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Smart fish tank used by hackers to steal data from a casino

Tags: Darktrace, Finland, fish tank, hacker.
Posted on 24 July 2017 by "T".

Who knew something fishy can happen with the fish tanks in a casino?

According to a report from a security firm called Darktrace, hackers have managed to gain access to a North American casino via the use of a smart fish tank.

The fish tank was cleverly used as a means of entrance, allowing the trespassers to move laterally throughout the casino's network. They were able to use the tank to transmit data to Finland before Darktrace spotted them and shut them down.

The casino breached by the fish tank remains anonymous. Director of Darktrace Justin Feir said, "Someone used the fish tank to get into the network, and once they were in the fish tank, they scanned and found other vulnerabilities and moved laterally to other places in the network."

From an interview last year, it looks like the security firm has already encountered such an incident, in which Darktrace's co-founder Dave Palmer said, "We've seen insiders sneak data out of heavily-protected organizations by attacking digitally-connected fish tanks. Completely blew my mind. Who would plug their fish tank into the internet? Well it turns out lots of people do."

Palmer shared a separate incident, in which a smart fish tank was placed in the reception area of a transaction and payment company. Somebody stole and stored data on the tank's internal memory, and then used its connection to transfer the data outside of the building into wicked hands.

In all incidents, the smart tank was consequently monitored by an external party who's responsible for maintaining its water levels. Also, the fish tank is connected to the Internet so that it is possible to automatically feed the fish and keep their environment comfy, but this was exploited and thus became a weak link in the company's security.

Source: http://money.cnn.com/2017/07/19/technology/fish-tank-hack-darktrace/index.html


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10 comments for "Smart fish tank used by hackers to steal data from a casino"

 pochui24/07/2017 18:39:55 GMT
loooool a fcukin fishtank plugged into the internet, for fuck sakes forget all this internet of things sh1t and you have a few major headaches less an a dollaors more in your wallet. but he if you have too much money and/or want to experience "the future" please move on...
 Mober24/07/2017 18:47:42 GMT
I wonder what else we are going to hear soon. Smart fish tank that got hacked.
For starters why do you need a "smart" fish tank. What happened to the old ones.
They were too dumb? Smile
I cant understand that need, to plug everything on the internet...
 shokaku24/07/2017 18:53:44 GMT
It is quite simple: If the humans are no longer smart enough to do their thing, their stuff must step in, and bring some smartness back. So we will see more smart stuff in the future. Of cause this all will be very vulnerable.
 CALICUL24/07/2017 20:35:59 GMT
Many hackers exist and many make money illegal. Some make few hundreds k others make millions. Of course there are those who do less but all need to go in jail. Is not nice to steal
 StheP24/07/2017 22:42:47 GMT
now I heard evrything...
 doubletop77725/07/2017 07:27:56 GMT
This is just an amazing story and what will these fraudsters think of next. This is like a gadget from a James Bond film and i never thought i would see the day that this sort of thing could happen
 Gerimantas25/07/2017 08:07:40 GMT
Smart fush tank haha, I am yoo old yo understand why this is needed, I had a few fish tanks un my lufe and there us no need to connect it to internet, why maybe fushes want to google some information when they have nothing to do Tongue no really I do not need this smart things future
 Tony_MON7ANA25/07/2017 17:27:08 GMT
Wow! The hackers use the fish tank to transmit sensitive data to unknown actor in Finland? Seriously? This is clearly a data exfiltration, and it is more subtle and sophisticated than typical data theft attempts.

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