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Drinking Game at 'Patrik Antonius Poker Challenge' Turns Wild & Crazy

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Posted on 10 April 2019 by "T".

The Estonian capital of Tallinn is the place where the first-ever Patrik Antonius Poker Challenge (PAPC) was held, at the Olympic Park Casino and the Hilton Tallinn Park from April 1 to 7, 2019. The event was sponsored by Antonius' brand new poker social media app called First Land of Poker (FLOP), which was launched during the festival.

Patrik Antonius is ranked no. 1 in Finland's All Time Money List at total live earnings of $11.8 million, according to the Hendonmob.

Aside from the Finnish poker pro, other big names in the international poker scene showed up to play in Antonius' live tourney series and cash games, which include the likes of Dan "Jungleman" Cates, Robert Mizrachi, Timothy Adams, online poker legend Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies, and partypoker pro Joni Jouhkimainen.

The Patrik Antonius Poker Challenge (PAPC), Tallinn 2019
Venue: Olympic Park Casino in Tallinn, Estonia
Schedule: April 1 to 7, 2019

According to their official PAPC site, the Patrik Antonius Poker Challenge (PAPC) is a prestige series of Poker events in various destinations across the globe, sponsored by First Land Of Poker. PAPC edition one will be held in the beautiful city of Tallinn, Estonia, at the new flagship Olympic Park Casino.

Our main First Land Of Poker ambassador, Patrik Antonius, will bring the best of his live Poker experience to the PAPC Poker Festivals. The Finnish Poker pro is ranked one of the best poker players in the world, and the biggest winner in the history of Online Poker. With First Land Of Poker, he will give poker players the most compelling gaming experience possible and create together such high level of live gaming value, that it will set new standards of gaming excellence.

During and after PAPC Poker Festivals, Poker Players and Guests will benefit from groundbreaking digital mobile solution, First Land Of Poker Mobile Application, which is an Exclusive Social Media for Poker Players, that will make their Poker experience optimal and fun.

Here are some videos of the PAPC:

Cash Game featuring Patrik Antonius and Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies

Cash Game: 100€/200€ PLO featuring Antonius, Mizrachi and Jouhkimainen

There's even a Drunk Challenge wherein shot glasses filled with booze was making rounds and after some time everyone felt loosey-goosey.

Lex Veldhuis was commentating on the games when he suddenly saw something quite inappropriate and not a usual sight at high-stakes poker tables. Sahamies initially got up from the table to apparently steal some sushi whereas the already drunk Sampo Ryynanen fumbled while trying to stack his chips.

Then, both of them stood beside each other, said something, and ended the conversation with a passionate kiss, leaving everyone speechless!

As the cash games went on, an unconscious Ryynanen had to be escorted out by two personnel and brought back to his room. While that's not a good ending for any poker player at a high-stakes event, thing is, the PAPC has been a complete success and will most likely be making a comeback next year.


Patrik Antonius won his first trophy at his namesake poker festival: the PAPC €10,200 Championship Event for €78,100. The event drew a total of 20 players, and he amazingly defeated every opponent at the final table.

2019 PAPC €10,200 Championship Event Results




Prize (Euro)

Prize (USD)


Patrik Antonius





Joni Jouhkimainen





Joris Ruijs





Rahul Byrraju





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14 comments on "Drinking Game at ''Patrik Antonius Poker Challenge'' Turns Wild & Crazy"

 CALICUL10/04/2019 13:01:13 GMT
I hope this brand is very useful for all poker players who dream of becoming professionals. This promotion in many cities of the world is very good for those who can not to move in other countries. Patrik Antonius is a player who did not win bracelets but can say a lot with your $11 millions winnings.
 dule-vu10/04/2019 13:35:15 GMT
you can imagine what can happen when poker pros drink and play holdem in same time,especially with shots!as we can see on this pictures and video,there are lot of things that nobody would do in normal situations,even kissing!this is very crazy event,but on other side its something new!
 Mober10/04/2019 17:22:13 GMT
I dont understand why someone would want to play poker fro real money
being completely drunk, in an effort to win money...
If it is just for fun and you dont care about losing your money or the game,
be it a tournament, then it is fine. Just the hangover of the next day,
will be the problem, along with what inappropriate things you did, during being drunk Smile
 pajalnick10/04/2019 23:47:15 GMT
about playing drunk I know by myself .... I can say for sure that when you get a little drunk, there are Even some improvements to the game due to the fact that you play more boldly .... but the more you get drunk the more mistakes you make .... and in the end, of course, the result of the game is sad .... so the person who is less drunk about alcohol will probably win Blink
 doubletop77711/04/2019 07:54:39 GMT
A drinking game at Patrick Antonius poker challenge sounds like a dream come true for me!! I would have loved to have been at this event and watching these guys having a great time makes me extremely jealous
 damosk11/04/2019 12:49:59 GMT
Sounds like this was a whole load of fun for the players and staff at the event. However, it does snot send a good message to would be poker players in relation to the risks of drinking and getting drunk while playing poker. Maybe this was more of a marketing and promotional stunt than it has been given credit for! It certainly got the event more notice than perhaps it would have otherwise,
 CALICUL11/04/2019 13:32:18 GMT
These professional players have a lot of time at their disposal because they made millions from poker. Life is a lot easier if you sit on a pile of money. You can play poker for money where you want, even on Burj al-Arab or something like that but with the consent of the authorities of course.
 bowie198411/04/2019 16:36:20 GMT
Now this is definitely something I would watch in the long run - this should be made into a prime poker series not something dull, like poker after dark. Just a bunch of people shooting $hit around for fun and getting wasted during it.
 Gerimantas13/04/2019 14:41:09 GMT
Hehe poker and drinking it is very interesting combination. I think all people who play this event have good time and very good end for Patrick Antonius, he win poker tournament he organize himself, very good show to all how to play poker
 bowie198413/04/2019 19:33:48 GMT
Posted by Gerimantas:
I think all people who play this event have good time and very good end for Patrick Antonius, he win poker tournament he organize himself, very good show to all how to play poker

Probably the greatest idea of his this year was mixing the two things he loves the most - being drunk and playing poker Big Smile
 pajalnick14/04/2019 07:21:52 GMT
it is very similar to me ... I also like to play poker and I also like to drink alcohol ... therefore participation in these games would probably be very interesting for me .... but probably I will stay at my computer .... playing poker and drinking beer .... this is probably my favorite activity
 Mober14/04/2019 10:50:23 GMT
Well drinking a drink or two while playing poker, is not bad, unless it affects your game.
Playing drunk, is never a good idea.
And i have discovered this the hard way in the past, losing money Smile
And i bet most of the players that have played drunk, had the same result also.
It was a lesson, learned with the first time Smile
 dule-vu15/04/2019 11:23:48 GMT
well this is point of this kind of tournament,where they drink shots and play poker!you know that you will be drunk after some time,but this are rules and you know what are you doing before you start playing!but this is great fun for them,when they have money to play something like this!
 pajalnick18/04/2019 09:07:47 GMT
I once again confirmed the danger of the game after drinking alcohol ... I had $ 50 on a PartyPoker account .... after drinking 4 cans of beer I came home and for some reason I started playing in the casino .... two bets on $ 25 on blackjack ... and in the end I have a zero ... absolutely stupid game and natural result

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