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EPT Madrid High Roller: Viktor Blom in 4th place with 29 players left

Not less than 58 players paid €25,000 and entered the high roller event of EPT Madrid. Day 1 of the tournament has already been played and Day 2 is being played at the moment. In the remaining field of players (29 at the moment) are some of the biggest names in the poker world - just have a look at the list of players below. Day 1 chip leader was Viktor "Isildur1" Blom from Sweden, but right [...]   Read more » EPT Madrid High Roller: Viktor Blom in 4th place with 29 players left

EPT Madrid High Roller: Viktor Blom in 4th place with 29 players left  0   
viktor blom is back i think and he was probably hold back by pokerstars to play the high stakes games

I agree with adohole, pokerstars doesn't encourage high stakes poker like full tilt poker does for example. I think it has something to do with the fact that on nosebleed stakes like 300/600 or 500/1000 you can bust your roll really fast if you don't strictly apply bankroll management.
Now back to this EPT, Viktor "Isildur1" Blom and Tom "durrrr" Dwan are definately the biggest favourites for taking down the cool prize. On the tournament there is also a player that i don't really like, he is actually the current chip leader. I don't really dig him nor the style of his play. I would really like if this EPT would be televised, i'm sure durrrr can't play without major bluffs, same for isildur1. If you ask me they are both way over the level of the other players registered.
Can't wait to see who will win this competition and the big prize!

ElkY is a man. I hope he win

macubaas i think that dwan can do without his bluffs he has tightend up but i think Elky will probably win he has a big chip lead an he has played more tournaments then dwan and blom

Go go all my finnish poker idols TonguePP

The tournament is 15 minutes by car from my home and i haven´t gone yet to see the pros Sad


Nice tournement, Blom is doing well again.
to Gsarca: Why diden't you go? If they are playing that close, go over, enjoy
the ambience and watch some great poker. You can still go tomorrow and
watch the best part! Gl all Cool

yep its a nice line up indeed! @ macubaas to say that isildur and dwan are way above the rest i think is bumming them up a bit to say the least. They are fantastic cash game players but none of them to my knowledge have won any big tourneys and that field is full of big tourney winners so to say they are miles above the rest seems a bit much tbh. Im not really bothered who wins really but elky would prob be a fav with his record and chip stack at the moment but it can all change quickly as everyone knows

Let's Go Fernando Brito! Portugaaall Worship Thumbs Up

I agree with flipped, it is a good field but the tourney players will shine through. I would like to see either Elky or an outside bet is Will Molson (Canada) has a chance - lets wait and see.

GL to you all.....................

This is a very important tournament, because the best poker player will emerge from this awesome tourney, who will it be ? Good luck and may the best poker player win.

Unfortunately both Viktor "Isildur1" Blom and Tom "durrrr" Dwan are out of competition already. It seems durrrr didn't accomodated to well from the trip from United Stetes to Madrid, Spain. Viktor also was out after day 2 of the competition. As you all know both are awesome players, but their are cash games players, not tournament players like Negreanu, Brunson, etc.
Here is the list of players that are still in the book for the first prize:
Galen Hall USA 798000
Benny Spindler Germany 710000
Juha Helppi Finland 707000
David Sands USA 207000
ElkY France Team PokerStars Pro 165000
Vanessa Rousso USA Team PokerStars Pro 146000
Alex Repik Russia 141000
Peter Jetten Canada 63000

Go Vanessa Rousso!!! good luck!! Smile Smile

Okay mobsters, the game is over! Here are the results.

Final results (buy-in €25,5K, 58 players):

1 ElkY, Team PokerStars Pro, France, €525,000
2 Benny Spindler, Germany, €316,000
3 Juha Helppi, Finland, €185,000
4 David Sands, USA, €135,000
5 Vanessa Rousso, Team PokerStars Pro, USA, €100,000
6 Alex Repik, Russia, €72,000
7 Galen Hall, USA, €57,500
8 Peter Jetten, Canada ,€45,000

In my opinion Vanessa played very good and it proved that she really know the game. I also got to congratulate the winner although i really didn't appreciate him, not as a player and not even as person. Never meet him in person but i saw a lot of interviews and i was left with a really bad impression. Too bad neither Viktor Isildur1 Blom or Tom durrrr Dwan didn't hit the final table, that should have been interesting to watch.

not surprised only 58 players registered with such a high buyin. blom and dwan didnot make the final table but they are ringgame players and their crazy aggressive style dnt help them in these tournaments

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