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Has poker caused you to sleep through your alarm in the morning?

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Posted by mahdrof:

A 21 year old guy who can't roll through the night and keep going the next day, what the f**k are you going to do when you are 41? When I was your age you know how many times I would drink and party all night and drag my butt to work and get through the day anyways? Blah blah blah blah your age blah blah blah younger generation blah blah blah.

The 20s were my best years. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Blink Enjoy them!

Actually, playing poker all night has proven to be more difficult than going out all night ^^

Never happened to me. But the reverse yes. Once i really wanted to play the all night through and i took the netbook to bed so i could enjoy the game the most confortable way possible. It happens that i fall to sleep during the tourney ($5.50 buy-in) and i just saw what happen when the radio started ringing in the morning. I was really mad with myself, how could i let that happen?

I allready been to bed quite late (till 7:30), but never been unable to wake up with the clock. If i want to wake up, then i do even if im tired, as simple as that.

I hate late reg. even if its only a couple of minutes..especially in satellites where 3 seates are guaranteed, were 10 ppl who joined on time and when late reg. is over there are about 50 players in the field!

i usually play from 00:00 till the morning comes ... somewhere at 06:00 ... so it's no problem the alarm Smile)

thats got to be the first time ive herd
No seriously that happens a lot during late reg.
You cant be sure of how many you'll have in a tourny till that late reg finish's.
Good result for you coming 3rd.

I have a son I have to bring to school each morning, he is wakes me up even before the alarm !!! Confused

Posted by ZmxPowah:
Sometimes i overslept by something else to the tournament in poker which i wanted to participe...
But never because of poker i overslept the morning clock...
Most of time i hear it when i play... ^^

you are a maniac Big Smile

next time just try a single table game wont take as long Blink

Posted by fcumred:
sorry is it just me that finds it quite amusing you play till 4 am in the morning knowing damn well you have a lecture in a couple of hours.

THe irony is, the lectures about intellect..

No intellectual would put a poker game before their college

Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

i would at least expect he still gos there (at least if the tournament isnt going till lesson Big Smile)

Guess its better to play in SNG ...

I also find it weird how many people sign up in the late registration, actually find it negative on FTP

Dude ya, that's the worst when you have an all night poker session and have s**t to do the next morning. Your groggy and kind of irritable from playing poker all night. It puts you in a different mind set. So, ya... I know what you're talkin' about.

Hello everybody! Big Smile
Daily I play 4-6 clocks regularly already 5 of his years. I look at a film meanwhile and if I won a certain sum I come to a stop. I slept through it before the computer though on the middle of a game once I was with my friends. There was a very funny situation. Averagely bimonthly play poker the night.
Spade Club Heart Diamond Aww crap!

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