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Lucky Gambler turns $1 into $680,000 with Incredible 20-Leg Golf Parlay

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Posted on 26 October 2020 by "T".

A lucky gambler managed to turn a $1 wager into nearly $680,000 on Sunday, October 11.

An anonymous bettor accurately predicted a 20-leg golf parlay during the BMW PGA Championship and won the said prize, as tweeted by an Australian online sportsbook.

The bettor correctly picked the winner of 20 head-to-head pairings during Saturday's play. The tournament occurred at the Wentworth Golf Club in Surrey, England. As the golfers were playing against the entire field, the sportsbook offers head-to-head matchups based on who is paired together during the day's play.

For the longshot victory, the bettor took home $679,894.66.

He/She correctly picked:

  • Graeme McDowell over Thomas Aiken
  • Richie Ramsay over Sean Crocker
  • Pablo Larrazabal over Thorbjorn Olesen
  • Bernd Wiesberger over Danny Willett
  • Kiradech Aphibarnrat over Joakin Lagergren
  • Lee Westwood over Robert MacIntyre
  • Martin Kaymer over Matt Wallace
  • Andy Sullivan over Alex Levy
  • David Horsey over Jordan Smith
  • Robert Rock over Julien Guerrier
  • Marcus Kinhult over Matthias Schwab
  • Masahiro Kawamura over Andrew Johnston
  • Ian Poulter over Wade Ormsby
  • Tommy Fleetwood over Sami Valimaki
  • Patrick Reed over Ryan Fox
  • Scott Hend over Gavin Green
  • Eddie Pepperell over Grant Forrest
  • Joachim B. Hansen over Adri Arnaus
  • Tyrrell Hatton over Victor Perez, and
  • Shane Lory over Matt Fitzpatrick

Just five of the matches were decided by a single stroke. Hatton ended up winning the four-day tournament and earned $1.15 million.

It's definitely an amazing gambling result. Last year, James Adducci bet $85,000 on Tiger Woods to win the Masters. Woods did win the green jacket and Adducci picked up $1.19 million.



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17 comments on "Lucky Gambler turns $1 into $680,000 with Incredible 20-Leg Golf Parlay"

 CALICUL26/10/2020 14:41:31 GMT
What an fabulous win with just one dollar bet. I think of myself when i make bets because is very difficult to guess 5, 6 or 7 matches on the ticket. Here i realize how hard it can be to win with 20 matches. I have been trying in this way for a long time with bets of exactly one dollar most, but it's incredible of hard to win. Congratulations for the winner.
 antonis32126/10/2020 17:04:39 GMT
Yeah , I think the same thing , I guess every player and bettor reading the news thinks the same things . We think that it's hard to hit all the results the more we put in a parlay , so a system would be more logical . But then you read this news , not 7 or 8 not even 9 events , but 20 events in a row , a dollar bet , not one cent to throw in the garbage . I guess he has done this before , maybe he has been successful again in the past with less events , it would be cool to have more info on this annonymous bettor .
 dule-vu26/10/2020 22:00:10 GMT
its not such a big thing that he had 20 correct results,you could pick football games with low odds,but in this case he had every pick on arround 2,so thats whats most important and how hard it was go guess something like this!but he couldnt lose almost anything!what a hell is 1 australian dollar!
just can say big congratulation to this gambler,who made 20 correct scores on golf!
 CALICUL27/10/2020 15:43:03 GMT
The idea is excellent but in my country don't know if can have a better bet like this, because most bookmakers have a limit on the maximum win, which is not so big. I think he only has 100,000 dollars. It was nice to be 1 million.
 dule-vu27/10/2020 22:42:01 GMT
will all know how hard is to guess big number of games on one ticket,football,tennis,what ever sport is in question,especially in this period of corona,where we dont have fans on stadiums,where lot of favourites lose their games every week,which wasnt case in last years,so this big win for this players to guess 20 golf pairs in same time is just crazy and all of them with big odds!
 CALICUL28/10/2020 20:50:00 GMT
I will focus on other sports because in football there are often chaotic results. Sometimes think about football mafia is back in force... Something is not connected and yesterday had another bad luck with Real Madrid that should not have scored in the 93rd minute ...
 geseco1209/11/2020 00:30:11 GMT
When luck is on your side, everything can happen, well for him, news like that makes you want to bet, hahaha, well I'll try to see if there is luck but you must bear in mind that it is a matter of luck, and that the odds are always Minors when you bet on many games on one card.
 CALICUL09/11/2020 23:04:39 GMT
Such a thing is a movie story, even if it may be a short one. I want something like that, but must to look for a generous sports bookmaker, because the maximum earnings for me are not so great. I'll try for less. Good luck with that, guys.
 antonis32110/11/2020 02:26:26 GMT
News like this make me keep on playing these parlays , with 10c or 30c or 50c , rarely with a dollar , although I have no results to tell the truth . But the dream once to hit the big score makes me to want to try again . This player achieved it , but not in footbsall or basketball , not even in tennis , but in golf . And in head to head results . something to take into consideration for my game choices .
 dule-vu10/11/2020 08:20:13 GMT
antonis whats one dollar,especially in country like yours,where euro is currency!you can buy coffee with this amount!so whats to spend 1 dollars or euro on some betting ticket,no matter is like this one where you have 20 pairs of golf or you will have 5 games of football!I dont say that this is easy to guess,just that this amount isnt anything to spend and this is even australian dollar!
 antonis32111/11/2020 14:50:35 GMT
In such parlays , I have been playing in the past most of the times scores , 4 , 5 , 6 big scores , I know totally crazy , but sometimes I win , I win big , but it happened in thepast so rarely , I have abandoned this dream . You have to follow the action , the condition of the players , etc etc . And my favorite score was 3-2 , big scores , I like these matches . Sometimes it happened in the past , many national cup final games at the same weekend or in also in combination with some crucial final games , which will judge the chamion , like some years ago last match with 2-3 , was it Wolves with Machester city , definetely Machester city , also then two more 2-3 or 3-2 results . And this Japan league in the past lol

