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Billionaire Casino Tycoon Steve Wynn Resigns as RNC Finance Chair

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Posted on 01 February 2018 by "T".

Casino tycoon Steve Wynn resigned this January 27, Saturday as the finance chairman of the Republic National Committee (RNC), a day after reports revealed that the billionaire had engaged in multiple instances of sexual harassment and assault.

This decision could prove to be a huge blow to the fundraising efforts of the Republic Party as it preps itself for the midterm elections coming up in November with a rather unpopular president as its standard bearer.

On January 27, RNC's Ronna Romney McDaniel said, "Today I accepted Steve Wynn's resignation as Republican National Committee finance chair."

Wynn confirmed his resignation, saying, "The unbelievable success we have achieved must continue. The work we are doing to make America a better place is too important to be impaired by this distraction."

Steve Wynn is the founder of the famous Wynn Resorts Ltd.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Wynn paid $7.5 million to settle claims brought by an ex-manicurist at his Las Vegas resort who said that he pressured her to have sex with him. Other reports of allegations of harassment and coercion by other women were also mentioned.

Wynn, who turned 76 that same Saturday, has strongly denied the allegations, "The idea that I ever assaulted any woman is preposterous."

The Wynn Resorts board of directors has put up a special committee made up of independent directors to conduct the investigation of the allegations. In a statement, the board said, "The board is deeply committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all of the company's employees and to operating with the highest ethical standards."

The allegations have certainly come at a fragile moment for the party, which needs to maintain its financial foundation as it faces an expensive Senate race in Florida and a wave of retiring House incumbents. Also, the party is having a hard time trying to improve its standing with women after its reputation has been tarnished in Alabama last year. Roy Moore, the candidate of the party for what had been one of its safest Senate seats, unfortunately lost after allegations came up saying that when he was in his mid-30s, he had sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl and also pursued other teens.

The Republican party also have to deal with the fact that President Donald Trump, who personally asked Steve Wynn to become the party's top fundraiser, was also put in the bad limelight in 2016 for a video clip which showed him making lewd comments during the taping of the TV program "Access Hollywood" in 2005. Separately, a total of 19 women have accused the president of sexual misconduct as well.

Under Steve Wynn, the RNC had set a fundraising record in 2017 for a non-election year. Mainly thanks to the big donors that Wynn was able to attract, the RNC ended November with $33.5 million more in the bank as compared to its Democratic rival.

CEO of oilfield services firm Canary LLC and a Republican fundraiser Dan Eberhart said, "Most of the credit for the cash on hand advantage goes to chairwoman McDaniel and her team. But Wynn was certainly a part of the success. He will be hard to replace, especially mid-cycle. It's another worry the Republicans don't need."

The RNC members shall be meeting up in Washington next week and they're expected to appoint a new finance chairperson. The next chair will be voted on right after the recommendation of McDaniel and Trump.



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10 comments on "Billionaire Casino Tycoon Steve Wynn Resigns as RNC Finance Chair"

 bowie198401/02/2018 16:13:46 GMT
Allegations are just allegations, not rock solid evidence. But you don't become a billionaire without sticking your thing into wrong places sometimes and of course I can see that why this is already bad for his overall look. Probably every other rich people gonna get accused within this year or so, because the witchhunt is out full force, does not matter if you really did something wrong or not.
 Sandmanilo02/02/2018 07:09:25 GMT
It's so sad that so many well-known people have been caught on sexual harassment and assault in the United States. We do not know if this particular story is true or false, but it's obviously not good for this organization.
 CALICUL02/02/2018 09:32:59 GMT
Tycoon Steve Wynn wants to make America a better place but how he wants to do this? through sexually harassing women? is a very uncomfortable person and should be ashamed. If you are a billionaire buy sex with money not through harassment. I hope he will lose the election.
 doubletop77702/02/2018 09:37:36 GMT
There seems to be these sort of allegations popping up everyday and it really is a worrying thing. No woman should have to put up with this sort of thing and i hope that by bringing attention to all these can help reduce this sort of thing in the future
 pochui02/02/2018 12:20:02 GMT
ok so he is denying any wrongdoing but somehow managed to pay 7.5 millions of dollaros to settle the claim... so does this mean that any woman can claim that he forced her to have sex with him with no evidence no nothing and receive 7.5 millions?
 bowie198402/02/2018 16:38:32 GMT
Posted by pochui:
ok so he is denying any wrongdoing but somehow managed to pay 7.5 millions of dollaros to settle the claim... so does this mean that any woman can claim that he forced her to have sex with him with no evidence no nothing and receive 7.5 millions?

These claims are from civil courts. They are literally getting payed to go away and stop with the damage on his image/reputation. If he was a real sex criminal he would be behind bars.
 pochui06/02/2018 20:59:42 GMT
so what if those claims are from civil courts or not, I highly doubt that wynn would shell out 7.5 millions of dollaros to any former employee who would "remember" that they were forced to have sex with their employer. but of course I can be totally wrong, maybe wynn respects his reputation
 pajalnick07/02/2018 06:55:48 GMT
sexual harassment in the last six months or a little more than me at all besyat as the topic of the news .... a lot of good people postoradalo from this .... I do not mean women who suddenly began to remember ..... why they were silent before ?? ? .... and then suddenly it terribly affected them ??
 CALICUL07/02/2018 13:27:09 GMT
The prior complaint of the injured party should be carefully researched. If the harasser turns out to be guilty, he must pay damages and make a punishment with prison depending on the gravity of the situation. It does not matter that you are rich or poor. The law should be for all people including trump donald if it is true.
 Tony_MON7ANA11/02/2018 12:25:27 GMT
What exactly is the role of the finance chairman of the Republic National Committee? And how long had Steve Wynn been appointed to that position until he resigned last month? Isn't he almost 80 years old? Who is going to take over as chairman?

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