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24 Hour $0.10 360 Man Turbo $3 Challenge  0   
Starting at 10am UK time this Saturday (11th May), I will register and play in every single $0.10 360 man Turbo tourney on PokerStars until 9am UK time on Sunday morning - The remaining tourneys after I've finished registering should see me over the 24 hour mark, but if not, it'll be close enough.


I start with $3 - kindly supplied by bullettooth1 Smile If I go broke - challenge failed.

If I cannot afford to buy into a tourney at any time - challenge failed. I won't wait till I cash and continue.

If I miss a tourney along the way for any reason - challenge failed.

If I stop for any reason - challenge failed.

I will use TableNinja to register me in the tournies and use their hotkey function to fold/call/bet - everything else will be done by me, and only me.

If I quit before the end without going broke - bullettooth1 receives my entire bankroll.

If I make it to the end, I keep 60% and bullettooth1 gets 40%.

I will post bankroll updates at every break - but won't (for obvious reasons) be able to give any other detail.

To make it more interesting for everyone - I'm offering a $10 prize for the closest guess to my closing bankroll. If you want to participate - post your guesses here, along with total tournies played in case of a tiebreak. If your guess is that I'll go broke, post "go broke - 100 tournies" for example. The cutoff for guesses is 09:30am Saturday 11th May, UK time (that's an hour in front of BRM server time). Any guesses received after this time will not be counted.

I cannot guarantee an exact date the $10 will be transferred (to a PokerStars account only - so only participate if you have a Stars account eligible for real money play)... but it will be within 7 days of the challenge ending.

If anyone can think of any other rules I should include, please let me know asap.

....Screen name yout85 Smile

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I'm putting a lot of faith in you and say that you'll end at $17,53 - 78 games Smile

All sounds great to me mate! The very best of luck to you Thumbs Up Cool

Thanks a lot for the $3 and the good wishes! Feel free to post a guess too bullettooth...

OK so 24hours of tourneys i would say you will play 240 Shock and your bankroll at the end will be $32.17 Big Smile
That's a lot of tourneys lol

Good luck Thumbs Up

I hope this doesn't sound negative,....or that I'm not supporting you,...or hope you lose or fail,....but I'm suspecting that the final bankroll will be $0.00

I don't know how good of a player you are,.... I'm just going on what happens to MOST folks. They burn up their bankroll and deposit more cash,....burn that up and deposit more,....and so on...

Nothing personal,...just going by the law of averages.... Smile

Good luck to you..... I REALLY do hope I'm WRONG....! Thumbs Up

No problem demo Smile

Can you say how many tournies you think I'll play before going broke please... in case anyone else is mental enough to guess I'll go broke too Tongue

How many tourneys are there that you would be able to play...and are they turbos,.....hyper turbos.......How long are the blinds in said tourneys...?

For the sake of fairness demo, I won't give any more info than I have in my original post. All 'known info' is included there... Obviously 30 is the absolute minimum.

i think you should have a BR of aroun $5.65 but failing that i reckon you will fail at around 23 games

Ummmmm.... grahamy - they are 10cent buy ins, so even if I don't cash at all I'll play 30 Smile

Okay,....I'll say out after 37 games.... $0.00 bankroll

grahamy, your guess $5.65 final bankroll after 24hrs,.... or $0.00 at 23 games...?

$0.00 / 37

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I'll make a new thread to post your guesses on to keep things tidy. Please just post the $ amount followed by a number for tournies played.

Eg - $0.00 / 37

I know these tourneys and have won a few, you need to go crazy with the multi way all ins, and get lucky, to stand a chance, in my opinion. I'd say $0.00/35

Posted by demodawggy:
Okay,....I'll say out after 37 games.... $0.00 bankroll

grahamy, your guess $5.65 final bankroll after 24hrs,.... or $0.00 at 23 games...?

$0.00 / 37 no i think he could finish with $5.65, he is a good player though from what ive gauged, but he has had no luck in past few games he has tried and finishes early in the offence yout, but you could possibly do well at start but if you are doing a marathon then you will start draining and i think you will possibly end up giving up

Hi yout85,

I love the thread, I love the posts, I love your positive energy yout85. Good luck buddy! Smile
Keep doing it that way!


Definatelly I will participate too!


yout85, please take screenshots of the lobby bar of the SNG tournaments where you win and post it here:

This might help all the mobsters to reach $1 000 000 for 10 months! Smile You can participate too!
You can find this topic easier also typing at the search bar: 10 months.

Good luck at the tables!

Best regards,

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G'day mate

I am not going to make a guess.
Want to wish you all the very best of luck.
Want to point out that in one 24h period there are over 1000 of them $0.10 360 man turbos run.
It is because of this fact that you have already by you own rules fail this challenge.
Sorry not trying to be negative just think you need to reassess that specific part of your challenge.

be cool and best of luck

Ronin Cool

How does that mean I've failed? I don't understand your reasoning for saying that....

But thanks for the good luck message anyway! Smile

i was thinking sth similar to ronin- you say u will register for every $0.10 tourney in the space of 24h. if you miss at least on e- you fail with the you roll is only 30 BI's. these tourneys keep popping up & filling real even if you register in the 1st 30 of them & do not drop out even in a single one...that still would leave you with $0 in your account at that moment...and tourneys would still be popping technically that would be the end of challenge, since you would have to miss a few...can u elaborate on this a bit

Well the very point of the challenge is to always have enough in my account to register for the next one... If my average ROI is 0%, I'll maintain my $3 bankroll throughout, if my ROI is positive, I'll make it to the end, if my ROI is negative, I'll fail. So the challenge, as well as being one of stamina and perseverance is also about maintaining a positive ROI.

....And BTW, I have done the research and the maths. At 10am when i start, around 15 will get going per hour. So it will take around 2 hours to get into 30, by which time I would need to have cashed enough to continue.. once I'm over the start, its just a case of maintaining a profit in order to continue.

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