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Cops Seeking Suspect In Rapid City Casino Robbery

Tags: Robbery, South Dakota.
Posted on 21 July 2016 by "T".

Rapid City, South Dakota - Police are seeking a man who robbed a Rapid City casino last Friday night, July 15.

On Friday at 10pm, Rapid city police got a call about a robbery at the Carousel Casino on West Main Street.

A casino employee told the cops that a man "approached the counter with a claw hammer in his hand and demanded money." The suspect, who left with an undisclosed amount of money, was described as white, stands 5-foot-10 and weighs around 180 lbs. He has a beard, was wearing glasses, blue jeans, and a gray Miami Dolphins hoodie.

Police are asking the public who may have any info on the suspect to contact Det. Rick Arlaud at 605-394-4134.


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6 comments on "Cops Seeking Suspect In Rapid City Casino Robbery"

 Tony_MON7ANA22/07/2016 00:39:54 GMT
This must be some sick joke!
The suspect, who left with nothing, was described as Asian, stands 5-foot-8 and weighs around 170 lbs. He has a beard, was wearing sunglasses, blue jeans, and a rugged T-shirt?
That's me!!!
 bowie198423/07/2016 00:05:14 GMT
Funny thing rooting for Miami in any of the Dakota's so I guess this guy won't be unnoticable in the long run. Also robbing anything with a claw hammer is like so old school, probably the last time somebody did it was way before the chinese invented gun powder.
 JorAxe27/07/2016 15:13:26 GMT
Rolas pure crime against places of best bets that are made to play hahaha.
 damosk29/07/2016 08:42:09 GMT
Hey! Someone out there knows this guy, he has a claw hammer and a Dolphins hoodie. He must have stuck out like a sore thumb on the streets. He will also have told someone about his exploits and they will no doubt have told someone else.... And before you know it the whole of downtown Rapid City will know about it....all except for the cops that is!
 DaCapo7129/07/2016 09:44:05 GMT
It seems, there are a lot of gangsters in the world of the Casinos in the USA in the last time Big Smile Perhaps he want to crack the Jackpot in Vegas with the stolen money hehe.. But it was a better idea to buy a Casino to get rich Blink
 pochui29/07/2016 13:38:53 GMT
i must admit that even if i knew who this brave dude was, i wouldn't ever, ever and ever say to cops this precious information... robbery of casino... lmfao- casino is robbing poor souls and wallets of degenerated alcoholics/gambling addicts everyday, so why not changing this from time to time...

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