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Victims of Deadly Las Vegas Shooting to Receive $800M Payout by January 2021

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Posted on 14 September 2020 by "T".

By January next year, a total of $800 million as payment for damages shall be issued to victims and relatives in the 2017 mass shooting on the Las Vegas Strip.

The payouts from MGM Resorts International and its insurers will be distributed to more than 4,400 relatives and victims involved in the fateful night of October 1, 2017, considered as the deadliest mass shooting incident in modern US history.

In one of the rooms of the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay hotel-casino in 2017, a gunman intentionally fired at people, successfully killing 59 and wounded more than 850 others who attended the nearby Route 91 Harvest outdoor music concert.

Jason Aldean, a country music singer, was performing the closing song when the shooting began. Deadly gunfire rained down from the hotel casino onto the concert site.

Robert Eglet, the lawyer handling the settlement of several lawsuits, submitted documents recently requesting a Nevada court to approve negotiations in the case. The plaintiffs are from almost every US state. Others are also from Iran, Ireland, Canada and the United Kingdom, according to the Associated Press.

The Associated Press reported that in a statement by MGM Resorts, the court filings are "the next steps in the settlement process, thereby bringing all parties closer to closure so the community can continue to heal."

Stephen Paddock, Lone Gunman

The sole gunman in the 2017 mass shooting was identified as 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, a retired accountant and high-stakes gambler who lived in Mesquite, Nevada.

According to Los Angeles Times, he grew up in Arizona and he was the son of bank robber Benjamin Hoskins Paddock. The elder Paddock went by the aliases "Big Daddy" and "Chromedome".

The FBI speculated that the Las Vegas gunman acted alone and wanted ‘some sort of infamy' and that he was ‘in part influenced by the memory of his father'.

Paddock's hotel suite had been stockpiled with semi-automatic rifles equipped with bump stocks and thousands of rounds of ammunition that enabled him to fire the weapons almost continuously.

The shooting started shortly after 10pm Pacific Time and lasted over 10 minutes.

A video posted on YouTube later that time showed weapons scattered throughout Paddock's hotel suite. That same night he was found dead in the suite from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

MGM acknowledges no Liability

MGM Resorts International, the owner of Mandalay Bay, did not acknowledge any liabilities from the incident. However, it agreed to pay $49 million in the settlement, while its insurers would pay $751 million. This is their way to finally allow victims and their families move forward in their healing process and to avoid litigation that could take years.

The most severely injured victims may receive millions from the settlement. At least $5,000 could be given to those who filed a claim for unseen or minor injuries, but did not seek therapy or medical attention.

Eglet said, "We're hopeful it will be by the end of this year, but a lot could depend on appeals and how quickly and efficiently the administrators can finish their work. They've got a lot of work to do."

The exact amounts to be distributed shall be determined by retired California Judge Louis Meisinger and retired Nevada Judge Jennifer Togliatti. A claims management legal firm located in Virginia will assist the retired judges.



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22 comments on "Victims of Deadly Las Vegas Shooting to Receive $800M Payout by January 2021"

 dule-vu14/09/2020 12:29:28 GMT
wow,800 million dollars they need to pay to all of this people!I know that nothing can returne this people to their families,but didnt thought that they will get so much money form MGM!this is why is good when something happen in america,they just take care about people and they know law and how to bring help to hem!
 geseco1214/09/2020 17:14:49 GMT
good initiative, that they remember the people who suffered such damage, they will always be remembered for being good people who help their neighbor.

