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well played or bad played

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What else to Do ??  0   
What else to Do ??

rfl81 is at seat 1 with $152.55.
davidwrunner is at seat 2 with $99.50.
MesterErik is at seat 3 with $25.20.
Tocitsa is at seat 4 with $84.45.
gilda. is at seat 5 with $217.74.
juanrito is at seat 6 with $122.35.
10579b is at seat 7 with $111.40.
03AFYON03 is at seat 8 with $70.85.
poolmaster70 is at seat 9 with $98.00.
tarock09 is at seat 10 with $27.35.

Post Blinds:

The button is at seat 1.
davidwrunner posts the small blind of $0.50.
MesterErik posts the big blind of $1.00.

Deal Pocket Cards:

rfl81: -- --
davidwrunner: -- --
MesterErik: -- --
Tocitsa: -- --
gilda.: -- --
juanrito: -- --
10579b: -- --
03AFYON03: -- --
poolmaster70: -- --
tarock09: Jh Qd

Tocitsa folds.
gilda. raises $3.50.
juanrito folds.
10579b folds.
03AFYON03 folds.
poolmaster70 folds.
tarock09 calls $3.50.
rfl81 folds.
davidwrunner calls $3.00.
MesterErik calls $2.50.

Flop (Qc Kh Qs):
davidwrunner checks.
MesterErik checks.
gilda. raises $14.00.
tarock09 raises $23.85.
davidwrunner folds.
MesterErik folds.
gilda. calls $9.85.

Turn (Qc Kh Qs Jc Kc):

gilda. shows Jd Kd.
gilda. has Qc Qs Kd Kh Kc: Full House
tarock09 shows Jh Qd.
tarock09 has Qd Qc Qs Kh Kc: Full House

Pot Summary:
Total Pot: $61.70
gilda. wins $58.70.
House Rake: $3.00

Full ring QJo is not a good hand. So fold preflop, even if you are in late position. After the flop it is a no brainer. Of cause the river sucks. Evil

good play 4 u just rivered very unlucky

After you flopped a set the outcome is just unlucky. But I agree with shokaku. Why call a raise from an immense stack with just JQo? What range of hands did you put him on? He could have KQ or AQ. So, even after the flop your all-in move was not an obvious thing to do. Looks like you just gambled.

I would have folded pre. After the flop, as already has been written, nothing you can do. I think there should be a third option: "So-and-so-played". Now I woted for "bad play", but it is not really bad, just... questionable.

I would have sat at a NL25 table or sit with FS min HS.

100% fold preflop, but u didnt and flopped a monster, just unlucky postflop.

Superdonks, you and the winner.

Posted by KDRPKR:
Superdonks, you and the winner.

+ and those who think its 'well played'.

Unlucky river, but more or less, you've looked for it.
Big reraise ( allin ) after flop was not a good move.
What poker room were you playing on?

u hsd to fold with qj after his raise on 3.5$

it was too much to call and qj is not so good like hands doomdy had said.

take a look at playing starting hands. Thumbs Up

Posted by tarock2009:
What else to Do ??

dunno why r u calling a raise with QJo with a short stack on o.5/1 table with all the big stacks around you.
after the flop you cudn't have helped it, you can't expect to fold at that flop after calling a raise.
u just got unlucky after getting lucky

Posted by MANUEDO:
Unlucky river, but more or less, you've looked for it.
Big reraise ( allin ) after flop was not a good move.
What poker room were you playing on?

The move all in was fine. It's not a big raise, the pot is 28 dollars after his pot raise. He should of folded a weak king there unless your image is very loose (I have a feeling it is)

I agree with everyone else, you shouldn't call pre-flop in this situation. It's a horrible hand even when you see a Q high or J high board. You were in fact dominated preflop by KJ. There is maybe an argument to call QJo in tourneys where a single hand isn't as important as the big picture but here you shouldn't even consider it. From the flop on is fine, just standard play from you and donk play from him.

You should fold this hand preflop, but they that you play'd its just bad luck and i think that you need to use bankroll managment.

Gl Dollar

Mb fold preflop, but call is good so ur not predictable in ur actions. You just had no luck here, in the long run you will win these pots Blink

I had played and both win and lose after the flopp..
No big deal,, Thumbs Up

I agrre with the majority, you should have folded this hand pre-flop. But of course you had to stay in it after you flopped trips. The river is just unlucky

QJ is not the best place to start is it?
If you are knowing this you'll be better played next time for sure...

Have to agree with the majority on this hand. QJ is not a premium hand. Calling an unraised pot is one thing with them, but it's usually best to throw the effin things away to any raise preflop. A possible exception would be if your up against a maniac who'll push with any 2 cards, or someone who u know likes to bluff alot, but even then that's a risky endeavor.

Posted by doomdy:
100% fold preflop, but u didnt and flopped a monster, just unlucky postflop.

Agree! Of course u didn t play it bad. They were all going to end in the middle. Just Unlucky! Happens to all.

PS I voted bad played cuz of ur whining Tongue Cool

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