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BitStarz Player gets Big Win worth $257,390 on Fruit Party slot by Pragmatic Play

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Posted on 01 March 2023 by "T".

A lucky player just hit another big win piñata at BitStarz this month of February!

The big win stands at a whopping $257,390, and the lucky player managed to hit it just by playing Fruit Party, a slot game from Pragmatic Play.

Imagine starting your day with absolutely no clue on winning big during your slots gaming. Having fun is already enough for you, but then suddenly...wham! $257K landed on your screen from a seemingly normal, cluster pays fruit-themed slot! What a great way to start your 2023, right?

Fruit Party slot

Fruit Party is a slot game created by Pragmatic Play.

As the name implies, the game grid is much like a medley of various fruits.
A 7x7 reelset and clustered payouts greet players who love to play real money slots.

The game's Tumbling Reels mechanic means that when you hit on a winning cluster of 5 or more symbols, the winning symbols disappear and new symbols occupy the blank spaces for a respin. Respins keep on coming until there are no more winning combinations made.

All symbols can carry a win multiplier for bigger wins.
In the Free Spins, more Random Multipliers may appear and can increase your wins up to 256x!

Big Wins with Fruit Party slot

This $257,390 big win is actually not the very first one to be dished out by the Fruit Party slot on BitStarz. In fact, someone took home a whopper worth $280,000 back in 2020.

Then another two were bagged in 2022 - $331,979 in March and €250,000 in November.

There's also a BitStarz streamer who nailed a win worth $90,918 in Fruit Party 2 slot when it came out fresh from the Pragmatic Play oven.

The next big win is just around the corner and it could have your name on it - check out Fruit Party and Fruit Party 2 slot on BitStarz right now!



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35 comments on "BitStarz Player gets Big Win worth $257,390 on Fruit Party slot by Pragmatic Play"

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» BitStarz Player gets Big Win worth $257,390 on Fruit Party slot by Pragmatic Play

 dule-vu09/03/2023 06:05:03 GMT
Yes, but who will believe every week in this news? Just to many of them and there other sites to play and that publish news with some name, some story and not just like this where they say how they payed big amount and end of story! Yeah right!
 geseco1211/03/2023 22:16:09 GMT
I really like to see news like this of players winning thousands of dollars with these games, I hope someday to participate and win that big amount, good luck to everyone.
 dule-vu11/03/2023 22:16:22 GMT
To big win!
 geseco1214/03/2023 18:34:22 GMT
news like this we love all the players, every time we are more motivated to see that many people are earning a lot of money with these games, I hope that someday the community can also celebrate.
 CALICUL14/03/2023 18:44:39 GMT
BitStarz can also look for other countries where it could activate, because it is a very interesting casino at the moment and it could become an even bigger casino. It has nice prizes and can grow.
 geseco1218/03/2023 02:23:50 GMT
is a good amount of money to be able to keep playing these games at a high level, it is not easy to keep playing these slot games for several years, that's why winning a big amount of money like this helps us a lot.
 dule-vu18/03/2023 03:31:44 GMT
Just big news from this site and too many of them!
 geseco1219/03/2023 06:32:16 GMT
We are always going to see news like this throughout this year, a lot of people winning a lot of money with these slot games, I hope the players here will win something big this year too.
 dule-vu19/03/2023 08:52:27 GMT
same posts every day...
 geseco1220/03/2023 18:10:43 GMT
that's what it's all about to see how people are always playing and winning, yesterday I was close to win something big in poker, but I always try to play slot games, maybe I will be lucky one day.
 CALICUL20/03/2023 18:36:12 GMT
it's nice to hear about winnings, that's why there are so many players who insist on playing to win something big or huge. Slots are an easy way, but only for the very lucky ones. That's the situation.
 geseco1222/03/2023 00:45:47 GMT
I am very happy for this player, I love that players like this earn a lot of money, they deserve it, and that helps to keep the ecosystem of the game going, maybe some of us will be able to win something big this year.
 CALICUL22/03/2023 00:57:58 GMT
opportunities can come at any time, like in poker, but we have to play as often as possible, especially since those who do this have better chances. BitStarz can be the lucky place of many mobsters, so it must be tried.
 tomex1122/03/2023 06:28:16 GMT
I would love to play in the bitsarz casino, but unfortunately I can't. Due to legal regulations in my country it is no longer possible to play on this site. They have a nice casino and from what we can see there are quite often big wins. Over $250,000 is well over a million PLN. Great win.
 dule-vu22/03/2023 07:12:14 GMT
too many big winnings without any detail and something that players will believe in it! how to expect that somebody just come at this site and invest money just because every week they have on of this kind of news with huge winnings with big bets?! if you love to publish something like this and to give news about promotions, then give after that details about winners!
 geseco1224/03/2023 02:01:59 GMT
I feel happy when I hear or see people who win thousands of dollars with these games, that makes more players also always try to win someday a good money, good luck to all.
 dule-vu24/03/2023 06:13:47 GMT
Old thread and lot of words about bitstarz!
 geseco1225/03/2023 03:04:28 GMT
a great amount of money for this player, we all someday want to win prizes like this, for this to happen you must always play very often, this is not easy to win, good luck to all.
 CALICUL25/03/2023 09:32:10 GMT
I think that BitStarz has enough publicity in some places and managed to gather some players who made these prizes frequent. This is beneficial for the winners and for this casino. Whoever is luckier wins and the rest are left with the risk, but that is the situation.
 geseco1226/03/2023 03:57:15 GMT
I really like to see news like this, that's why more and more people join the party every year, we all want to win something big, but few are privileged to win it, good luck to everyone this year.
 dule-vu26/03/2023 08:52:24 GMT
Old thread!
 geseco1227/03/2023 04:09:47 GMT
I think this will be my last comment in this thread, but I would always like to give my opinion that everyone can participate and win in these games, that luck can surprise anyone.
 dule-vu27/03/2023 06:26:27 GMT
 geseco1228/04/2023 04:59:32 GMT
I don't know what happened to me, I have commented in this old thread, but in spite of that I want to apologize, I have written by mistake in this thread, I hope you can understand me, keep playing and good luck to all.
 dule-vu28/04/2023 05:17:53 GMT
Such old thread!

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