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Japan to collect and use some of casino revenue to help prevent gambling addiction

Tags: gambling addiction, Japan.
Posted on 05 July 2017 by "T".

Local media reports say that the Japanese government is thinking of collecting some of the revenue generated by casino operators which will then be used to fund for gambling addiction prevention measures.

Last December, the Japanese government has given their go signal to legalize the presence of casinos even though many of the local public voiced their concerns on the possible ill effects it can bring to the nation, including increasing incidents of gambling addiction and organized crime.

Japan is no stranger to gambling - in fact, many people in the country play gambling-related machines such as pachinko as well as other betting-type games like boat, bicycle and horse races.

The collection portion of the revenue from casinos shall then be split accordingly between local and central governments, which will then be also used to promote arts and culture as well as amp up social welfare measures.
The Japanese government aims to introduce their casino regulations according to the world's highest standards, and they also aim to set up a casino oversight committee as an affiliate partner of the Cabinet Office. They are taking into consideration the measure of imposing harsh penalties for violations, which includes revoking business licenses.

The collected portion of the casino revenues is also being considered to be used as funds for promotion of tourism in the country, not just for areas that host casinos, but also in those without them.



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10 comments for "Japan to collect and use some of casino revenue to help prevent gambling addiction"

 pochui05/07/2017 10:37:22 GMT
yeah good idea, totally support it, actually i think governments if of course they are well managed (big lol) should always have such operations like production of alcohol and tobacco, gambling and b1tch houses industry under it's control and use money earned to keep things under control and do not let it's citizens become addicts/degens.
 Odysseus10105/07/2017 11:02:00 GMT
Isn't this always how governments promote their entry into the gambling industry? And does anything ever change?

 av196605/07/2017 13:11:58 GMT
Hello my friends and fellow mobsters

Well the idea seems to be real good such tax on the "addictive" products (alccohol ,tobacco,even sugar added produts ) always have the idea that they are protecting the public health and that all of the money will go to health care and so on but the true is when they need money to sort public finances those are the first to go up Aww crap! Aww crap!

Hopefully this will be different
 Mober05/07/2017 19:15:14 GMT
Taxing the so called addictive to protect your own citizens, it is just silly if you ask me.
Tax is a tax, and the fact you are raising it in some products is just ridiculous.
If you want to protect your own citizens just find better solutions, than cheap excuses Smile
 Tony_MON7ANA06/07/2017 10:14:27 GMT
This is just another anti-addiction legislation that has been introduced. There may already be millions of people whose gambling hobby turned into an addiction. Those whose gambling compulsion has gone unnoticed are going to have to tackle their problem eventually.
 pajalnick06/07/2017 12:14:15 GMT
The system seems to me to be correct and of course a lot of people suffer from addiction to games ...... therefore it is necessary to fight evil for his own money .... it's very sad that so interesting an engagement as a game causes dependence (((
 Gerimantas06/07/2017 12:33:24 GMT
I think making taxes or more taxes than already is the norm gor products that are not good gor peoples health or make them sick or silly is good, because then with this money such people can get health services and start living normal lives again.
 doubletop77707/07/2017 07:42:23 GMT
It is very strange to see that gambling establishments will try and help to prevent gambling addictions!! Seriously though, i think that any help offered to these guys should be welcomed.
 damosk07/07/2017 22:45:49 GMT
LOL..... so the government needs some money to prevent the dangers of gambling, so open more gambling casinos and set a charge to help those poor individuals that can't stop themselves. So, it's a gambling addiction tax....paid for by gamblers! Great idea. It's self funding and therefore of total benefit to everyone!
 pajalnick08/07/2017 10:09:37 GMT
Posted by doubletop777:
It is very strange to see that gambling establishments will try and help to prevent gambling addictions!! Seriously though, i think that any help offered to these guys should be welcomed.

It seems to me there is nothing strange about it .... and the government of Japan as I think did the right thing ... if you need to fight the consequences of the game for money then get the money for this the most correct with the perpetrators of the problem

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