But big scores I have abandoned them , it's crazy , i try to copy what others do , you know with u/o , g/ng , winner or result at the first half , I have to focus on these parlays on football , also I have to see that there is no only football , there is tennis , golf , why not golf , there are many other sports to gamble . You put some simple values and multiplies they will give you the win , the big win , you don't need the crazy very big multipliers like in the scores in football . Other times a system is better and I prefer it . But you need a lot of info for the games , like I had that weekend with the premier league . You need a lot of info and time for it . Personally I believe people who can afford this time tio make researck and investigation for the team or the athletes have better chances to win , the others gamble a lot .
 CALICUL11/11/2020 23:25:21 GMT
This is pure luck and i don't think we will have chances to imitate this winner, because is very hard. You must make a lot of tickets and to have a good chance of guessing them. This kind of bet is won once time in several years. It's beautiful.
 antonis32113/11/2020 01:05:14 GMT
I saw on 888sports 8 games , 8 events of football these days , you have to predict the result , I do not understand , is it a competition , like some other competitions that other poker roooms, like unibet , have nowadays , anyway I playedit , in the end it said , actually it preposed to bet 10$ and I would get sth about 30.000$ I think ?? Yes , what about I bet 10c , lol , nowadays I play little only cause I have lost contact withthe teams , heir dynamics , on football , soI can bet completely on blind mode . So yes , not 10$ parlay , 10c is good , lol ,
 dule-vu14/11/2020 21:32:30 GMT
I know that its not easy to guess 20 games,especially 20 bets on sport like golf,where you have two players against each other,just say that its nothing to pay 1 dollar on this games and to see will you win or not!its not like you will bet 1000 dollars!you dont have almost anything to lose,but you can win a lot!
for this promotion on 888 I dont know anything,didnt see it!
 CALICUL16/11/2020 10:15:10 GMT
I also chose my prognosis in 888 poker at their sports betting. If i choose correctly earn $ 2,500 which can be shared with other winners ( don't know for sure if it is divided where there will be more winners ). In the end had an offer to bet 2,5 $ (10 LEI / RON - Romanian money) to earn 20.300 dollars.
 geseco1221/11/2020 04:49:30 GMT
With one dollar I earn $ 680,000 that is incredible of course that luck is on your side brother, also because that happens very little compared to the times you try, I think it is 2%, but well, that's how things happen and congratulations on your award that you have won, you always have to be trying, they will sew them.
 CALICUL21/11/2020 16:10:55 GMT
Today i bet on football 9 tickets with 5 matches, 1 with 6 and another with 7. Now i'm very curious if will be lucky, to be a winner. I am very disappointed with my results, because they are always against me in the last 23 month. It's incredible.

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