 antonis32114/09/2020 17:39:41 GMT
I completely agree , nothing can return these people back to life , or heal the seriously injured who never were able to be healed completely , but it is for sure a comprehension for them , they will be able to pay some medical expenses that they made in the past , get some money as a comprehension for some beloved people that the lost so that they can help themselves or some other people in their families do sth more with their own families , now that those people of their own have gone for ever
 ligador3715/09/2020 00:34:53 GMT
It seems like a wise decision. Although from what I read MGM does not assume any responsibility (which is partly right) and only pays 49 million, to look good. The rest is paid by the insurers.
In any case, it is good news, despite what they mention, the money will not compensate the damages caused.
They must have had to spend money on medical expenses, and other things, and this money can help the injured and family.
 CALICUL15/09/2020 11:22:51 GMT
This situation is dramatic because so many lives have been lost and these sums of money should not have been made public. It is not compensation that is relevant, but the fact that 59 humans died and compensations do not revive them.
 dule-vu15/09/2020 13:28:18 GMT
yeah,its hard to make decision and who is guilty for this and who should pay to their families!you cant know when some crazy person will do something like this,no matter who is owner of casino or any other place that can have concert or sport event!so its hard for them,but in america law is on peoples side!
 CALICUL16/09/2020 13:48:05 GMT
Normally you have to sue someone because there was no vigilant guards or a strong security ( he was on the ground ). There was a large-scale terrorist act in the way he unloaded bullets into them. Casino and US government are ones who have to offer compensation.
 ligador3719/09/2020 23:21:12 GMT
I do not know how the situation was, or how this type of thing is handled in your country, but the State could be responsible as long as it was a public place; But when it comes to private property, security already depends on the owner of the premises.
It was an unfortunate event, that we hope nothing similar will happen again, and that the money reaches those in need
 dule-vu20/09/2020 14:17:28 GMT
but I cant imagine that any country pay so much money to people,no matter how big incident is it and how many dead people are!in this situation this money will pay MGM,not USA as country,but still!but on other hand you can know when some crazy person will do thing like this and just to come on place and to shoot on people!
 CALICUL20/09/2020 21:06:58 GMT
That is the situation now. A man without good reason and an owner of weapons has become a terrorist murderer. Money doesn't matter much if those dead people were loved by their families. Many crazy people in this world. Security has been poor. Disastrous result. Very sad.
 ligador3720/09/2020 23:02:06 GMT
No, clearly not. No country would pay money just because, and this is not the case either.
Nor is MGM who pays (that is, yes, it pays but very little, about 49 million). The rest are paid by the insurers (who knows what the contract they have but I suppose they must have some clauses for incidents of force majeure or something like that).
It also aims to not discourage people from going to Las Vegas. I think it goes that way too.
 dule-vu21/09/2020 15:25:25 GMT
you can never know what can happen on places like this,you never know what some suicide bomber can do and how can police or anybody can do anything to prevent this?especially when something is on open space where lot of people can come!we all know how we live in todays world and that this can happen,so its not like they need to pay you money because of that!ofcourse I am sorry for every dead person that is killed from any crazy man!
 CALICUL21/09/2020 23:00:36 GMT
The lawsuits that were filed by relatives or friends of victims will make anyone is guilty to paying ( if the law is respected of course), Security "was on vacation" and something like this happened. Those who deal with payment to security and protection must pay now because of the guards who did not do their job
 antonis32122/09/2020 08:29:41 GMT
It's nice that the settlement was concluded in 3 years , cause with so many lawsuits and high demands from the victims' side it could take many years or decade , noone could answer for sure . Now , these judges only have to decide how this money will be shared among these people , fair , according to their losses and damages . Hopefully nothing like this will ever happen again in the future .
 CALICUL23/09/2020 07:39:21 GMT
Look what only one man can do, then see how it can dramatically influence thousands of lives in a few minutes. This thing it makes us to think and USA was a very well secured country after September 11, 2001. Nothing seems to be as reality.
 dule-vu23/09/2020 19:08:08 GMT
when you see how many people are involved in this and what can you expect from this,this was fast and 3 years dont look much!who know how many evidences they had to bring and that make everything to be clear to judge!I know that something like this wouldnt be finished in my country for 15,20 years for sure!
 antonis32123/09/2020 20:59:10 GMT
This was a phycho , who wanted to continue the legacy after his father probably , calicul , at least this is what I understand by reading the news , although they say the FBI and the police has not clarified yet for sure 100% his motivations , what caused this frenzy and craziness , thy just guess , I do the same .
For sure it was irrational , so many innocent paid with their lives , unknown to him , people he never knew , most of them I think young people , underage . He was a monster . He was playing high stakes video poker I think ??? That means he had some money , not little money ... I guess and hope all his money , his house , eveything , up to the last penny , was seizured , and will be shared , together with these $800M , until January 2021 ., to all people who suffered from this attack and to the relatives of the people who died that day from this crazy man
 ligador3723/09/2020 22:25:00 GMT
That's right, 3 years in legal terms is a very short time.
There are trials, even for less money, that take much longer. Sometimes they are bureaucratic obstacles.
Luckily in this case everything went pretty fast. I hope the actual payment is not delayed either (sometimes it takes a long time too).
I suppose that being a case of great social alarm, certain procedures can be accelerated.
 CALICUL24/09/2020 08:01:40 GMT
3 years is a good time because this is a massacre where people were involved. The victims died, were wounded by bullets or collaterals. I guess a lot of people got involved. USA has enough that have made processes to move fast.

 dule-vu24/09/2020 20:10:35 GMT
3 years isnt long time,when you know how many evidence they need to pick up and to write everything on paper,about every dead person and also for all realtives!so its not that you can do that in few months!
but I will also say,you can always blame some country,company,casino or whatever!you cant know when some person will decide to come and to kill somebody!its hard to take care about every person,especially when its on open space!
 antonis32124/09/2020 23:52:03 GMT
Yes , 3 years is not a long time , it might have taken 10 years or more , especially with so many victims , dead , injured , family members and their own private demands , it's a miracle in my own eyes that it was concluded so quickly , plus it was against a casino giant business , don't forget this Smile . 3 years to calculate so many damages in terms of fatality consequences , of injuries , medical expences , psychological and other damages , from people not only from the United States . but from other countries as well .
 CALICUL25/09/2020 08:51:55 GMT
Not everything is summarized to money because American state has hastened these processes, so that the world can forget more quickly what happened. This is a good strategy that authorities are using with big succes.

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