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Founder of Las Vegas Sands Sheldon Adelson Dies at 87

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Posted on 14 January 2021 by "T".

Sheldon Adelson, the founder, chairman and CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corporation, has died on Monday evening, January 11, in his home in Malibu, California. He was 87.

According to a press release from the company, Adelson died from complications linked to treatment for his non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

Last week, he stepped down from his role as chairman to resume treatment for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, an ailment for which he underwent treatment in 2019.

According to Wikipedia, Adelson was an American businessman, political donor and investor. He founded the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, which owns the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and the parent company of Venetian Macao Limited, which operates The Venetian Las Vegas and the Sands Expo and Convention Center. He owned the Israeli daily newspaper Israel Hayom, the Israeli weekly newspaper Makor Rishon, and the American daily newspaper the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Adelson once became the third richest man in the world.

Forbes listed Adelson as having a fortune of US$33.5 billion as of September 2020, which made him the 28th richest person in the world and 17th in the Forbes 400. He was a major contributor to candidates of the Republican Party and was often called a "kingmaker" because of the frequency and size of his donations.

He created the Adelson Foundation in 2007. Both he and his wife Miriam Adelson were Donald Trump's biggest donors. They provided the biggest donation to Trump's 2016 campaign and his presidential inauguration. He gave $218 million to Trump's presidential campaign and Republican causes in the USA in 2020. Adelson was also a major supporter of Israel prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

American Gaming Association president and CEO Bill Miller said: "The passing of Sheldon Adelson is a tremendous loss to the gaming community. Mr. Adelson was a true visionary and pioneer of modern casino gaming for more than three decades. From Las Vegas and Pennsylvania to Macau and Singapore, his mark is indelible.

"I had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Adelson for more than 15 years, long before joining the American Gaming Association. It is his leadership and generosity that stand out the most to me. There's no greater example of this than serving his community and prioritizing his employees' well-being during the last year as our country and industry grappled with the global pandemic."

His funeral is being held in Israel and a memorial service will be held in Las Vegas at a date yet to be announced.




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18 comments on "Founder of Las Vegas Sands Sheldon Adelson Dies at 87"

 geseco1214/01/2021 16:20:13 GMT
My deepest condolences to the family, losing a loved one is not easy, one takes time to recover, but we stay and we will remember him for his achievements and challenges he made, in addition to his great heart for donations to those most in need, founder of las vegas corporation, a great example of entrepreneurship in his investments that he made to have that great fortune. but overall may he rest in peace and we will always remember him in our hearts.
 dule-vu15/01/2021 09:57:30 GMT
what can you say about men who had this kind of life and had everything in life!its not good when you lose somebody from your family,but you can say that he had "nice age" and he was not young!its very sad when somebody with 40,50 years die,but this is some other story!when you are 28th richest person in ther world,that say all!
 CALICUL15/01/2021 10:44:21 GMT
This man created an empire and put bread on the table of many employees. In these moments of deep sadness it is very difficult to find the words, if you are from his family and you loved or appreciated Sheldon Adelson. Condolences to the grieving family!
 geseco1215/01/2021 18:15:00 GMT
Life is like that, one day we have to die, the important thing is to know that we must do things well in this world, so that in the end we are in heaven and not in hell, this businessman, had his time, but we will remember him For what he did, his collaborations, his help to people in need, that says a lot about the person, may God keep him and he will always be in our memory.
 dule-vu16/01/2021 10:19:06 GMT
ha,ha,I cant believe what I read in this posts Big Smile !he will be in our hearts?he will be alaways in our memory?come on,who is he that you will have him in his hear geseco?
its not like he is your grandpa and thats why you will remember him or that maybe maradona or some sportsman that you like,but some rich person,come on!just to write stupid things!
 antonis32116/01/2021 16:26:06 GMT
He was a man with great power , he built an empire and became very rich , he had strong influence in the casino industry and in the US political system . He made many enemies , but also many friends . Either you love him , or not , you have to admit his achievements in his life . Unfortunatelly , he was against online poker , that was very bad .

 dule-vu17/01/2021 11:44:20 GMT
you can imagine how big influence he had in politic,normal life,anything that happens in america,when he is so rich and he is in public life for so many years!he can change whole life to somebody or to whole state,because he can make some person to change things!
didnt know that he is against online poker and probably because he wanted that money stay in las vegas and other places where you can play live poker games!
 geseco1217/01/2021 19:40:20 GMT
Life is like that, one day we have to die, but the most important thing is what we do for our neighbor when we are alive, this man despite his time limitations, gave himself a space to support those most in need, I think That God blessed him more, to have more money, well rest in peace, that he is an example to follow for many who do not support their neighbor who needs it more.
 CALICUL18/01/2021 15:07:03 GMT
This man had a fortune of 36 billion dollars, so we can say that: he was a successful businessman. He had five children who would unite to run his business further. Steve Wynn is much younger with only 3 billions. Here you see their value in this profession.
 geseco1218/01/2021 19:59:22 GMT
I think what makes a man great is not his money, but the way he has to share it with others, and I think this man is an example, who knew how to take advantage of his time and money, he helped those most in need, he had foundations , and I think that today people value it more, since times are difficult to handle.
 dule-vu18/01/2021 21:10:26 GMT
well if all this is truth,,especially this part where he take care about his employees and whole comunity in last year because of corona situation,that its great move from him and not like some other big companies who didnt want to help people!
we can see that you cant take this money to grave,so its best to enjoy in life,to spend money and to help other people when you cant spend this kind of amounts!
 geseco1219/01/2021 20:05:35 GMT
Someday it will be our turn to rest, but in the meantime we should improve as a person, because life in this world is short, set an example for others, help each other, this man was a great example for all of us, that what little we earn We must share with those who need it most, so they will be rewarded, my deepest condolences to the family of the deceased person.
 antonis32128/01/2021 18:09:18 GMT
I do not understand why he was so fanatically against online poker when he was alive , he could get advantage from the fact that he got land based poker rooms and organise some series of tourneys , where you could get your ticket online , or he could get a share from online poker rooms , just like now his company probably is trying to do . I do not believe that having a live casino or poker room makes your interests againsts the ones that have an online pooker room or casino , just my thought .

Anyway, I hope his kids and his family members continue his legacy and invest his money so as this business to have a bright future and many more people to get a job .
 CALICUL28/01/2021 22:41:11 GMT
Covid 19 makes them to reorient on the online market, because they had big losses in almost a year. This global manipulation has destroyed many businesses and many people lost their jobs. Las Vegas Sands can recover something after an alliance with 888. It's better than nothing.
 dule-vu28/01/2021 22:45:17 GMT
when somebody write just to write and dont know what he talking about,you will write wrong things in wrong thread!this thread is about man that is dead and not how somebody will go in business with 888 company,corona or anything that is about online gambling in america!but yeah,when you dont have 5 % of brain,you will write posts like this every day,every month....
 CALICUL30/01/2021 00:42:25 GMT
People make mistakes very often with BRM threads, but this is not necessarily their fault. It happens, but you are a garbage person. Your comments are full of mistakes.
 dule-vu30/01/2021 01:03:23 GMT
is party poker she or he or how would you call them?hope that will come day when you will stop write here on forum!
 CALICUL30/01/2021 01:06:55 GMT
it's called: DON'T YOU SLEEP? OR YOU ARE SLEEPWALKING? there are many mobsters which writes in wrong thread. They also have 5% brains ?

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