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BitStarz Player Wins $480,000!

Tags: Bitcoin, BitStarz, Venezuela.
Posted on 20 June 2018 by "T".

BitStarz is all about what's big - big games, big promotions, and - of course - big wins. Not a week goes by when we're not congratulating one of our players on a job well done, as they smash the slots to win a small fortune. Joining the ranks of our biggest winners is player from Venezuela, who spun the reels of Book of Aztec on June 10th to sweep up a scorching $206,551 (27.5 BTC)!

Amatic is known around the world for producing games that deliver jackpots that are on another level when compared to anything else around. This is exactly why they make up part of our huge game selection, as we know that our members love to play for the big bucks. Big bucks are certainly what Book of Aztec has delivered, but that isn't the end of this lucky player's winning story - not by a long shot.

Odds are you've heard that BitStarz has one of the biggest casino game selections around - more than 1,300 games in total. This winning player has been putting these slots to great use, as they are reveling in the riches of one of the hottest hot streaks seen at any online casino for some time. In just 5 days, they've rocked the reels of no less than 8 games, including Football Superstar, Diamond Vapor, Wolf Gold, and Book of Fortune - to win almost half a million dollars. Yes, you read that right, as this player has scooped a bankroll-busting $480,702 (64 BTC).

Speaking on the latest exciting BitStarz win, Srdjan Kapor (BitStarz Marketing Manager) said,

"2018 has been the year of big wins at BitStarz, as not a week goes by when we're not congratulating yet another lucky player. This time it's a player that's really seen just how generous an online casino we are. Following a massive $206,551 win on Book of Aztec, it means that the player has won more than $480,000 in just 5 days - we're impressed, so we must say a huge well done"

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23 comments on "BitStarz Player Wins $480,000!"

 Gerimantas20/06/2018 13:26:21 GMT
Yes again we can read about very big win for a players who plays in bitstarz casino. And 480.000 dollars is very big, more than people who play in world series of poker win in many tournament for 1st place
 Mober20/06/2018 19:32:26 GMT
Not a surprise seeing another jackpot.
It is the biggest site with crypto coins.
And the whole theme still holds up.
I bet that most of the players are playing in this site big money, than any other site.
Easier to get "fooled" playing big money also when using crypto coins.
 dule-vu20/06/2018 19:47:34 GMT
for me just another promo,another I would say lie from bitstarz,where you can read that almost only they have this kind of slot,they give big jackpots!when you read this news and srdjan kapor words every month,you cant lose money at their site!
 Mober20/06/2018 19:52:27 GMT
With what is going on in crypto coins world, you can only imagine, how much money is being bet,
in sites like this, that accept cryptos.
Too much money is being moved around every day.
Not to mention that laundry that must be happening through it.
It is an easy way for many.
 pochui20/06/2018 20:49:20 GMT
well have to admit that to win almost half a million of dollaros in 5 days is really an impressive feat. online or offline casino doesn't really matter, because half a million is half a million. of course I would like to know what stakes he plays and how much he has lost on a period longer than 5 days
 CALICUL21/06/2018 19:34:54 GMT
I do not understand clear what it says here. A player earned in 5 days twice at bitstarz? I understand that this casino has given great prizes since its establishment in online market but this news is not one in which you understand correctly. Who won 206k dollars and who won 274k dollars?. If bitstarz wants more clients will have to pay licenses in some European countries because could have more gamblers.
 Mober21/06/2018 20:48:02 GMT
There are a few casinos online that give away free bankroll, or small amounts of btc
daily. They also have stats like daily and weekly winners.
You will be amazed to see how, much some of the players are betting.
Rich people, gamblers anonymous, etc Smile
 dule-vu21/06/2018 21:23:13 GMT
we have lot of casino,that have bigger jackpots and what you can read on their sites and jackpots that some providers is share from for lot of sites,not just one,but you dont read so much for that news,like for bitstarz!
from them you can news every month for some jackpot!
 doubletop77722/06/2018 07:50:17 GMT
This player has had an incredible amount of luck in these games and the results are phenomenal. I can only imagine the sensation of winning this big but we all live in hope that one day we can hit big
 pajalnick22/06/2018 12:53:41 GMT
here it is really very lucky person .... get a few jackpots and in the end for a week to make a profit of half a million dollars is simply incredible ... although I suspect that this is possible advertising trick in order to get players .... but maybe it's really diabolical luck and luck in the game
 StheP22/06/2018 15:27:17 GMT
wow this is creazy insaine... 480k$ from slots... got to feel good to win that amount of money, considering that slots are pure luck and you dont have any advantage on slot games... it is -EV in long run so binking 480k is preaty amazing... if he is smart to just stop playing now it would be awesome
 enzoen24/06/2018 22:18:29 GMT
certainly a good time to stop playing for a while, and enjoy a nice vacation.

