probably won't discourage hard-core gamblers from frequenting casinos.
There are no legal casinos in Japan as of February 2018. There are many underground casinos operated by shady people. The first ever legalized casino will open its door to the public probably in late 2021 or 2022.
 Mober23/02/2018 13:06:27 GMT
This fee seems too high. No matter what their plans are it seems like an excuse.
We have heard such excuses here also, and we have seen the results.
The purpose was just some more income, along with favoring some businesses to take
a bigger portion of the pie.
 pajalnick23/02/2018 17:52:50 GMT
apparently the government appreciated the well-being of its citizens quite high ... and of course gamblers will pay this money to enter the casino .... 19 dollars of course this is pretty much for admission .... but apparently the government knows what it does .... probably ... maybe
 pochui23/02/2018 20:40:03 GMT
of fcuk, what a nice idea- you have to pay a fee for your chance to enter the casino. to put it in other words- you have to pay to be given a privilege to lose... awesome, pay to enter the casino... just leave some money in your pocket to lose on the night.. nice idea... what next pay to enter the mall?
 LIKEIT2723/02/2018 22:35:58 GMT
Soooo nice scam from Japan,...
Its like the Tax here on and winnings made,.....the tax is insane here,..
Iff i ever make enough money,.. i am going to Malta Big Smile Big Smile
I love tax free places,...wish it was here in the Netherlands,...
but thats a change in a 50000.0000..00000000 on 1 ..
Sooo its most likely it never happens here Big Smile Sad
 dule-vu24/02/2018 12:07:18 GMT
what to say on this news,when country make this kind of fee for own people and residents!you want to have more tourists and that they spend money,but with fee for domestic people!its silly what they want to do and to pay 19 $ for 24 hours!wow!
 Mober24/02/2018 13:32:06 GMT
With that fee they are forcing everyone there to start from that expense,
if they want to go an gamble.
And i bet there are several players, that they go and spend that amount, even less
as maximum. For a drink perhaps and some fun.
They are gonna lose them.
 godoy24/02/2018 14:15:28 GMT
I think a redicula measure because many go to the casino to have fun and not to ganahr money and with this these people will not go making drop the revenue of the casinos and as everywhere the taxes are explorativos well that and in japan se It's in Brazil, and mine is money to be stolen.
 LIKEIT2727/02/2018 22:57:31 GMT
Its all normal atleast for goverments,..
They all just want a hand in the cookie Jar,..
And believe me its a huge mega big hand,..
All pure greed on everything tax and then still suck more out the normal people Aww crap!
 dule-vu28/02/2018 14:14:08 GMT
I would understand if they take some taxes on winnings from players,but to take money just to enter at casino is just stupid!but they dont know what to do anymore and make this kind of silly things,but for strangers everything is normal!
 godoy01/03/2018 15:39:45 GMT
I particularly find it very bad when a government or parents take a downgrade to sue a casino or trubutar in an abusive way because the casino itself after much benefits to the ecomonia and with these attitudes can be scared such invesstimentos

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