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Man allegedly ‘craps’ and gets thrown out of casino

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Posted on 05 September 2017 by "T".

On August 23 Wednesday, A Danville, Kentucky male resident visited the JACK Casino located in Ohio, Cincinnati, and he claims that they asked him to leave for an embarrassing deed he did not do.

Tyler (his last name withheld as he requested), was asked to leave by the casino security, and the reason they said was that because he had a poop stain on his pants.

A casino spokesperson said that when Tyler went to use the restroom, three customers complained that he reeked and they saw him throwing out his underwear.

Tyler disagreed and said, "This occurred during the $1,000 free money giveaway in the poker room. I feel extremely embarrassed and hope that this is not done to any more casino patrons."

He said as part of the contest, he managed to win $2,000, and he strongly believes he got thrown out because the casino simply does not like him to win any more money.

A JACK Casino representative claimed that they really do have visual evidence (via CCTV cameras perhaps), but they will not release it without a court order. They released a statement which said, "JACK Cincinnati Casino's top priority is to continuously provide a clean and sanitary environment to the three million guests that visit the property annually."

Tyler, who endures almost 2 hours traveling to and from the casino just to play his favorite game Texas Hold'em, is considering all his options.

He said, "They have to have some type of punishment. They have to have some type of humiliation themselves. If they falsely accuse someone of pooping their pants that did not. This was beyond strange."

Whether Tyler did poop his pants, or the casino is just trying not to have him win any more money, we'll never know.



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10 comments on "Man allegedly ‘craps’ and gets thrown out of casino"

 doubletop77706/09/2017 08:51:42 GMT
I thought i had seen it all but i have never ever heard of anything like this. If this guy had done what the casino had said, then i agree he should be removed but, if he hasn't, they are well out of order doing this
 CALICUL06/09/2017 11:45:14 GMT
If that person thinks he is innocent, he should call the casino's representatives to the court. I have read enough abuses that many casinos do for earning more money but there are people who cheat, steal, aggressive or have inadequate behavior. Only justice with evidence could prove who was wrong.
 pajalnick06/09/2017 18:05:00 GMT
I read about this story on another site ... and now I see it here .... as far as I understand the casino employees go for everything that they will come to their head in order not to let the player get a win .... it's very sad ... .. I hope this man will be able to defend his rights ... but .... Confused
 pochui06/09/2017 18:36:08 GMT
lol that's a new one... sure casino's have many tricks to stop the winning streak from any player, but this one I have to admit is very original, and surely quite devastating to the person in question. oh and this is quite funny too...
 Mober06/09/2017 20:18:08 GMT
This story is a bit controversial here.
Who to believe.
Of course casinos, can up with such excuses for not paying players winnings, or to kick out
the ones that win.
We have heard many weird stories over the years.
But on the other hand, shit happens Smile
 Tony_MON7ANA07/09/2017 08:41:03 GMT
Was he really giving off a strong unpleasant odor? Maybe someone sitting at the same poker table complained about terrible smell coming from him. Unpleasant body odors can be due to poor personal hygiene.
 Gerimantas07/09/2017 10:23:16 GMT
Yes I think this is a svery strange situation, of course i can only think that it is very bad to sit with a guy who is smelling bad and play at one table, i with my friends ask manager to do something because it is bad emotions for the night, maybe open new table just for him.
 Odysseus10107/09/2017 14:29:36 GMT
Of course they have to throw out a person who has dropped a load in his pants. It has to be a clean and sanitary and pleasant environment. Casinos already have a bad reputation from people who sit in a diaper turning quarters into endorphins hour after hour, they can't have more of this.
The amount he won was so low I can't see any casino throwing a guy out needlessly.
If he has a legitimate medical condition, he should get an apology and his money, but still be informed that the casino has to hold up standards for the health and safety of clientele. If they don't then street people who have begged enough change will come in. They don't allow that, obviously. It's got to feel like a clean, fun, and safe place to be a tourist destination.
 Mober08/09/2017 21:28:59 GMT
Well it is a first time that i hear this thing about casinos, nd players
wearing diapers Smile
Is that a new thing?
Where did you gt that information from?
I can understand this from some senior with health issues, but i dont think this is what you meant Smile
 damosk09/09/2017 06:53:43 GMT
I don't see the problem here! Have you never pooped in your pants? LOL.......... All the guy did was not make it to the toilet (bathroom) in time. Unless of course this never happened and the story of the casino just looking for an excuse is the correct one! Poker poo punter prohibited permanently. Cincinnati crapper cleared casino!

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