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I dished out two bad beatsin one!!  0   
I am Hearthrob63

TEXAS_HOLDEM, NO_LIMIT, P4-65866874-466
played at "Gera" for USD RM from 2008-04-20 15:03 until 2008-04-20 15:04

Seat 2: screwer48 ($122.75 in chips)
Seat 3: _whooosh_ ($48.70 in chips)
Seat 4: hearthrob63 ($66.85 in chips)
Seat 5: christofe x ($25.45 in chips)
Seat 7: pompsis9 ($50.05 in chips)

screwer48 posts blind ($0.25), _whooosh_ posts blind ($0.50).

hearthrob63 bets $2, christofe x folds, pompsis9 calls $2, screwer48 folds, _whooosh_ bets $6, hearthrob63 calls $4.50, pompsis9 calls $4.50.

FLOP [board cards: TS,QC,KS ]
_whooosh_ bets $9, hearthrob63 bets $20, pompsis9 bets $43.55 and is all-in, _whooosh_ calls $33.20 and is all-in, hearthrob63 calls $23.55.

TURN [board cards: TS,QC,KS,AD ]

RIVER [board cards: TS,QC,KS,AD,7C ]

pompsis9 shows [ TC,TD ]
_whooosh_ shows [ QS,QD ]
hearthrob63 shows [ KD,KH ]
hearthrob63 wins $2.70, hearthrob63 wins $144.85.

Dealer: pompsis9
Pot: $149.05, (including rake: $1.50)
screwer48, loses $0.25
_whooosh_, loses $48.70
hearthrob63, bets $50.05, collects $147.55, net $97.50
christofe x, loses $0
pompsis9, loses $50.05

Oh yeah baby
Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

hahaha love it goodjob m8 Smile


Thanks certainly cheered up my day. I have just taken another chaps full stack he was holding a full house but It just wasn't as good as mine. Dollar Dollar Dollar. In fact I think I will post it as a lesson to others he played it so wrong.

nice one, but flop was dangerous.

well done...u won with KK...any1 can do that chump

Yes I agree ,, chump,,,,that wasnt a bad beat you had best hand prflop and it held up,,,,,,dam I hate you players who crow about your good results ,,,oh I did this I did that,,,,,bets you whinge and whine something bad when you get the same medicine,,,,,before you go on again about a bad beat perhaps you should refer to the terminology and get the definition correct,,,bad beat mee ass,,,,,,kk prflop,,,,trips on the flop,,,,,,ha,,,,,,nice hand but come on man get a grip,,,,,because am dam sure you will have your bubble burst soon,,,,be sure to let us know,,,lol

bad Beat "" It most often occurs where one player bets the clearly stronger hand and their opponent makes a poor call that eventually "hits" and wins. """"

Edited by ArcticCorsair (21 April 2008 @ 17:45 GMT)

yeh thats not a bad beat in any form. thats just really unlucky for the other two who ran into ur hand.
monster flop tho. when i make a set usually no one has anything worth callin. u got the best possible flop u could have. no one was getting out of it. u got v lucky.

yeah,, he parades his luck and beats his chest ,, lol,,,,dam its like those players that take a pot off you then type type in the chatbox, ty, ty my ass be more honest if they said fook u,,,lol,,,,still I must admit I do on occasion like to exchange some verbal abuse on the table,,,, but i wont go off topic,,,,,lets keep it on the muppet crowing over his nice hand which he glorified into something it wasnt apart from a particular case of getting extremely well paid for a really nice hand,,,cant see many folding trips in this example,,,,so kaysara,,,,,

haha wow!!! that is intense lol... lol trip trip trip!! lol congrats on that lol, i dont think ive ever seen any other hand like that were 3 ppl in one hand a above decent hand like that

I do apologise lads if this thread misled you.

Posted by xxxitaliaxxx13:
haha wow!!! that is intense lol... lol trip trip trip!! lol congrats on that lol, i dont think ive ever seen any other hand like that were 3 ppl in one hand a above decent hand like that

what a muppet,,,,dont u get the drift of the thread,,,the point was ,,,,i.e,,,bad beat to other players,,,,,,,,,u so dim,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and keef a bit late now to qualify your post,,,,,,

soz keef i didn't wana join in any bullying. just saying the truth.

u didn't do anything wrong in the hand. no one did. it wasn't really that interesting tho. it wud b more intresting if someone escaped or if something happened u wudn't expect

wow very nice hand, thought some one would have had a jack.

sit on the fence ,,,lag,,,,,,,,,,,,,best u keep out of it because your imput was padod,,,,not that is worth the time to think on

just shows the working of the reads,,,,nice hand,,,well done,,,,ffs,,,,,
edit again,,,,,let me see,,,,,,,,,,,,,kk preflop,,,trips onthe flop,,,wow,,,,,,and thats giving 2 bad beats is it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hmmmmm,,,,nice hand well paid and he posts with that ,,,,s**t if it was handing out bad beats ,,fine!!,,,but crowing about a nice hand well paid no way,,,and then to make it worse u get the fish saying well done,,,ffs,,,,,

Posted by george25:
wow very nice hand, thought some one would have had a jack.

,, try reading the hand,,,then saying well done handing out bad beats,,,,
then refer to what a bad beat is!!

even if the jack was there in somones lucky mits,,,,would that be a bad beat,,,preflop[

Edited by ArcticCorsair (22 April 2008 @ 21:19 GMT)

Artic what is your problem dude. For a 52 year old your acting like a kid. I posted it because it was the first time also that I had seen 2 good trips get beat on the one hand. I was happy and decided to share my good luck with BRM. So maybe I shouldn't have posted it but try not let it interupt the flow of your day.

one of sickest hand i have ever seen!!! i have seen many time set over set in the flop but 3 players with sets!!! i wish it would happen sometimes for me(i have the nut set)

Not 4betting (rereraising) preflop is absolutely terrible.

The other guys played this hand much better than you did.

Edit: _whooosh_'s raise to $6.50 is way too small too. He should be making it ~$8

u started it ,,,,bad beats to 2,,,dont think so

Tommy I don't get what you mean. I raised 4x BB then it was reraised 3x my raise therefore I called incase he had AA or AK. I think the reraise from whoosh was bad considering he only had QQ. He must have surely said to himself that I may have AA KK or AK. I personally think a call is in order when someone raises 4x BB under the gun but not a reraise with QQ. So personally I think your comment that Whoosh should reraise to $8 is absolute nonsense.

'I started it' haha Grow up old man.

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