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Matthew Salsberg to create a tv-series about poker

Hollywood writer and producer Matthew Salsberg who is known for his work on some very successful tv series like Weeds and Entourage, has recently announced that he is working on a new tv series project that will be set in the international poker circuit. During an interview with Giovanni Angioni at the EPT San Remo, Salsberg unfolded the project that combines his two passions in life - writing an[...]   Read more » Matthew Salsberg to create a tv-series about poker

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This sounds like The Rum Diary with Johnny Depp... but this can be called Poker Diary with Matthew Salsberg. He is a writer that plays way too much poker... Johnny was a writer who drink too much Smile) LOL

I believe the title for the is called Whales. been hearin' about it for 6 months now Smile

well it's always nice to see anything about poker that is produced by a guy who knows poker inside out, this will be interesting to follow- hope he will succeed. no fun when a hollywood producer decided he want to do a movie about poker, even though he doesn't even know what holdem is- so this guy has potential imo

I've been waiting for a poker-themed television show for ages so naturally got my hopes up when i read this, those hopes were crushed like nuts under a hammer when i read it was from the guy who brought us Weeds and Entourage. Guaranteed poo-fest.

Coming from Matthew Salsberg I think we can expect a good work. It will all be according to the perspective the author decides to take to do this. We know that, if he wants to make a commercial job, things will tend more to the money question. But it would also be possible to do something beginning from the perspective of the strategy of the player, and that would be really awesome, different from anything made till now. We always see in the movies that they seem to try to take control of opponents by the look, why not showing the way the player is thinking when he makes his moves? We can’t even find this well enough on the books, perhaps in a series the work would be well done.
Apart: I was thinking about Dexter (the tv series), the way he murders and the way he hides clues. It could be something like that in this new series, the way the player thinks when he acts, according to the hand, or the hand he wants others to think he has, to the position, to the chip rank, and the analysis of each opponent, noticing their weaknesses.
I guess I will have to wait to see the result.

matt salsberg did an interview with two plus two. episide 238. the interview begins at the 1 hour 40 minute mark. his closing remarks are about his new tv pilot at the 2 hour mark, which is where he talks about whales.

he talks about finding a ballance between keeping the interest of poker players and peeking the interest of the average viewer.

showtime has had the rights to produce and air this for the passed year and a half and now matt wishes to get it back from them to try to see if another network will pick it up and make it.

I actually believe this would be a worth while sitcom for someone who generally doesn't care to watch much television. It would be daringly funny with the possible ups and downs being an over the road poker player. I just wonder if the focus is going to be on pros, semi-pros, ameteur or novelist. makes you think about what direction his show will be toward.

If it's a series it has to be novelistic, or else it will turn into fragments of a world with no interaction between them. It can have different protagonist all over the episodes, but with something that related the episodes. It can show the life of different players and how they meet in the game or outside it, and it will make all sense if it makes approaches to the several controversy questions related to poker, like collusion, just to mention one. If it's well done, it can be fun to see how some go up in the carreer and how others keep playing only for peanuts.

More media coverage about poker is always a good thing but from what i understand this series will be more about entertainment than instructional videos...

I always thought that poker will survive is if more and more people will join the tables so more marketing is always a good thing!

Hmm, just thinking from a marketing point of view (and from a producers POV) there is some potential for say pokerstars to invest some money to have the plot take place in their new casino in london i believe (correct if im wrong).

I think pokerstars already established their brand to the entire poker market. (yes i do believe every online poker player who plays for real money knows about pokerstars somehow.) So if pokerstars invested in this program it would help it get to market perhaps around europe and it would continue to build their brand with the casual television viewer. not only for the live casino that would be promoted physically in the show but building the pokerstars brand itself. and we all know what happens when you load up the pokerstars webpage. 100% deposit offer!

anyway, thats just what i think. it could help the show and pokerstars.

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