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Popeye Slot Game now Live on Betsson

Tags: Betsson, King Features, Popeye, Sweden, video slots.
Posted on 19 April 2023 by "T".

Swedish game provider Lady Luck Games has announced the exclusive release of their highly-awaited slot game Popeye this month on Betsson, one of the biggest and most reputable iGaming brands in the world.

Developed in collaboration with King Features, this partnership marks a significant milestone in the growth of the company and the expansion of its games portfolio.

Fans of the iconic spinach-loving sailor can now follow him on his adventures in this captivating slot game. With exciting features, an immersive gaming experience and engaging graphics, this slot game is sure to become a hit among players on Betsson.

Mads Jørgensen, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of LL Lucky Games AB, said:
"We're incredibly excited to exclusively release our latest slot game, Popeye, on Betsson. This partnership further solidifies our position as a leading provider of quality games in the industry.
We're confident that this game will be a huge success among players on Betsson and beyond, and we look forward to expanding its reach to even more players in the near future."

Laura Peretta, Head of Supplier Relations at Betsson Group, said:
"We are delighted to host the exclusive launch of Lady Luck Games' Popeye slot on Betsson. This collaboration aligns with our ongoing commitment to providing our players with an exceptional gaming experience. We believe that the Popeye slot, with its iconic characters and engaging gameplay, will be a popular addition to our extensive collection of games."

The official global launch for the Popeye slot game is scheduled for April 20, 2023.




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33 comments on "Popeye Slot Game now Live on Betsson"

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» Popeye Slot Game now Live on Betsson

 CALICUL22/04/2023 21:28:40 GMT
I didn't know that this Betsson is interesting, but if you say, so then it is. i've heard of them but haven't read any interesting news about Betsson. Good luck with this slot and your games.
 klash2325/04/2023 01:49:03 GMT
Oi loves me spinach,I’m…...
 dule-vu25/04/2023 05:00:30 GMT
Nice for you!
 geseco1202/05/2023 04:40:17 GMT
this slot game is very special for all those who are identified with the game of childhood, popeye everything we know, now embodied in a game gives us the opportunity to play and win.
 dule-vu02/05/2023 05:02:21 GMT
I see that other sites have this slot also!
 geseco1206/05/2023 23:46:37 GMT
When the slot games are related to movies, series, famous food, etc., the games get better and better, that's why every year they bring out games with features that attract everyone's attention.
 CALICUL06/05/2023 23:48:33 GMT
they could invent other characters... Smile
 geseco1208/05/2023 04:49:29 GMT
I like that they are innovating with new characters in these slot games, this time if they got it right, almost all of us like this character, where he made a great story in our lives since we were kids.
 dule-vu08/05/2023 05:09:57 GMT
I see that other sites also have this slot!
 geseco1209/05/2023 15:17:02 GMT
I love this slot machine game because of the character that marked my childhood, I always watched this series, that's why playing slot machine games with popeye is like remembering my childhood again, I like this too much.
 dule-vu09/05/2023 15:22:56 GMT
How did it pay to you?
 geseco1210/05/2023 18:11:37 GMT
I will always remember this game, I always liked since I was a child to watch the series of popeye, now through this game of tragamoendas I can remember many episodes of them, increhible.
 CALICUL10/05/2023 18:47:00 GMT
popeye the sailor always remains a character that marked our childhood, but even now he is quite attractive and funny for each of us, mature people. The games are also beautiful and it is pleasant.
 vuek11/05/2023 12:15:30 GMT
Good luck and lots of spinach
 CALICUL11/05/2023 12:26:57 GMT
good luck
 geseco1211/05/2023 18:33:25 GMT
hahaha lots of spinach so you can pass the game with great victories, popeye tehara win if you are lucky at that time, a great adventure for all who play this beautiful game, good luck to all.
 dule-vu11/05/2023 20:11:30 GMT
We all know who dont play slots at all...
 geseco1213/05/2023 01:18:19 GMT
Each one plays as long as he wants and when he wants, it depends on many things, in my case I play but not very often, I play poker more, but I always give me my escapades and play slots some hours, I have a lot of fun.
 dule-vu13/05/2023 01:21:09 GMT
But you comment more on casino news and how you play slots! Interesting...
 geseco1214/05/2023 04:19:38 GMT
I do sessions of 2 hours playing various slot games, I do it mostly on different platforms, but most often it is through my cell phone, since I can play it anywhere.
 dule-vu14/05/2023 08:09:30 GMT
No words about poker, only about freerolls and comments are more for casino! Now you say that you play 2 hours, before you said that you play weekends! Yeah right!
 geseco1215/05/2023 04:50:50 GMT
I play poker every day, in the slot games I only play on Saturday night a session of 1 or two hours, I do it to de-stress a little, plus I like it, but the rest of the days pure poker friend.
 dule-vu15/05/2023 06:08:41 GMT
so what results on poker you have write? why dont you write more in poker threads, insted almost only in casino threads!
 geseco1216/05/2023 21:19:51 GMT
I don't usually write what happens to me in poker in reality, since I have many forums also to comment, I don't make problems for myself, I love to comment everything, sometimes I can't write more, but I comment poker and casino also without problems.
 CALICUL16/05/2023 21:28:32 GMT
poker is poker, but this is a nice slot that every mobster can try with confidence. I admit that i have not played a slot with this character for real money, but i will try in the near future. Good luck if you play this game.

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