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South Dakota casino owned by actor closes after 26 years

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Posted on 04 September 2017 by "T".

A casino in South Dakota apparently owned by Hollywood actor Kevin Costner has officially closed its doors after running for 26 years.


On August 29 Tuesday, the Midnight Star casino located in Deadwood, South Dakota announced it was going to shut down, leaving 40 of its employees without a job.

The business opened in 1991, the very same year the South Dakota-located film (directed by Costner himself) Dances with Wolves had won numerous Academy Awards, such as Best Director for Kevin Costner.

After it opened, the casino and its other offerings were an absolute hit, where people and fans can go retail shopping, experience a 4-star type dining experience along with casino gaming, and they can also freely view lots of Costner's movie memorabilia. However, as the years go by, the place eventually could not keep up with the other newer and flashier casino establishments that popped up, and with these newer casino options closer to their homes, many customers have stopped visiting the actor-owned casino.

Costner said that because of his "deep love for Deadwood and the Black Hills of South Dakota" he decided to open the casino. However, lately he has been downsizing his properties in the state, which included selling off some of the 1,000 acres of land he owned near Deadwood.

Regarding the closure of the casino, Costner expressed he had a "heavy heart" but overall the place ran pretty well during its time, and he was "enormously proud of what the Midnight Star became."

The immediate closure seemed to highly surprise state regulators, as deputy executive secretary Craig Sparrow of the South Dakota Commission on Gaming said that he had "no comment about nothing" on the Midnight Star's termination.

Kevin Costner is still active in the movie world, as he is playing Molly's father in the film Molly's Game, which opens in US theaters November 22. Directed by Aaron Sorkin, Molly's Game is inspired by Molly Bloom's book, a woman narrating her years playing as host to prestigious high-stakes poker games involving famous athletes, movie stars, business tycoons and unknowingly to her, the Russian mob. The self-styled "poker princess" was sentenced to probation in 2013 after she pleaded guilty to operating an illegal gambling venture.



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9 comments on "South Dakota casino owned by actor closes after 26 years"

 pochui04/09/2017 19:10:01 GMT
well probably the place was not making any money or even worse making a loss year after year, so Costner decided to pull the plug and we can't really criticize him, after all the owners is the owner and he makes the decisions.
 Mober04/09/2017 19:48:56 GMT
I was surprised to see that costner owned the casino Smile
But with the years it remained open you can say it was successful , for quite some time.
And it is someone that has made a fortune over the years.
According to a search, they are estimating his net worth from 150 to 250 millions.
 av196604/09/2017 20:25:51 GMT
Hello my fellow mobsters
This is tottaly new to me did not know that Kevin cosner owened a casino got for him Thumbs Up Thumbs Up well at the end was not so good because he close it but still 26 years where probably very profitable Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
But there must be some or better there is another cause to the close up will never know

Don`t forget to enjoy life and be cool
 bowie198405/09/2017 02:48:21 GMT
It's like the casinos attractiveness faded the same way as the actor/owners fame did. Cannot point out one sane man or woman who cares about Kevin Costner memorabilia much that they would travel to his casino.
 doubletop77705/09/2017 07:17:12 GMT
It's always a great shame whenever you see a business close down but sometimes you just have to cut your losses. You cannot beat the buzz of a casino and the locals will probably miss this place greatly
 Tony_MON7ANA05/09/2017 07:25:49 GMT
Kevin Costner... “The Bodyguard” is one of my favorite movies. Kevin plays Frank Farmer, a former Secret Service agent, who guards and protects a pop singer Rachel Marron (portrayed by Whitney Houston). I think the movie was released in 1992. Around the same time the casino opened its doors.
 DaCapo7105/09/2017 09:55:00 GMT
I thought every Casino in the world was a money machine. You can find at every place on earth enough gambler to make profit with a Casino. But it seems, against the big Casino it was not so easy to earn enough money.
 CALICUL05/09/2017 10:02:38 GMT
A business that can no longer be profitable can not be keep open. Kevin Costner can not pay the salary of the employees in every month when the casino goes down. Bankruptcy it happens because of what he says in the article could not keep up with the options that new casinos had. Another mistake is bad management of the team and business is gone.
 pajalnick05/09/2017 17:48:30 GMT
Kevin had a casino ???? .... for me it's a surprise .... 26 years of work, of course, a long period of work ... but in the end it all ended in bankruptcy ... sad ... maybe in this casino you could really win if in the end everything ended bankrupt .... good luck to Kevin in another business

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