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We all hate some hands and still we cant throw them in the muck, this chapter comes from the ''holdem wisdom for all players'' written by Daniel N.

When you are playing no limit Texas holdem, there are certain

cards dealt that are known as ''trouble hands''.They earn this

label because they are difficult to play and oftentimes are

dominated by better hands. Here are the top 10 of trouble hands:


The trouble with this hand comes when the flop is Q-10-9,

giving you the second best straight. If an opponent is playing K-J,

a hand most players would play, you are simplydoomed to lose

everything you have. It would take a miracle or a ridiculousy

good read on your part, to get away from the trap.


While it is an exellent hand in black jack, the A-10 doesnt

fare nearly so well in texas holdem. Here is the problem:

If you happen to catch another ace on the flop, A-K, A-Q and

A-j will you all have beat. Add to that, if the flop comes A-7-4,

for example, You'll lose to A-7, A-4, A-A, 7-7 and 4-4. The

only time you can really feel save with A-10, is when you flop

2 pair or make a straight.


It looks like a powerful hand, but you have to be careful with

this one. While K-Q will be okay much of the time, if someone

has raised the the pot in front of you, he may hold A-A, K-K, Q-Q,

A-Q or A-K. Your hand is totaly dominated. If the flop is Q-2-7,

You have a powerfull pair with a powerfull kicker, but you'll be also

trapped. Now youre forced to put more money in the pot and are

doomed against Q-Q, K-K, A-A or A-Q.

A-x suited

These hands look very appealing because they are two parts of a

powerful ace-high flush. Be careful, though, not to fall in

love with drawing hands in no limit, as you often be forced

to pay an all-in bet to try to complete the flush. Another

problem with this hand; if you are playing AH-6H and flop

an ace, your kicker will usually lose to anyone else who is

also playing an ace.


Its just not a very strong hand and should be folded in the

face of a raise. If you catch a K on the flop, you have kicker

trouble. If you flop the 10, you'll have to worry about

A-10, J-J, Q-Q, K-K and A-A.


Here is another hand that is ideal for winning small pots,

but destined to lose big ones unleass you make a straight,

flush or 2 pair.If the flop comes, say, A-8-3, and your opponent

makes a big bet, you'll be forced to play the guessing game.

Does he have A-k or A-Q? Did he flop 2 pair or maybe

three of a kind? Unfortunaly, with A-J, you'll often be

guessing more and winning less.


The problem here is the same you faced with J-8. When a

flop comes K-J-10, you'll be doomed to lose all of your

money to a player with A-Q. On top of that, if you hit your

pair of Queens, your kicker will almost surely be beat.


This is known as the rookie hand. It seems to good to fold,

but not quite strong enough to raise with. As a general

no limit holdem rule, ''if it is not good enough to raise

with, then it is not good enough to call with''. The big

problem with the K-j is that its dominated by too many

hands your opponent would likely play: A-A, K-k, Q-Q, J-J,

A-K and A-j.


Its the fourth best pocket pair in the deck, but when someone

else puts it all-in against you, the decision with pocket

jacks is excruciating. Even if you call correctly, and

your opponent has a hand like A-K, you'll still only win

the pot a little more then half the time. If you guess wrong,

and your opponent is holding A-A, K-K, Q-Q, well, then you

are a 4 to 1 underdog.



Ask any pro what hand they hate most and A-q will be right

at the top of the list. Why? Well, because it is a strong hand

in most situations, but when you are up against the dreaded

A-K you''' be almost a 3 to 1 underdog to win the pot

gl and have fun

is that in order because q9 is more trouble thank jk an kq.... an jk is more trouble than kq also, makes no sense if its in order. an why q9 an j8 but no q10

Top 10 trouble hands:
A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, A9,A10,AJ

Posted by jovicakralj:
Top 10 trouble hands:
A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, A9,A10,AJ

AQ too is a big trouble hand, trust me m8... sometimes I prefer to be dealt A2 than AQ just to avoid been in trouble in tourneys. Just because A2 is often an instant fold than AQ as with AQ you often lose big with...

lol man!

You wrote a hugeeee, hugeee post, but i found it kinda silly!
You can write that every hand in texas holdem can be trouble hand Smile

ex. 7-2 offsuited.. The most ridiculous hand in texas holdem. You just have to fold that hand.. But if you play it, and then flop comes - 7 Spade 7 Club 4 Diamond you are god.. BUT! Someone might have 7 with a better kicker..

something like that Big Smile

So, nothing.. Confused

A thread about poker that has people talking, cool! Thumbs Up

I agree with your selections other than J8. J8 should (IMO) be replaced by JQ, as it is a hand a lot of newer players will go with, might even call a raise with, flop top pair but be outkicked by the initial raiser. Depending on position I will play JQ, preferably suited, but usually in late position with a raise against people who have flat called or only the blinds in the pot. Definite caution required when people call your raise and you only flop one pair.

I think troubled hands depend upon player and their playing style.
for me most troubling hand is KQ, if u hit top pair many times you just run into AK/AQ and then Aww crap!

