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Bilzerian-Meyer Feud over Las Vegas Shooting Intensifies with New Videos, Fistfight Dare

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Posted on 17 October 2017 by "T".

Even though Dan Bilzerian may have taken some flak subsequently after the shooting massacre in Las Vegas, he may be getting some additional cover from the criticisms laid against him thanks to the latest release of a video footage he took from that fateful Sunday night.

Dan Bilzerian said that he is apparently a commissioned reserve police officer, and that's the reason why he returned to the hot zone, asking Las Vegas Metro officers to lend him a gun so that he could help.

When Stephen Paddock mercilessly opened fire on 22,000 attendees of the country music festival while safely perched at the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, several of those who ran for cover tried to use their phones to capture the incident on video. Apparently, Bilzerian was one of those who posted a video commentary of his escape with his phone, which he shared to his 22.7 million Instagram followers. People who viewed the video have heard what sounded like automatic gunfire raining down on the panicked crowd.

Days after he posted the video to his Instagram account, many of Bilzerian's followers started to point out to him that instead of helping, he just ran away, and even had the gall to film the whole thing. One of his harshest criticisms came from decorated US marine Dakota Meyer, son-in-law to ex-vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Meyer chastised Bilzerian, who at that time was wearing a black cowboy hat and camouflage shorts, for fleeing the area while trying to portray himself as a military figure on social media.

The Medal of Honor recipient wrote to the self-proclaimed King of Instagram, "Always playing 'operator dress up' and so so tough when the cameras are on. A woman just got shot in the head and you are running away filming that's not what operators do. Please stop trying to be someone you're not. People are dying, you're running away not helping them and pretending it's worthy of a video is disgusting." Instagram users showed mixed responses, but many agreed with the decorated veteran.

Bilzerian replied the next day, calling Meyer a ‘retard' who inaccurately judged what really transpired based only on his own conclusions drawn from the short snippet he broadcasted live.

Bilzerian then released another video showing what he described "what really happened", which was almost 6 minutes of footage that was taken from one of his pal's phones and posted it on October 6. In the video, Bilzerian was seen aiding an injured woman before he tried to request a Las Vegas police officer to lend him a gun so that he could help. However, the officer shooed him away.

Bilzerian, on sharing the video, wrote, "I'm a sworn commissioned reserve police officer, I wouldn't normally tell you that, but I think it's important you know that for the context of this video. I am not a medic or a hero in anyway, my instinct when someone is shooting at me is to get a gun and shoot back."

Fistfight Dare
Before he posted the video, Bilzerian spoke to The Hill and said that he wanted to help out, even returning to the scene later that evening in order to save a police chief's daughter. Even if the evidence suggesting Bilzerian was not simply trying to run to safety, he has still angered Meyer for allegedly revealing to the public his wife's phone number.

In an Instagram video posted on October 8, Meyer warned Bilzerian to not drag his family into their argument before he challenged him to a fistfight.

The extended video that Bilzerian has posted has received 7.3 million views, whereas Meyer's short post had gotten over 10,000 likes Monday morning and it's getting viral.

Meanwhile, police have had no comment on the fight between the two, as they continue the investigation of the worst mass shooting in modern US history.



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7 comments on "Bilzerian-Meyer Feud over Las Vegas Shooting Intensifies with New Videos, Fistfight Dare"

 Gerimantas17/10/2017 19:06:34 GMT
I think some people kike dan bilzerian some do not and thise who do not they try to make some critic in any situation, so now they think that he is not brave and no help in this situation so they make another critics. I think there is no problem because he run away, he is no police
 Mober17/10/2017 20:30:38 GMT
There we go again with the so called social networks.
It gets worst as the time goes.
Everyone with a camera on hand keep posting to get some likes.
And in many occasions things like this happen.

He is saying he is the king of instagram? Smile
 Tony_MON7ANA17/10/2017 22:32:11 GMT
I've just watched the terrifying video footage available for a logged-in Facebook user. That was the unimaginable horror concertgoers and law enforcement officers experienced and witnessed. My condolences to the victims and families of the terrible Las Vegas mass shooting.
 CALICUL18/10/2017 09:58:44 GMT
If Dan Bilzerian ran to save himself he did the right thing. If he asked for a police gun did a good thing but it is not normal to capture the incident on video after that post on social networks. It is normal to filming and then hand over this material to the police. If you do not have a weapon you try to save people or filminf for prove. In this situation with assault guns it's hard to save people and bilzerian just filmed.
 pochui18/10/2017 17:03:15 GMT
so lets think about what the hell did dan bilzerian do wrong in this situation: he is an Instagram celebrity who likes to live lavish life, lotsa women, booze and "boys toys" just to look cool- and now all of a sudden he finds himself in the middle of a real shooting scene... so he should risk his cool life and try to save some random dudes...
 Gerimantas19/10/2017 20:03:05 GMT
Yes like pochii say o too think that to risk life because you are a kmown man and you have some guns is very riskyky and i don't think it is a good idea. I myself would do like dan bolzerian also run away and o even not go back because it is a good chance that i can risk my kife
 Mober19/10/2017 21:15:50 GMT
So what has happened with the fistfight dare?
Did the challenge get accepted, or got lost somewhere in the typing? Smile
That would have been an interesting thing to see Smile

You have a scenario like this happening, which is a real tragedy, and then you have some
follow ups from all the silly social networks, with people trying to use it in their advantage...

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