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Tips to Win at Blackjack - Best Strategies and Tricks

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Posted on 22 July 2020 by "T".

credits: you're playing blackjack for fun, or you already have the experience, you must have tried at least a couple of blackjack strategies. But what to do if none of them actually works out and doesn't bring you new wins?

Every casino card game requires certain strategies. You should know that developing your own blackjack strategy takes time and patience. If you've just started to play blackjack online, there are a few things you should know about the game. Below, you can find some tips and tricks that will help you boost your chances of winning in a game of blackjack.

Moderation Is Key

Even if you're a newbie to the online blackjack, you've probably heard that you should never go all out on your first try. If you do that, and you don't have a clear strategy, you can end up losing much more than you could afford.

Of course, there is a chance you could win big, but it's safer to be moderate when you're playing, and don't go firing on all cylinders.

Use Blackjack Cheat Sheets

The key to playing all card games, including blackjack, is to know how to control your money. However, to get to that point, you also need to know some blackjack basics - know when to hit, split, stand, double down, surrender.

Now, to help you cover these basic steps, you can always rely on the blackjack cheat sheet. Essentially, it's a basic strategy chart that can help you make the right decision based on the cards you have. But, you should know this chart by heart, if you want to move on to the next level of the blackjack game.

Play Smart - Win Little by Little

As we mentioned before, don't place high wagers, especially if you're a beginner. You don't want to lose big on your first try. It's okay to lose, but it shouldn't discourage you from playing blackjack again. The best way to avoid that is to start with low stakes.

What you should do is raise your wager a little every time you win. This is based on the theory that wins and losses come in streaks. You could lose a couple of times in a row and then win. Remember, if you're on a losing streak, you shouldn't raise your stakes.

Avoid Insurance Bet

Many experienced blackjack players would agree with this - insurance bet is possibly the worst thing that happened to casino card games. When the dealer's upcard is an Ace, the best thing you can do is not make an insurance bet. The house edge is actually bigger if you decide to choose the insurance bet.

Pay Attention to House Edge

You should always be aware of the fact that you can't always win when playing blackjack. Yes, that refers to both newbies and experienced players. In the long run, the house edge actually ensures that the casino has an advantage. As soon as you win some extra money, the best move would be to stop playing. That way, you avoid the risk of losing it all.


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26 comments on "Tips to Win at Blackjack - Best Strategies and Tricks"

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» Tips to Win at Blackjack - Best Strategies and Tricks

 maragatero23/07/2020 02:57:11 GMT
This may be the best game for you dule-vu. Is a mix of gamble and strategy, where you have to follow your hunch without many moves to conduce the results. Only split, one more card or stop there. You and the Cashier only. I never play blackjack, inclusive I never saw anybody play it. I like to learn it, because all the casinos have a table of it, but there aren´t freerolls....
 CALICUL23/07/2020 10:06:19 GMT
Good blackjack players have a lot of math in their heads. Next steps for them: follow their strategies and implementation. Success is not easy... because it is difficult to make money there. The lucky ones are very smart.
 maragatero24/07/2020 13:20:53 GMT
I know nothing about blackjack, i only remember the film of Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise, "Rain Man", where the autist (DHoffman) could remember all the cards that were drop in the table, and Rabitt (TCruise) makes cheats with it. So I don´t know if there are too math or a good memory is needed.
 antonis32126/07/2020 09:11:17 GMT
Some good and interesting tips about blackjack . With some charts to follow specific strategy and decisions for every possible card dealt . I playd for fun very few times in the past , I think it was on Full tilt , didn't have good results , didn't understand much what to do , so I stopped it , but I intend to try it again in the future , these tips are useful Smile I always like watching others playing blackjack , and also in movies it's very cool Smile
 dule-vu26/07/2020 10:02:08 GMT
black jack can be very interesting game and if I need to choose from black jack and roulette,I would choose every time black jack,because its game with cards and I dont have to guess 1 number from 36 and to wait where ball will drop!
with black jack you need to play slow and not to rush on every game!sometimes you need to stop on 13,dealer will maybe get more then 21 and you will still win!interesting card game!
 CALICUL26/07/2020 15:03:50 GMT
I don't know rules of Blackjack, but have the impression that there are not too many. It's a pretty easy and fascinating game. The dealer is harder to beat because he played too much. Sometimes you can have a nice success here and profit to be good.
 maragatero28/07/2020 23:46:07 GMT
I think that maybe good to look for an app or site where I could learn it, and practice a bit. I´m agree with dule-vu about playing it instead of roulette in a Casino. I went only a few times to a Casino (in my city are only one, and in the past only had roulette, blackjack and slots), and the only way to spend some bucks were the slots. If I learn blackjack I would try it
 dule-vu29/07/2020 15:05:29 GMT
with black jack you know on what position you are and you need to be as close as you can to 21 or to have bigger number then dealer and thats it!with roulette you have to guess right number from 37 (when you include 0 ),so its much different!
ofcourse you need to learn when to ask for more cards,when to stop or to double up,but still its easier to play then roulette!
 CALICUL29/07/2020 17:30:09 GMT
As i said: you have to lose a few weeks of your life, to learn tricks and other things and to be a profitable player. There will only be satisfaction for your good... when you make in every month an withrawal of a few hundred dollars or more.
 maragatero29/07/2020 23:47:48 GMT
Do you think that is more easy dule-vu? Obviously, you are thinking of some especial strategy to gamble there. I don´t know what is the translation but in my country, we named it "Martingala". Something that: you have to belt some mix of color, equal and unique, and then some plenary and 'crowned'. Something really complex...
 dule-vu30/07/2020 15:36:09 GMT
I dont say that you will earn easy money,just say that for me its much easier to play black jack then roulette!with black jack you get cards,you can stop to ask for more cards at any time,but on roulette you need to pick number,to have luck and to think is that electric table for roulette fixed or not and waht they do to him!you never know where ball will finish when jump!
even when you choose two parts of table,from example from 13. to 36.,that two parts of board,you still have lot of number on which you can lose,from 0 to 12!
 CALICUL30/07/2020 18:20:49 GMT
In general, it is not at all easy to win at gambling, but sometimes it is enough to win a very good amount once and be satisfied for a long time. Gamblers or casual players who have won large sums can offer beautiful life stories.
 maragatero30/07/2020 23:53:38 GMT
To me, play in a roulette is really easy...I see the numbers seriously, trying to have a hunch or seeing some belt of a player who likes me, then I put my chips in some mixed numbers, and stay really quiet, looking to the croupier with hopeful eyes.. I know nothing about roulette, but I know a bit less of blackjack. I don't even know the basic mechanism to play. I'd just wait for the dealer to tell me what to do.
 CALICUL31/07/2020 19:16:33 GMT
Go to Google and learn something about it. There are materials, tutorials or other useful things that will help you to get a lot of ideas about blackjack. I played in the past roulette on Full Tilt with black & red, but i didn't know rules. Typical for me.
 antonis32131/07/2020 19:21:21 GMT
I have tried roulette and blackjack once , didn't know what I was doing , lost ,abandon it . i will try again in the future for sure Smile Especially blackjack , this game seems very cool Smile Maybe it seems easy to play it , but there are strategies before playing and during the gameplay Smile