I honestly believe that for a lot of rookies another real trouble hand can be AKs. I see a lot, and I mean a lot of players over play AK. It is a very pretty hand an indeed a powerful drawing hand, but it's just that a drawing hand. If it's been 3-bet in front of you to over half your stack a lot of players are just gonna stick it in. In this situation at best you hope to be in a coin flip situation with queens or jacks, but I can't tell you how many people I've seen go broke with Ak vs Aces(myself included). I'm not saying I don't play AK but I definitely try not to over value it. I try to play more flops with my opponents though as I am confident I can either outplay them after the flop, or get off of my hand if they have a monster. There are a lot of hands on this list that I just don't play in a FULL ring game or tournament. Good thread. Thumbs Up

It is not said that you never cant play these hands, it only says these hands get you the most in trouble. Some of these hands are very strong if you are in position or if you play against very tight players or really loose players.

I think all these premium hands are pretty hard to play if you don't hit the flop at all obviously, but as always you always need to cbet them if you raised/rereaised preflop...

Thats why i like to play omaha, you can both have a pair and good connected cards Big Smile

The hands that I had more trouble playing are QJ and JJ. QJ is a worthless hand if you hit your pair because most of the time you will be against KQ/KJ/AQ/AJ which makes your hand pretty troublesome. I only play these hands as suited connectors, otherwise I find myself losing pots way often. And god...if you have this hand apparently everyone else will have KQ/KJ/AJ/AQ/AK or any ace for that matter and will end up hitting it.

Really good post! Enjoy reading through it and all the replies that the post received. Definitely makes you give some thought to hands that one may think are good hands.
I don't like donk playing, but most every hand is chance until the flop, then your still not safe, but know where you stand generally. Small pairs are the hands that scare me the most due to someone will usually have an A,K,Q,J or 10 so unless you hit 3 of a kind you better play your small pairs cautiously or scare your opponent into a fold.

small pair is for me just a limp in, fold after a preflopraise....if i dont hit my set, its an easy fold

Hi guys!!

AQ the most trouble hand? we are crazy?!!
I agree with JJ specially in middle positions.
For me the great trouble is KQ, without doubt.

Very nice article. I never play J8, but, about all the others, this text is very clarifying. That Q9 example happened me several times, and, with the KJ, I have some friends who promise themselves they would never play it again.

You didnt mention position. I think all of your trouble hands can be played profitably if you have position and know how your opponents play, for example some players will never fold if there is only 1 overcard on the flop often rightly but say you hold Q-9 and the opponent holds J-J the flop comes down 3-7-Q it will be very hard for them to fold those jacks turning a trouble hand into a very nice pot for you.While i do agree they can be trouble if you play them in early position I dont think they have to be if played in late against the right opponent.

As much as I like the sentiment; there is a tendency to over-value these hands, I completely disagree that you can just lump all these hands together. I also disagree that they can be ordered by the degree that they cause trouble.

If you define trouble hands as hands, which produce confidence preflop but result in difficult situations more often than not, then AQ is not comparable with A10. All the above hands need to be treated with appropriate care but all are played completely differently.

A10 for example is barely playable in early position. If you hit Axx, and bet first on the flop, you won't get called by many hands you can beat and you have to fold to a raise. So full-ring fold A10 utg preflop. You wouldn't fold AQ however, even if it can lead to an even more dangerous situation. Just exercise extreme care post-flop.

Each hand demands different play and different levels of caution depending on the flop. For example Q 9 is quite strong on a board K 10 J but weak on a board Q 10 5. So the second hand would likely lead to more trouble.

Q9 is actually a good hand to play in mid-late position imo. Unlike AK and AQ where it's usually obvious if you've hit, Q9 is better disguised on boards like 10 3 J 8 7 or K J 10 5 5 where opponents may have hit also and will pay you off.

You won't hit a fantastic hand often with Q9, 10J, KJ but when you do you can usually get a good payout. If you don't have the nuts, obviously think twice. But you can't be scared of one hand if your opponent will bet with many others. Always think what your opponent will call with.

It's easy to overvalue JJ and KQ preflop but these are good hands. They are only dangerous when you don't read the signs. You do not for example re-reraise JJ or call a reraise with KQ but you can raise with both. Just don't over value a pair on the flop.

Imho there's no such thing as fixed trouble hands, they vary from player to player and any hand can hit a cold board.

Edited by awood88 (02 February 2012 @ 21:28 GMT)

To me, biggest trouble hand is AJ. But any hand is dangerous post flop of course, unless its the nuts ^^

But IMO it's rarely the starting hand that gets you in trouble, it's mostly hitting something good when someone hits something better. Knowing how to play top pair without top kicker is very important in hold'em because you really have to rely on your read. So I agree that Kj, KQ, K10, QJ, 10j, J9, Q9 etc. type of hands can really get you in trouble, especially if you don't know how to "manage" or "control" the size of the pot.

I think a big problem is KK, because if in the flop show an A u dont know if the opponent have an A, but most of the time they hae.
And another problem i think is AA>maybe most of all u think is the better hand u have, but i dont think so.Why? Because if u have AA maybe u raise to much and everybodey folds, maybe u raise just a little and a lots of people calls and then u have problems, even if u raise corectly, u can still loose, cause from any flop cames without an A u have problems.I lost too many times with AA and i played a lost of theese hands and played all kind of raises, even all in and get called with 7 2 and lost....

Personally i think small pairs off position are way more troublesome then J8 in pos.

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