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well played or bad played

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serves you right for calling a pre flop raise with garbage like QJo

Posted by schmoyster:
What range of hands did you put him on?

Be serious...

donks who call pre flop raises with QJ dont think about what their opponent could have.

They just call hoping to hit on the flop. In this case he did hit, but rather amusingly the other donk hit bigger by the river.

As I said before, anyone who calls a pre flop raise with Q J deserves to get beaten, and I only wish more of the idiots who call raises with junk like that would suffer the same fate.

THen maybe they'd learn to play poker not bingo...

Edited by fcumred (02 November 2009 @ 20:11 GMT)

I don't like your pre-flop call. Like everyone said, it is a big mistake mainly because you are playing shortstack, so you don't have implied odds. If you are a loose agressive player with a good post flop game you could call with this kind of hand (but suited) with position only with full stack.

That's my opinion.


A poker hand and many other interesting, thanks for comment on it Blink

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After observing a flop like that, you would never fold, obviously. But the thruth is that someone can be better than you after turn, which indeed happened. The only thing you can think is: "Would they all fold if i had made it all in after flop?" Perhaps he would, realizing you had Q or AK in the hand, which would put him way behind you. But, even though, i think that would never happen: gilda is $217, you have only 27$, perhaps you're trying to rob the pot, so, its worth for gilda to pay and see what you had. Sometimes you have to take in consideration the amount of chips of your oponent. But you did well, i would have done the same. Next time will be better. Blink

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BankrollMob Forum » Hand Histories » What else to Do ??

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