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Drunk Driver Involved In Fatal Crash Sentenced, Says Casino Responsible Too

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Posted on 27 September 2016 by "T".

(FOX19 NOW/Mike Woeste)It was six months ago when Scott Petredis' family heard a knock on their door and was told by police that their son was killed in a wreck on I-275. Now, a man will serve six years in prison (for crashing into him and killing him in the process) while drunk driving last March.

Cory Lippmeier, age 35, was sentenced to six years in prison on September 20 by Judge Patrick Dinkelacker in Hamilton County. Last March, Lippmeier who was driving his car rear-ended a motorist while crossing the Interstate 275's Combs-Hehl Bridge. The motorist, Scott Petredis, age 41, was killed due to the injuries he sustained in the crash.

Lippmeier also sustained serious injuries in the crash. Because of the tragic incident, he was charged with aggravated vehicular homicide. Police reports show he reached speeds up to 140 miles per hour when the crash occurred.

At Lippmeier's sentencing, Petredis' father and sister spoke.

Last Tuesday in court, Lippmeier expressed a tearful apology, while his lawyer argued that the responsibility must also be shared by Horseshoe Casino because they served Lippmeier alcohol for more than 7 hours before he drove on the night of the fatal crash.

Horseshoe Casino, which has now been rebranded as Jack Casino (after Rock Gaming canceled their contract with Caesar's Entertainment), was cited for over-serving Lippmeier.  Police, in their trace-back investigation, ended up calling the casino's security cameras, and the surveillance footage clearly showed that Lippmeier was inebriated.

Penalties of the citation could result in fines or revoked or suspended liquor license. The casino is known to still currently serve alcohol to their casino patrons. Police said the casino has 60 days to stipulate or deny the allegations upon receiving the letter from the attorney general informing them of the citations.



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8 comments on "Drunk Driver Involved In Fatal Crash Sentenced, Says Casino Responsible Too"

 doubletop77727/09/2016 09:30:05 GMT
How can the Casino be held responsible for this man's actions? This guy deserves to go to jail for a lot longer than six years and he should never be allowed behind a wheel of a car again
 pochui27/09/2016 11:22:44 GMT
just as doubletop i also have the same question here... how the fcukl can casino be responsible for the fact that some drunk idiot instead of taking a taxi decided to use his car instead... so what next- some random shop is responsible for some freak who drank a bottle of vodka and went on shooting in the street?
 Tony_MON7ANA27/09/2016 15:58:34 GMT
. . .Police reports show he reached speeds up to 140 miles per hour when the crash occurred. . .

140 miles per hour? No wonder he got charged with aggravated vehicular homicide, instead of involuntary manslaughter and DUI, in connection with the death of Scott Petredis, the motorist, who was involved in the crash.
My condolence to the victim's families, friends, and colleagues.
 pajalnick27/09/2016 21:07:27 GMT
one thing I know for sure - in any case do not sit behind the wheel drunk ... and do not try to convince yourself that you can get home without incident ... drunk driving potential killer, and they must be judged very severely, even if it's just the police caught .. even if he had not violated more - take away the right to drive
 vic7527/09/2016 22:05:15 GMT
Well speed and being totally wasted don't mix to well this guy made the wrong choice and should be punished accordingly. A couple beers won't hurt I think in most countries it's one beer an hour anything over that and you will be over the Legal Limit.
 damosk28/09/2016 07:22:01 GMT
So... It was only a matter of time before some lawyer or other decided that there may be something in it for them to defend a drunk driver and claim it was someone else's fault. How on earth can a bar be accused of causing someone to drink to excess and then drive? I can see it now, I'm sorry judge, I was only speeding because I filled my tank with super premium fuel and it made my car go faster than normal so therefore it's the oil company's fault.
 Mober29/09/2016 16:42:33 GMT
Isnt there a law for not serving the drunk customers?
How hard was to see if he was drunk or not, and they kept serving him ?
The penalties, or punishment for the casino should have been more that a fine,
or a loss of the liquor license.
140 mile per hour. Thats 225 km.
Being sober you cant control much a car in these speeds, imagine being drunk.
 bowie198404/10/2016 00:10:14 GMT
Nobody held a gun to his head to continue drinking so I guess the casino is only responsible for things which happen on their lot and not the things which their customers do after they leave. just my two cents.

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