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BitStarz Player hits $367,840 Mega Big Win with Evolution game Crazy Time

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Posted on 26 May 2023 by "T".

The final weekend of April has been a great time for one BitStarz player, as they were able to hit a mega big win worth $367,840 just by playing a live game show!

The lucky live online game show is called Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming, a high-energy, action-filled game series that gives players a chance of winning big.

It exudes the same thrilling experience offered by Evolution's show-stopping Dream Catcher money wheel, so players can expect all the same magic, plus more, with the chance to win multipliers from the Top Slot feature during every round.

Additionally, it has four bonus rounds that sets your heart racing. Whether you hit the Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip or Crazy Time bonus games, you are one step closer to taking home up to 25,000x your bet. Incredible, right?

It's super easy to play, as players just place their bets on numbers (1, 2, 5 or 10) and/or the bonus games. In two of the bonus games, players get to make a decision that is extra exciting - they will no longer always win the same prize!

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BitStarz, an award winning casino, has lots of deposit/withdrawal options; a ton of casino games; 24/7 live support; thrilling promotions & competitions!


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23 comments on "BitStarz Player hits $367,840 Mega Big Win with Evolution game Crazy Time"

 CALICUL26/05/2023 13:54:59 GMT
how often players win prizes at BitStarz, because this casino exploded this year with very good prizes. It's nice here, if people win. I hope that i will play at BitStarz in future. Now i can't because of restrictions.
 geseco1226/05/2023 18:03:02 GMT
another lucky player who has been lucky enough to win almost 400 thousand dollars, a great amount of money for him, it will surely be a great boost to keep playing these games longer.
 CALICUL26/05/2023 18:07:01 GMT
I would like to hear some opinions from the mobsters who play in this casino, because don't know how it is here. I don't know why they don't do that, but i suposse they don't want or don't have time. I hope that in one day someone will do it and tell us his experience in this casino.
 geseco1227/05/2023 22:35:28 GMT
sometimes for this to happen you have to be very lucky, this man has had the chance to win a lot of money, for this you also have to be consistent in playing to have more chances.
 CALICUL27/05/2023 22:42:42 GMT
it is true that we need luck, but think that here you can also win smaller amounts but important sums because it is impossible not to have prizes of few k dollars or more. It's nice that players have more chances and a suitable prize is very useful if they won it.
 geseco1229/05/2023 01:42:50 GMT
These games are based on 100% luck, but for this to happen you also have to be consistent in playing, as well as having a responsible and balanced bet, that way you will get the benefits you want.
 dule-vu29/05/2023 05:17:10 GMT
This live games are crazy!
 geseco1230/05/2023 02:40:32 GMT
Besides that these casino games are exciting, you can also have the chance to win huge amounts of money, thousands of dollars you can get if you are lucky, I hope this can motivate you to keep playing.
 dule-vu30/05/2023 05:23:43 GMT
Yes, but if you play live games!
 geseco1231/05/2023 03:11:25 GMT
Most of these games are always played online, I don't usually go to live casinos, but it would always be more exciting to do so, even though it's the same casino, it offers you another experience.
 dule-vu31/05/2023 06:02:24 GMT
do you know that this is live casino game on online casino? its not that you go in local casino and to play it?
 geseco1201/06/2023 04:00:20 GMT
I always prefer online casinos, you can play it quietly and many times, plus you could be doing something else while playing, but as I say each has its advantages and its cons, I always hope not to leave them both.
 dule-vu01/06/2023 05:19:19 GMT
I dont ask you want you prefer, I talk that this isnt game in local casino, this is live game at online casino, but you dont play this casino games and I understand that! thats why you dont know what is this and how it works! this isnt live game in for example las vegas, like we had some news, this in online game where lot of players play and lot of sites have this live games!
 geseco1204/06/2023 16:13:35 GMT
Every time new slot games come out, I am always curious to try them and I end up playing them. I believe that most people like these games, and that makes us all grow in the end.
 dule-vu04/06/2023 16:17:07 GMT
What new game have with this thread and wining?
 geseco1206/06/2023 23:56:27 GMT
for example last week I was playing a popeye's slot game, a great adventure, besides I have been able to win money with it, luck was with me this time, I am grateful, I hope to continue with this winning streak in this game.
 CALICUL07/06/2023 00:12:48 GMT
This winner is another player with big luck at BitStarz and it's always nice to have new slots at shorter periods of time because we humans get bored of certain games quickly and want something new. This is good for them and for the players. Good luck for mobsters who play in this casino.
 antonis32107/06/2023 19:58:24 GMT
congratulations on this big win , more than 300.000 dollars , good amount of money to buy sth and increase his cassino credits and bankroll . congratulations , hopefully we will have his luck one day at a slot or poker , a big win is always welcomed .
 CALICUL07/06/2023 20:53:48 GMT
good money Big Smile
 geseco1208/06/2023 03:37:38 GMT
it is good money that this player has been able to win, of course this helps us all to continue playing and climb higher levels, but luck will always be present for those who are chasing it every day.
 CALICUL08/06/2023 06:34:36 GMT
this casino has many customers, that's why it offers beautiful prizes so often and with important amounts for each of the winners there. I really like this casino, but i can't play here.
 geseco1215/06/2023 23:47:13 GMT
This is the beauty of the game, being able to win thousands of dollars playing your favorite game is not easy, but you will surely be rewarded for the hard work and effort you put in every day, the rewards will always come.
 dule-vu15/06/2023 23:47:46 GMT
This is live game, not like slots!

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