For some players this game is very profitable . Especially some pros Smile

Some have been accused of trying to steal the casino by counting numbers or sth like this , I do not remember the exact name of this cheating method , these players have been excluded from live casions , i do not know about online casinos , lol Smile
 dule-vu31/07/2020 19:40:18 GMT
yeah maragatero,its easy to play roulette,thats truth,but I talked about how to guess something when you play this game and not to lose every hand!even when you play only red or black,you cant know what will come and how to then choose one number from 36 (37 with 0 )!so just to click and on what number will drop is just silly!
 maragatero01/08/2020 23:59:17 GMT
Yes, at least for me, is only a luck matter. But in all the random games the probabilities are present (and here is when I regret not paying attention when I studied). If you play color or equal and unique, you have a 50 % of probabilities, and that is the best relation between the odds of winning and your bet. Something like that should occur in the blackjack, with the handicap that you know the probabilities of the deck. How many decks are using there?
 CALICUL02/08/2020 04:10:04 GMT
I stayed to read a little about this Blackjack. It is undoubtedly a game related to skill, strategy and how you choose to implement. It takes years to become a good player. We have to learn all the rules because it's not so easy.
 maragatero03/08/2020 00:38:26 GMT
That is right, but all the games that need some skill it demands your attention to learn by a long time, don´t you think? At least in poker this is it. I spend in the poker´s study around a year (if I add all the month that I tried in the last seven or eight years), and I still ignore a lot of this game. I only start to understand his complexity and all matters that it contains. That is why I´m not interesting in learn another game of cards
 CALICUL03/08/2020 07:27:46 GMT
Of course, but apart from all these things, we must have fairness online but also live. I like the idea of trying to beat a dealer. Something like that has to be done after a long time of teaching. Mathematicians are not good there because if you make calculations, casino doesn't pay...
 antonis32111/08/2020 04:49:55 GMT
These charts and tips can help players try this game and win . Ofcourse if someone is a whale or has very big bankroll , and wants to play for fun blackjack , then losing will not make him feel sad , he is playing just for the entertainment Or else , if he plays to win , he surely needs a plan , a strategy of gameplay and decisions , or else the house edge will preveil on the long run ,. i think I have heard that the edge of the house on his game is very big , hard to get over it if you are not good (or very lucky)
 CALICUL11/08/2020 05:55:17 GMT
Blackjack can be a good thing if don't play many games in one day, because when you spend more time there, have best chance of losing in front of the dealer. It is important to learn many things that will help for win.
 geseco1206/09/2020 19:57:16 GMT
Blackjack is a fun game and most played by bettors, I think you also have to have solid strategies for the game to be profitable in the long term, but if you play for fun there is no problem.
 RoninHarper06/09/2020 20:20:53 GMT
G'day mates

My best advice for playing blackjack is to always hold on 20 Smile
and whenever you can get dealt 21 Blink
you should also try not to bust out by going over 21 lol Worship as that bad.

wishing you all the best
be cool

Ronin Cool
 CALICUL08/09/2020 12:48:33 GMT
you can easily play many blackjack games but the winnings will not be easy to obtain. Need some math in your brain (although they don't accept this idea). Dealer uses whatever he wants to win anyway, and laws must be broken... but carefully.

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