I already want to be lucky to win that sum of money
 Nightkid29/06/2018 16:43:31 GMT
The truth is not many watching the slot games because I am not very attracted to the truth, but I've seen many winners lately and I want to try this game a little, although there is a lot of luck to win I think hahaha but good luck to the winner and nice well has been taken: P
 LIKEIT2705/07/2018 10:08:36 GMT
i know people that make good profits from online casino's ,..
They are affiliate and streaming on twitch,..
they get every deposit a 100 % bonus,..
i know people that always bet 5 euro(its max most casino's when playing with bonus,..
They beat many times the wager,..
i know a person hes up 80 k this year only playing slots Worship Worship
 Mober05/07/2018 16:42:43 GMT
I have watched a couple of twitch broadcasts live, with people playing casinos games,
mostly slots.
And they are giving away bonuses with codes as you are saying.
They are playing big money, with them slots Smile
 CALICUL05/07/2018 21:04:17 GMT
In BitStarz are big winnings at this casino and the other players receive less money. Honestly, i would prefer that the casino offer 24 awards of 20k for 24 players. There's too much money for one gambler and it's sad. If they would give prizes to many players, then it would be better.
 Nightkid06/07/2018 13:50:02 GMT
Congratulations to this week's winner who has taken $ 480,702 (64 BTC). and as it says in the post it does not take long for a "lucky" to take home a nice well (I say no matter how much money I earned because it's safe for the player to be very good) and it's not bad Big Smile Big Smile
 Mober06/07/2018 17:39:43 GMT
And the question here of course is, do you convert the BTC into USD or another currency,
or you wait for the BTC to go upwards.
As many are saying BTC goes up at the end of the year.
We are getting really close there. Lets see Smile
 Tony_MON7ANA04/08/2018 05:53:15 GMT
Boom! Huge congratulations to the lucky winner, who happens to be a resident of Venezuela! That's a lot of dough!
I don't think I have ever spent my own money on any slot machines. I play slot machines only when I get free offers.
 Serpang04/08/2018 09:24:44 GMT
Posted by Tony_MON7ANA:

I don't think I have ever spent my own money on any slot machines. I play slot machines only when I get free offers.

Wise decision !! Thumbs Up Just a lot news players winning jackpot, no news how many player lost money in slot, lol. The big prize indicate more amount they got from player than they give, maybe 10 times or more Big Smile Big Smile
 Gerimantas04/08/2018 10:45:33 GMT
Yes i too think like some people say in this forum that it is hard to win to play slots, and if you win some money best strategy to get it to stop play, because for long play i think it is guaranteed to lose
 pajalnick04/08/2018 11:06:39 GMT
I never really loved slots .... but of course I started my gaming activity with slots .. then there were poker gaming machines and I thoroughly moved there .... I could win a little money there regularly .... I and now sometimes with nostalgia I play on poker slot machines ..
 WithdrawAll04/08/2018 17:49:47 GMT
This is fucking incredible win congratz mate i hope some day it comes to me !!!! But when this is what im asking myself since i play hahah xDDD.

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